Cha Do Hyun has woken up to find new memories and the aftermath Se Gi has left him with. To his surprise, not all of it is bad. The new memories however, give us more concrete clues about what happened 21 years ago and just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Join Cici and I, Wendilynn as we discuss this episode of Kill Me Heal Me.

Cici: So Do Hyun “wakes up” in his father’s hospital room. Yikes, what a shock that must have been for him. Did you notice that the father, although in a coma, has the exact same finger strum that Se Gi has?

Wendilynn: I didn’t make that connection, I just viewed it as him twitching with maybe the potential of waking up. Kdramas always show waking up from comas by the twitching of fingers. What I couldn’t believe is that Se Gi led them to him. He KNEW he was being followed. Why did he go to the hospital room? Unless giving Do Hyun more of his memory back was part of the plan. Making him face his abuser.


Cici: I can think of two possibilities, neither one of which paints Se Gi in a favorable light. First, he may have headed straight to his father’s room planning to “help him rest in peace” before Grandma tracked him down and prevented it. The other possibility is that he deliberately brought the subconscious Do Hyun there, hoping that the shock of seeing his father would keep him huddled in fear forever. We already know that Se Gi is hoping to take over Do Hyun’s body permanently.

Wendilynn: Both very plausible and completely in character for Se Gi and the situation. And it would explain the taunting Se Gi was doing to him as he woke up having had the dream about the child in the basement.

Cici: So Se Gi really is a dangerous...polite words elude me.

Wendilynn: Yes, he is, but I also think his response is equal to the brutality of what he went through.


Cici: I have read of many psychopaths whose back story helped me understand them. That doesn’t necessarily excuse their behavior, but I can understand how they got that way. I feel that way about Se Gi. I was just so relieved that he didn’t actually murder his father. And I was really impressed with the strength that Do Hyun displayed when he had to go about cleaning up that mess!

Wendilynn: In 11 years, Se Gi has never killed anyone. Sent them to the ICU, yes, but never killed. I was surprised he sent dad to a hospital. I would have expected less than ideal conditions for his abuser, but he still took care of him responsibly….well as much as he’s able to be. Before we get into Do Hyun’s clean up and what needed it and didn’t, I want to talk about Ri Ohn. Getting caught by his sister with the Cha family records and history. I have to hand it to him, he was quick on the ball in covering his reasons. I was sure that Ri Jin was going to learn it all in that moment. A part of me was glad he kept her role in it from her.

Cici: He is still certain that finding her memories would destroy their happy family, and that he is doing the right thing in keeping what he knows a secret. I don’t think he realizes that the recovery of her memories has already begun, and that it is inevitable.

Wendilynn: It is inevitable, and I agree with you. He’s trying to protect his family in his own way. He’s been afraid all this time that Ri Jin and Do Hyun are developing feelings for each other. That scene in front of Do Hyun’s house calmed him down a little. Although, her warning of introducing him to Yo Na as punishment cracked me up. Oh, the boy has NOOOOO clue the trouble waiting for him. lol

KMHMe12  warning1.jpg

Cici: I’m not so sure how Yo Na would feel, being employed as a secret weapon, lol. But she surely is! I had been wondering why Ri Ohn was so afraid of the effect of Ri Jin’s memories on his family. They are so strong and supportive, and his parents obviously know her backstory already. So what is the big deal? But then I realized that he was afraid of what making her history public might trigger in Do Hyun’s family. If they were to find her and go out to get her, there would be little he or anyone else would be able to do to protect her.

Wendilynn: He’s been overhearing his parents agonizing over Ri Jin lately. I’m sure he doesn’t want to break their hearts by telling them, “Oh by the way, Ri Jin remembers she’s not really a member of the family”. But I agree, they are so close as a family, that when it all comes out, everything will be okay. They have enough love to envelope all the pain Ri Jin and Do Hyun have suffered.

Cici: Well, it’s nice that Do Hyun won’t be alone on the clean-up crew. What did you think of his confrontation with Grandma? She clearly was startled by the abrupt change in his demeanor. No wonder she went to Dr. Suk and demanded an explanation.


Wendilynn: Yeah, she was confused, for sure. But why did Dr. Suk tell her what he refused to tell Ki Joon? I mean, it was sort of appropriate considering she already had a clue, but patient confidentiality man. Why didn’t it apply to Grandma?

Cici: I was wondering the same thing! The only thing I could think of was that she was the closest thing to a direct relative he has, besides his mother, and he probably hoped she would be supportive and give him the love and care that he needs to get through this. Ha, keep dreaming, buster! The cynic in me suspects that Dr Suk fears her wealth and power just enough to tell her what she wants to know, though.


Wendilynn: He knows very well what that family is like, I’m thinking since their group is a major contributor to that hospital, it probably played a role. But Do Hyun needs the truth his Grandmother and Mother hold to heal. So, it could go either way.

Cici: Thank you. I really like Dr Suk, so I’m hoping that this was a sincere attempt to get Do Hyun the help he needs, from the only source available. Of course, Do Hyun is going to have to depend on himself in the long run. But nice try, Doc.

Wendilynn: I’m glad Do Hyun is awake now. When he was getting chewed out by Ri Jin as if he were Se Gi, and watching him smile at her, only to have her cry in relief as she realized Do Hyun was back was so touching. I loved that kiss to her forehead.


Cici: Yes! That is one of my favorite Kdrama gestures. I was just a teensy bit worried that Dr Oh was falling under the spell of Se Gi again, since he was so awesome in the last episode. So I was relieved when she collapsed in a blubbering mess when she realized that Do Hyun had become strong enough to return, despite Se Gi’s best efforts to prevent him from doing so. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for poor Chae Yeon. Se Gi has seriously messed up her mind.

Wendilynn: She was already messed up to start with. Its not like her relationship with Ki Joon is all that great. I had to laugh at the two scenes where Ri Jin had to put Chae Yeon down and Do Hyun had to hold his own against Ki Joon. I LOVED that Do Hyun had the strength and confidence to stare his cousin down AND to apologize to Chae Yeon for his “crazy” talk.

KMHMe12  crazy.jpg

Cici: I am not an advocate of drinking, but isn’t it a convenient excuse for bad behavior? It sounds so much better than just admitting, “Hey, I was having a psychotic break. Sorry!”

Wendilynn: Works for me as a plot device. I don’t drink but I was a wedding DJ for a long time and I saw many a person change after getting a few. It does happen.

Cici: So, I was really happy that Do Hyun got to see some of the positive sides of Se Gi’s actions. Here he is trying to clean up the mess left behind, only to find out that Se Gi actually pulled off a few tricks that he would have been incapable of as Do Hyun. That happy ending with the J.I. episode cracked me up.


Wendilynn: Oh yes. I love that Do Hyun was able to see that Se Gi could be a good source instead of always thinking he’s going to destroy everything. Secretary Ahn’s words about Se Gi having confidence because he knows Do Hyun is there to fix or support whatever happens was very insightful. I also cracked up at the scene with J.I AND the wave at the girls in the foyer. J.I just wanted someone to believe in him and the girls just wanted to swoon over a handsome man. Do Hyun needed those pushes of confidence.

Cici: I just need to say that Manager Ahn is one of my favorite supporting characters. He not only understands Do Hyun, but he understands that Se Gi and Do Hyun are different facets of the same person. Next to Ri Jin, I think he will be the most important character in helping Do Hyun’s personalities become reintegrated.

KMHMe12 trust yourself.jpg

Wendilynn: He has certainly been a solid strength and support for the last 11 years. I have to hand it to him for sneaking the recording device onto Se Gi so that he could record that confrontation with the Grandma and learn about the other child. Finally the picture is starting to open up.

Cici: Well, if he ever had any doubts, Do Hyun now knows for certain that Grandma is a bald-faced liar. It’s good to know your enemy, I suppose, but my heart cried a little when he had to give up the last hope that his Grandmother would ever love him or think of him as a human being.


Wendilynn: Yeah, that last scene was rough. I think Do Hyun knew he was never really considered family. I don’t think that was a surprise, but now he knows that to heal, he must stay and see this through. I think that after seeing the good that Se Gi produced at work, the small confidence it also gave Do Hyun to be more assertive is playing a role here.

Cici: This episode was a lot heavier than the previous one, but I did appreciate the little bits of comic relief that the writers managed to throw in. I laughed so hard when Do Hyun asked about the Se Gi Wheel of Fortune!

Wendilynn: I was laughing as he was delighted that “the gods” were on his side. I mean, that wheel is totally outrageous, and to learn he won the spin. Oh my gosh, that was funny. He was very impressed how Ri Jin was able to turn the loss into a way to get Se Gi’s cooperation.

KMHMe12 gods.jpg

Cici: I keep thinking that there is no way he will ever be able to let her go. Who else will give him the confidence to relax and be himself? She’s the only person who has ever been able to build a positive rapport with all of his personalities.

Wendilynn: Agreed. I don’t think his heart will let her go either. Except for Yo Na, the rest of them like her a lot. I think Se Gi would be very jealous to know how many times Do Hyun’s lips touch Ri Jin’s skin. lol For all his bravado, Se Gi doesn’t push the romantic aspect with her.

Cici: That last scene was the first time that I felt truly hopeful that in a war of wills, Do Hyun might be able to beat Se Gi. Telling the mirror Se Gi, “If you did it, then I will do it” felt like a real breakthrough. And that while facing that terrifying image of Se Gi’s scornful smile. I’m not sure I could have pulled that one off.

KMHMe12 you and me.jpg

Wendilynn: Acting wise, it was a powerful scene. I will say this. I think Do Hyun is finally starting to understand the pain and guilt that Se Gi is carrying. And the only way he can re-integrate himself is to take on that pain, too. He’s very correct. He is Se Gi and Se Gi is him. Do Hyun has been fighting them all as separate people, but they are all just aspects of himself. He has finally started accepting that and not being afraid of it, I think. Now, we just need to help Ri Jin not be afraid. That vision she had in the basement of her childhood. Oh, boy.


Cici: I have to admit that she has always hidden her trauma so well, that I did not really take it seriously enough. Right now it looks like Do Hyun may actually be able to face his past more successfully than Ri Jin. Here’s hoping he can be the kind of strength for her that she has been for him.

Wendilynn: Considering what we suspect was going on in that basement. Oh yeah. I think that it may take both of them together to fix all the broken pieces because it seems they shattered together.

Do Hyun is finally going to confront his memories and their pain head on. What will become of everyone when the secrets hidden for 21 years come to light?  Give us your thoughts on what's been happening so far in the comments below. 

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