Its our farewell trip for Do Hyun and Ri Jin. The promised train ride is taking place. What it leads to however, is something none of them could see coming. We learn a shocking truth about one of Do Hyun’s personalities and Ri Jin finally learns her real past. What this means for them will feel like a drop off a cliff. Join Cici and I, Wendilynn as we discuss the bittersweet moments and the shocking revelations of this episode of Kill Me, Heal Me.

Cici: Ahhhhhhhh. Remember how I commented that Do Hyun looked like he had tears in his eyes for most of the last episode? Yeah, that was me for this one. It hit me in all the tender spots of my soul.

Wendilynn: He loves Ri Jin so much, that sending her away and walking away from her was so hard. I loved them playing on the train. He kept losing that game to her and getting “punished”. So funny.


Cici: Yet everything he did, from the way he put on his coat that morning to the chock-full itinerary he wrote out was in preparation for telling her goodbye. It almost killed me watching him trying to smile when all he wanted to do was weep. He was so brave.

Wendilynn: She wasn’t immune to the implications, either. She knew what was going on. Did you notice she recorded a message in her room before they got started? I wonder what she said?


Cici: I actually missed that the first time I watched this episode, but i did notice it the second time around. See what you’re doing to me? You have me watching each episode several times! And I notice something new each time. The nuances in expression, the small gestures, all have meaning.

Wendilynn: The depth of story telling going on in this show is just stunning. From the writing, to the nuances in acting and how its being directed is just so good. When Sec. Ahn was putting broken-hearted Do Hyun to bed, I had to smile as he warned him of the dangers of that condition. I then wanted to cry as Do Hyun talked about feeling like he lost his country unfairly. Truer words, you know?

KMHMe16  lost country.jpg

Cici: There was so much in this episode that spoke to the common experiences of us all. When Ri Jin ran to the beach, faking joy at seeing the ocean, she was trying to give Do Hyun the happy memory that she knew he would need later. I agree with you that she knew exactly what was coming, but she could hardly contain her own heartbreak.

Wendilynn: Their connection is so intertwined that this was painful for both of them. That her brother told her to curse or cry so she could work out those emotions, let us know that he also knew what this was costing her. He was in an unenviable spot this episode. He had to pick up pieces and deal with her anger or unhappiness.

Cici: I actually loved the way he channeled his childhood self when he finally told her that he didn’t want a sister who only cried, that he wanted one who fought back. Tough love, but something she desperately needed to hear at that time.

Wendilynn: We always knew he was good for her, but once we saw just how cowed she was from the abuse, do we realize just how GOOD he was for her. He taught her to fight back and stand up for herself. She desperately needed that.

Cici: I had to wonder why Grandmother actually called her in. Was she trying to figure out just how much she had remembered, or was she trying to trigger memories that would break her? She certainly wasn’t acting out of kindness, but I don’t think she planned the whole “portrait of the abuser” incident.

Wendilynn: Grandma is unaware of who Ri Jin is up to this point. She doesn’t know. Mom and Uncle know, but Grandma hasn’t been updated on the info. I’m pretty sure that Grandma called her in to discuss prepping Do Hyun for coming back to the company. Because once she knew she was no longer the doctor, she was completely uninterested in her. It was total coincidence that Ri Jin happened to hear a phrase she remembered and see the photo of the abusive Dad. But oh boy… the fallout from that is huge.

KMHMe16 inferior.jpg

Cici: Well, we finally learned about the incident that triggered her being locked in the basement. Apparently before the violin/piano fiasco, she had been living in the mansion with Do Hyun. Only when she stood up to his abusive father and told him that she had heard that adults shouldn’t hit children did Dad lose it. She reminded him of her mother so much at that moment that he could no longer tolerate the sight of her. And poor Do Hyun witnessed the whole meltdown.

KMHMe16 pain.jpg

Wendilynn: I think you’re right. We know by the way the children reacted that this was not the first time she had been punished, but it was apparently the first time she stood up to it. And it just went downhill from there. Poor Do Hyun was being laid with so much guilt, its no wonder he fell apart. When he was explaining it all to Ri Ohn, I wanted to cry as he explained how his memories changed the real incident so he could accept it better as the abused child, instead of being the reason for another child getting abused.

Cici: Ah, one more reason for me to love Ri Ohn . He didn’t hesitate to set Do Hyun straight. He was not a bystander or an abuser, but another victim. Using a person’s tender heart against them is one of the worst forms of abuse.

KMHMe16 victim.jpg

Wendilynn: Absolutely. And that his Mother and Grandmother knew this was going on, and did NOTHING to stop it, just boggles my mind. especially in light of the last twist of this episode. I started thinking of all the catty comments the Mom and Grandmother made to each other and it just took on such a sick level of disgust. Clearly these women know exactly why they hate each other and now we know, too.

Cici: Both would like to disregard the “weakness” of their son/husband, yet that is what gives one power over the other. Yeah, no wonder they hate each other. They’re so much alike it’s terrifying.

Wendilynn: I dislike both of them. Although clearly Mom is the worst of the two. Grandma, we know feels regret for the situation, and his mother just doesn’t. She still feels it was justified.

Cici: I wish I could agree with you, but I have this nagging feeling that Grandma hasn’t come clean with her entire role in the family tragedy. I actually find her icy reserve and iron will far more terrifying than Mom’s greed.


Wendilynn: I would be with you on that if it hadn’t been for that bedside conversation she had with her comatose son. She is still evil, don’t get me wrong, and I agree we don’t know everything yet, but we do know she does feel regret and she is at a loss of how to make things alright. Especially in light of her knowledge of his D.I.D.

Cici: Sorry, she just reminds me of the kid who is very sorry...that they got caught. Her regret stems from needing Do Hyun to return to the company in order to maintain her position of power, yet knowing that what she has done in the past is going to keep him from ever doing so. She is sorry she can’t fix things. That’s the regret of a control freak whose schemes fell short, not a penitent seeking forgiveness.

Wendilynn: Oh, I don’t think she’s the penitent type. I just don’t have the level of loathing for her that I do for the Mom. However, the adults all allowed the horror to go on. They all need to be strung up by their toes and whipped.

Cici: What a tempting thought. I’m hoping that they can just be left behind, and that both Do Hyun and Ri Jin can find a way to forgive them and move on. Or should I say Do Hyun and Do Hyun? That last bit of information was a complete surprise, but it actually helped explain how Do Hyun was listed on the family registry months before the family was aware of his existence.

Wendilynn: That floored me. And we were already reeling from the idea that the adults allowed the abuse, but then they gave him, whatever his real name is, her name. They completely hid her existence and basically erased her. This rocked both of them.


Cici: Yes, and little did they realize that in doing so they also erased Do Hyun’s original self. Here, kid, your old name wasn’t good enough, so we’re going to give you a different one so you can steal the company from your little friend. What a warped family.

Wendilynn: Yeah, what’s his real name? What does it mean that he completely forgot his real name? What does it mean that one of his alternate personalities is Ri Jin?!! How could one of his alternate personalities be her?!!! Did he create her when he thought she died? Does that mean that Do Hyun, himself, is a front personality and that his real “person” is hiding inside? Is that who Mr. X is going to prove to be?

Cici: Wait...what? Which personality is her? Nana is the bear she drew, her friend and comforter. I can understand how he would want to take on that “personality”, and why Nana shows up when he most needs comfort himself, but I didn’t get that the little girl was one of his personalities.

KMHMe16 my name is.jpg

Wendilynn: The little girl personality they’ve been calling Nana all this time. She tells Do Hyun that the bear is actually named Nana. Last time he saw her, she didn’t reveal her real name, but this time she reveals her real name as Do Hyun. He knew she represented Ri Jin, he didn’t realize until that moment that she WAS Ri Jin as a child and that Ri Jin isn’t her real name. This answers why the name Do Hyun was added to the family register in the summer when Do Hyun didn’t join the family till the winter. I’m still floored thinking about it. How fractured does a child have to become to create an alternate personality of the child he couldn’t protect?

Do Hyun and Ri Jin now know the truth behind their backgrounds.  What will this new information do to their relationship?  Can either of them find healing when the nightmare of their childhood is so deep? Let us know your thoughts and comments of this episode below.

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