Do Hyun has finally found out that Dr. Oh is a psychiatrist and that she probably has pegged his multiple personalities. What will he do with this information in his fight for his identity? Join Cici, Amy and I as we look into the growing puzzle of Do Hyun’s life in episode 4 of Kill Me Heal Me.

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Amy: Do Hyun wants to push out everyone in his life because he feels like the people he gets close to will be in danger. I can’t say that I blame him but he must be super lonely.

Wendilynn: Its hard to want to be close when you, yourself, are put at risk as well as the person involved. I found his meeting with Dr. Oh outside the hospital at first really cute. She finally learns his name, and then he learns that he has to fix a problem Se Gi created. lol


Cici: The entire staff spying on them through the revolving door was hysterical. Who knew doctors were so into gossip? But Ri Jin’s solution was even better. At first I thought Do Hyun really went a little overboard with his “My Ri Jin” bit, but it turned out to be perfect.

Amy: I thought so too. He was really cute acting like her boyfriend even if it did surprise Dr. Oh a bit. Hee hee! You can tell he’s used to covering up what his other personalities did so while it was cute it was sad at the same time for me.


Cici: That apology on his knees was so sincere--and really took Dr Park by surprise. I think that was when Ri Jin really started to fall for him. She saw just how lonely he must be, and how hard he had to work, always having to go back and correct the problems his other selves had created.

Wendilynn: She already had sympathy for him for how lonely he is because he has no family to support him. Then he went to such lengths to correct the problem Se Gi created. I think you are right that she is starting to really care. Although, I’m sure Se Gi’s intensity hits her buttons a little, too. lol

Amy: I wouldn’t know what to think if I were Dr. Oh. I’d like both personalities but for different reasons. I’m not sure if she is starting to be attracted to Do Hyun but I do see the concern and I thought it was touching how she tried to contact him when she was worried despite his telling her not to.

Cici: I’ve got to say that her total disregard for what she’s told to do is one of the things I like most about her, lol.

Wendilynn: Well, so far his orders don’t make sense. So I don’t blame her. She wants to help. She has no clue that she is the first love of Se Gi or what that means. Once Do Hyun figured that out, I thought it was fascinating how quickly Se Gi made his appearance. The way they are showing the co-consciousness idea almost gives it a supernatural feel.


Amy: Oh the co-consciousness was so interesting to me! It must have been terrifying for Do Hyun though. He already has so many different people inside of him but to actually see one...I don’t think I’d want to leave my house again!

Cici: I thought it was interesting how do Hyun finally contacted Dr. Seok and asked him if he thought he was going crazy, or becoming a monster. After so many years in therapy, he must be feeling like he is not only failing to make progress, but actually getting worse. How frustrated and frightened he must be!

Wendilynn: The crazy comment was after he disappeared and woke up in the wine cellar and saw Nana’s name.

Amy: Yes! I was assuming he already knew about Nana but I guess she is new to him. I hope we get to meet Nana too!


Wendilynn: I felt truly scared for Do Hyun for the first time in this episode. His fear is so very real to me. Ji Sung is doing such a good job in drawing me in.

Amy: I was so excited when Ji Sung took this role and he is not disappointing me at all. He really is doing an excellent job. What do you think about Dr. Oh’s brother? He is hiding something about their past from her.

Cici: I still want to know why he is so fascinated with Do Hyun’s family, and why he is keeping all the newspaper clippings and notes on his secret bulletin board. I like his character, but I’m not sure I trust him.

Wendilynn: Agreed. This seems more involved than just a fascination with an idea for a new novel. When she told him about her dream, he actively seemed to mislead her about it. Now there was a trip. Se Gi showed up in her dream. It looks like she did meet Do Hyun as a child. And that maybe why Se Gi keeps asking her to play? He remembers her 7 yr old self?

Amy: I think Se Gi does remember Dr. Oh’s seven year old self because he said she called him a long time ago.

kmhm 4 dream.jpg

Cici: It makes me wonder how the personalities experience time when they are not present. Maybe Se Gi acts less mature than Do Hyun because he’s had less time in the real world. That would also explain why he obeyed Dr. Oh’s commands, if even only for a brief time. To him, it was a game.

Wendilynn: I don’t know. Se Gi was created back when they were children, when the original trauma happened. However, he seems really aware of what’s going on around him. And Perry seemed to have some clue too, but Se Gi seems to be watching the most and I’m pretty sure he’s getting stronger because he wants Dr. Oh.

Cici: I just realized that Se Gi reminds me more of a naughty boy than a man. Determined, intense, but still a rebellious teenager.

Amy: Yeah. He is very much like a teenager. I’m thinking he obeyed Dr. Oh’s commands simply because he wanted to play with her.

Wendilynn: We know from the dream she asked him to play, so clearly he still remembers that request. I found the final scene of this episode very revealing. In the bathroom. Se Gi really chews Do Hyun out about how he couldn’t handle the pain of whatever happened in the basement. Se Gi seems very angry that he was forced to deal with it while Do Hyun got to hide and “forget”.

kmhme4 pain.jpg

Cici: It kind of brings a whole new twist to the old amnesia trope, doesn’t it?

Amy: What about Do Hyun’s cousin? He told Chae Yeon that Do Hyun was dating Dr. Oh and she did not seem to appreciate that. Even the cousin picked up on it. Showing jealousy in front of your significant other, especially when he is competing with the other man probably isn’t the best idea.

Wendilynn: Remember, he rejected her last episode. Told her she couldn’t handle him and then he’s in a scandal with a doctor? Her feminine pride has been pricked. lol

kmhm 4 weird.jpg

Cici: And the family relationships just keep getting better, lol. Did you pick up on how Dr. Oh’s mom reacted to the vegetable salesman’s comment that the “twins” didn’t look anything alike? So prickly! Me thinketh she protesteth too much!

Amy: Oh yeah. There is definitely something going on there. Her reaction was way too strong. Guess what we have to do to find out? WAIT! Hee hee!

Wendilynn: Absolutely, something is up with that AND then on Do Hyun’s side, there was that poisonous luncheon where the Mom and the other “recognized” wife started throwing threats. Do Hyun then confronted his mom about what memory did he not remember. Only she then played dumb. You guys mentioned that the family may already be aware of the multiple personalities and since they’ve been around since he was 7, that just might be possible.


Cici: Okay, I’m confused again. Wasn’t Do Hyun in high school when he first realized that there was another personality inside him? I realize that Se Gi has been “protecting” him since he was seven or eight, but do you think his family realized he was there before Do Hyun did?

Wendilynn: Se Gi made a spectacular entrance by beating up the abusive dad. That only means Do Hyun became aware then.

Amy: My brain hurts with all of this thinking.

Cici: ROFL. So give it a break--until next week. Meanwhile I’m going to rewatch the episodes we’ve gotten so far, cause I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some important clues. Oh, I do love a good mystery!

Wendilynn: And a well told mystery is what we’ve got in this drama.

Se Gi has taken control and has kidnapped Dr. Oh.  What surprises does he have in store for her?  Can Do Hyun wake up in time? 

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