Secrets just keep escaping from their dark depths, and the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper. Both Do Hyun and Ri Jin are starting to remember their dark entwined past, and it will either bring them together or tear them apart. Join Cici and me as we try to put our hearts back where they belong after they broke with this episode of Kill Me, Heal Me.

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Cici: So, like you said last time, thank goodness for the Oh family antics. Without them, I don’t think I could have stood the pain from this episode.

Wendilynn: I know exactly what you mean. We need them so much. I loved that moment when they broke the 4th wall and wished everyone a Happy Lunar New Year since this episode originally aired that week.


Cici: Those group selfies were so precious. It felt a little bit like a behind-the-scenes party. It was so nice to see Do Hyun included in a warm family celebration. One of his first, I would imagine.

Wendilynn: I believe so. I loved that there he was single-mindedly trying to pull information from Ri Ohn and there’s Dad pulling on their ears to make them do chores to help. THEN he gives him an allowance for helping. So many “awwwww” moments.



Cici: Yes, and did you notice how many times Dad referred to their dawdling-at-work behavior as filming a melodrama? At least three. Not that I


Wendilynn: That was so funny. You can tell that the parents have already adopted “Perry” into their family. I hope they keep that up when they find out who he really is.

Cici: Ri Jin was so funny when she was trying to defend Do Hyun’s decision not to drink. She kept referring to him as “my man”, and her dad even wondered if that was a love confession! Do Hyun was definitely touched.


Cici: Even Ri Ohn is willing to be his friend. Not a “good” friend, but at least a bad one. Do Hyun is so thankful, it just makes me cry/smile...crile? smy? Help me out here. I need a new word.


Wendilynn: You know what made me smile? Do Hyun pulling Ri Jin into the basement. Oh my goodness, that scene was full of feels.

Cici: And Ri Jin’s complete compliance in helping him to replace his “bad” memories with good ones was priceless. We finally got not one, but two kisses — because she totally kissed him back!


Wendilynn: Oh she did. I loved that he asked her to lean on him. He was hurt when he realized how much she was also suffering in silence herself. And her willingness to partner with him to make new memories just made me all soft and gooey. In the best way.


Cici: I’m so glad that he felt comfortable enough with not only her, but her family, to drag her down to the basement and get all that sorted out, lol.

Wendilynn: He finally has someone on his side. Earlier, the Cousin’s secretary mentioned Alex, his friend from high school and how they broke off. I imagine Alex probably knows and abandoned Do Hyun. Probably after getting roughed up by Se Gi, I imagine. Ri Ohn has not only met, and been kissed, by Yo Na, but is willing to still acknowledge him. That’s huge.

Cici: I seem to remember something about Alex getting paid a large sum of money before disappearing. Not sure whether that was to keep him quiet or as compensation for trauma, but it had to feel like a betrayal to Do Hyun. He hasn’t really had any friends since.

Wendilynn: Whether it was hush money or compensation money, Do Hyun says everyone who knows his secret gets rich and leaves. Its so nice the Oh family doesn’t have any inclinations of that sort. They truly are a safe harbor for the heart.

Cici: Yes, for now. I am worried about what their reaction will be when the entire truth comes out. They are very protective of both Ri Jin and Ri Ohn, after all. I can only hope that their love for Perry will help them overlook Do Hyun’s past.

Wendilynn: Both Ri Jin and Do Hyun are getting a large dose of reveals in this episode. Ri Jin shocked her brother by revealing that she hadn’t forgotten that she was adopted.


Wendilynn: And Do Hyun discovers that he wasn’t the one being abused. And all the evil and twistedness that means for the adults in his world.


Cici: Remember when I said that I thought that perhaps Do Hyun’s abuse was actually witnessing another child be abused? I hate it when I’m right, but it does make perfect sense, in an evil twisted way. Threatening or harming a loved one has been a favored form of control and torture for eons.

Wendilynn: My heart broke when Do Hyun was yelling at his mother. Because his dad would beat Ri Jin if Do Hyun messed up, it turns Do Hyun into not only a witness, but an abuser as well. That level of guilt on a 7 or 8 year old is demented.


Cici: So that is what Grandma and Evil Bio Mom refer to as Dad’s “weakness”? It makes me shudder.

Wendilynn: I was sick to my stomach. To escape the gutter, his mother allowed all this. I can’t call this woman enough evil names. And I still don’t know why Grandma did. Why did she not step in and stop this?

Cici: I have no clue. The only demented reason I can even imagine is that perhaps she figured that it was better for her son to take out his anger on his former wife’s bastard child rather than on his own. Sick, sick, sick.

Wendilynn: No wonder Do Hyun split into so many people. And we find out the source of the name Na Na. That was surprising.


Cici: I never suspected that NaNa was the name of the girl’s bear. I just wish that the memory hadn’t been interrupted just as we were about to find out the girl’s name!

Wendilynn: Yeah, that’s when Do Hyun confronts his mother. I think Do Hyun completely understands Se Gi now and why Se Gi is angry. I can honestly say I totally get where Se Gi is coming from now. His gentleness with Ri Jin. His love for her. His anger at his family and his attacks against men who are abusive. Remember, he showed up to beat up that Dad abusing his stepdaughter in episode 1. Knowing what we know, that jerk is lucky he just ended up in the ICU. I bet you any time Se Gi beat up someone, it was probably to protect someone.

Cici: Yes, and he also took care of the thug and his gang that was threatening Ri Jin in episode one/two as well. I think you’re on to something. But I have to give Do Hyun credit for defying Se Gi this time and wanting to take care of the guys who kidnapped Ri Jin on his own. Not that it did him any good...


Wendilynn: Did you notice that Do Hyun’s reactions to the secrets matched Se Gi’s reaction? I realize Se Gi said many of these things first, but once Do Hyun knew what was up, I’m sure he was in complete agreement. And then when we reach the fight at the end, I found it interesting Se Gi gave him some of his memories. I wonder if the hit in the head with the 2x4 had anything to do with it.

KMHMe14 compensate.jpg

Cici: Do Hyun kept getting little pieces of memory added throughout this episode, and I think you’re right--it’s been Se Gi who has been sharing them. Violence always has a way of bringing him out, or at least releasing some of his memories.

Wendilynn: Well, when Do Hyun wanted to take the fight instead of releasing it to Se Gi, I feel like Se Gi was implying by sharing them that if Do Hyun is strong enough to not run, then maybe he’s strong enough to know how much horror he made Se Gi take on.

Cici: It seemed like Se Gi was struggling with relinquishing his right to fight. But Do Hyun did win that battle, at least for the time being. It was interesting how one of the last memories revealed was the significance of the time, 10:00pm.

KMHMe14 promised time.jpg

Wendilynn: Wasn’t that a trip? I’m sure Se Gi knew the significance when he told Ri Jin what he did. But then to have Do Hyun say it too, only to then show that it was something said as a child. ... I was sort of floored by that.

Cici: And that is the mark of remarkable writing. Things that we just skimmed over when they happened are turning out to be significant. Kind of makes me want to go back and rewatch the entire show, just to find out what I’ve been missing.

Wendilynn: The writing has been outstanding. Rewatching this after it’s fully played out will be a must. I had to do that with It’s Okay, That’s Love for the same reason.

Cici: Come on, confess. How many times have you already rewatched the first few episodes? lol.

Wendilynn: *mumbles* …...5 or 6 times… (fails trying to look innocent)

Cici: So now we get to wait for another week to find out whether Do Hyun is actually able to free Ri Jin from the clutches of his Evil Bio Mom. Have I mentioned that I hate cliff-hangers?

Do Hyun has resisted giving in to Se Gi to fight his battle, but can he recover from the nasty head would to save Ri Jin?  What will the new memories mean for Do Hyun and Ri Jin.  What will the fallout be over these new revelations?  Tell us your impressions of this episode in the comments below. 

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