Caling all Se Gi fans! Here’s your chance to watch almost an entire episode starring your favorite bad boy. Se Gi is in rare form as he takes on both his evil grandmother and another nearly impossible assignment from Ki Joon, all while trying his best to meet Dr. Oh’s stipulations. Join Wendilynn and me, Cici, as we discuss what may be my favorite episode so far on Kill Me Heal Me.

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Wendilynn: This episode really lets you know what Se Gi is dealing with. The depth of the pain that underlies the anger, violence and lack of moral control. Can’t really blame the guy.

Cici: And yet, for all of that, the comedic moments were some of the best in drama land. I have got to hand it to Ji Sung, once again, for bringing such a multi-dimensional character to life.

Wendilynn: Ji Sung has proved his brilliance in this role. The comedy moments are just as fun as the serious moments.

Cici: So which was your favorite comedic moment? I may have a hard time deciding between Ri Ohn and Ri Jin’s Team Rocket routine, Shin Se Gi’s Wheel of Se Gi’s Fortune, and the little rap scene he does with Ri Jin over the necktie. I almost blew water through my nose over that one.

Wendilynn: We just may have to talk about each one individually because they were so good. First Team Rocket, because I died of laughter when that showed up. My 9 year old constantly repeats that right now. I was NOT expecting that to show up in a kdrama at all. Pokemon has been around for 20 years and to have them reconnect as brother and sister, after all that hullabaloo over her safety and keeping her from Se Gi, it was ADORABLE!

Cici: It’s those little snippets from their childhood that help us realize how deep their connection is, and it lends credence to Ri Ohn’s extreme protectiveness. I’m still on the fence as to whether he feels that way for her as a woman, or just his “little sister”, but either way, it is amazing how he is able to convey the depth of his feelings. And then after their little act, they just go back to being all casual…”I’m going.” “Yeah. Bye.” Whatever.

Wendilynn: Yeah, it was an adorable way to have them get in better humor with each other after their fighting, especially after she told him how she has to see this to the end because she thinks she’s a part of it. She, of course, doesn’t know yet, while Ri On has a pretty good idea. Okay, The Wheel of Do Hyun’s fortune is what it should really be called. LOL!


Cici: I think Se Gi thought it would be the Wheel of Do Hyun’s Misfortune, but of course, that’s not how “the gods” had it worked out. His reaction was so funny! “That’s not valid!” Um, yeah, you think?

Wendilynn: It’s moments like these that I love Se Gi a little bit more. He’s going off about letting the Gods decide and then to have “THE GODS” decide against him spectacularly, totally shook him. He was rocked to the core. For a personality that is fighting for his survival, the stunned look on his face was just funny. And it really plays well into the previous two scenes where he had gone to her house to ask her to come back, saying that he was okay with staying Do Hyun’s shadow if it meant he could stay with her, and the small smile he had when she returned to him.


Cici: Ah, the subtle nuances of great acting. Although sometimes it’s not so subtle. Take, for instance, the little rap quarrel he had with Ri Jin on the way into the company over wearing the necktie. It was so very teen-ager-ish. I think that’s a word. Anyway, demanding that she give up the purse bio-mom gave her or he wouldn’t wear the necktie totally reminded me of the type of negotiations that my own kids would try with me. And to turn it into a rap was just priceless.

Wendilynn: They almost had a rap going with the “don’t touch me” in an earlier episode. To have that childishness continue was great. Secretary Ahn is almost like a parent or referee between them at times. lol It also really shows the relationship Se Gi has with Ri Jin, because he’s so comfortable with her and while he’s being all bad assed with everyone else, he lets himself be silly with her. His gentleness with her is so heartwarming.

Cici: Yes, and he’s also allowing her to tell him how to behave in order to win points with her. What an interesting way to tame him! Her rules almost made me (and Se Gi) choke. 1) Don’t get mad. 2) Don’t use violence. 3) Don’t ruin Do Hyun’s reputation. That’s a pretty tall order!


Wendilynn: I thought it was brilliant. She really took the terror of the wheel results and turned it into her advantage. She’s right though, they need to learn to appreciate each other because Se Gi and Do Hyun really aren’t that different from each other. When they finally reintegrate, a guy who can be both brave and studly, but also tender and responsible will be awesome!

Cici: AGREED. For now, though, Se Gi is pretty awesome all by himself. I laughed out loud when he gave the acting role to J.I., telling him that horrible acting was the trend nowadays and to hang on to his roots. Gotta love the social commentary they sneak in.


Wendilynn: Especially in contrast to what he’s pulling off, but I was thinking about that kid’s demands. He just wanted to act, but nobody was giving him a chance, because he sucked, so maybe with Se Gi giving him a chance, he’ll be okay. We’ll have to see. HOWEVER, this interaction led me to another one of my favorite humor moments. When Se Gi has him pushed up against the wall, for just a moment, Yo Na showed up. That sick adoration look on his face was so funny but slightly disturbing to watch. But then that wasn’t enough, to tie into Yo Na even more, when Se Gi is buying makeup for Ri Jin, he pulls out the lipgloss and remarks, “How do you even use this stuff?” I scared my boys because my shout of laughter was so loud. lol

KMHM Yona Strikes.jpg

Cici: Me too! I just have to wonder if the actors are ad-libbing this stuff after watching the viewers' reactions (as in Yo Na’s lip gloss selling out), or if the writers are keeping on top of it and including it in the script. Either way, it’s such a great payoff for those of us who are paying attention!

Wendilynn: They film these scenes days before they are aired, they are totally paying homage to fan reactions, to be sure.

Cici: My thoughts exactly. And this is just one more reason that watching K dramas is so much more fun than, say, American TV. Um, don’t get me started on that point, lol.

Wendilynn: One last thing on Se Gi before we get to the serious side of the episode, I loved their playtime. Se Gi always treats her like a neighborhood playmate. Of course, we know why, but I love that he never tries to be sexual with her. You know, beyond what we saw in Episode 2. After listening to him yell at Grandma about repenting to ‘The child”. The way he treats her or even behaves for her, makes total sense.

Cici: Yes, it does. And that brings us to the serious side of this episode. I want to start with how Se Gi says, at the end of their play time, that he always feels like there are three of them there, even when he is alone with her. He really is an insecure teenager who is afraid of disappearing right before her eyes. It always wrenches my heart a little when he shows that vulnerability.


Wendilynn: Se Gi is the one who remembers the abuse. And its not uncommon for abused people to be immature and self conscious and to feel unlovable or unwanted. Ri Jin is very correct in saying that Se Gi is the one who needs to most love because he’s the one who is most hurt. His burden is the worst that the 6 of them carry. When he was sitting there with his head on his knees, I just wanted to pull him in my arms and hold him.


Cici: Yes. And I suspect that his knowledge of Ri Jin’s own abusive past is what makes him so gentle and childlike with her. That, and there is definitely some guilt there. When he screams at his grandmother that that child was the one who should have been saved from the fire, instead of himself, it shows how guilty he feels. Survivor's guilt may be an unreasonable guilt, but that doesn’t make it any less real.


Wendilynn: Well think about what we know so far. We know that Do Hyun was in a basement as a 7 year old with another child. Both children probably received abuse from, we suspect, the Dad. This was terrible enough abuse to cause Do Hyun to split and Ri Jin to not remember her childhood before she was adopted as a twin for Ri Ohn. Do Hyun was saved in a fire, and until he found Ri Jin, thought he was the sole survivor. The guilt, unreasonable or not, is a given in that situation.

Cici: I am continually amazed at the way Grandmother reacts to him. She is cold as ice, and just keeps on insisting that he should love the father that saved him. But she will not budge for an instant when he demands that she give him the company, or else he will end her “residual feelings” for his father. Basically he has said “Choose to save your son or the company, but you can’t have both.” And she still chooses the company.


Wendilynn: Well abusers don’t magically appear out of nowhere. If Dad is the abuser, that says that he was probably abused as well. And if they had a child locked up in a basement, Grandma HAD to be aware of that fact. Her reactions of fear and hatred where Do Hyun/Se Gi is concerned is telling on her own personality. I have to give kudos to Kim Young Ae for playing the Grandma, she’s doing a fantastic job.

Cici: Yes, she’s the one we love to hate, along with bio-mom. I am just going to refer to them as the Wicked Witch of the East, and the Wicked Witch of the West. Anyone have a bucket of water? Or flying house? Anyone?

Wendilynn: After listening to Se Gi yell at Grandma and with what he said, I’m ready to string them all up. His Mom was witness to locking up children in the basement and abusing them so she could climb out of whatever gutter her life had been before. No wonder Se Gi hates her.

Cici: And no wonder Ri Ohn is trying so desperately to protect Ri Jin from such a family.


Wendilynn: And we don’t even have the hard details yet, this is just what we can figure out by inference. I’m almost afraid of how much worse this is going to get. Just how deep does this rabbit hole go? How big are the scars Se Gi is carrying? 

So? Was Episode 11: The Se Gi Special enough to make you love him just a little more? What was your favorite example of Se Gi's awesomeness? And is it true that what happens in your childhood foretells your future?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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