Secrets, ulterior motives, and surprising demonstrations of tenderness from our resident bad boy drove the story forward in episode five. Join Wendilynn, Amy, and me, Cici, as we discuss the ups, downs, and clever little plot twists that keep us so confused, we just have to keep coming back for more!   

Wendilynn: I just have to say that I loved the beginning of this drama. Yes, it was alarming when Se Gi scared Do Hyun with the mirror trick so he could escape and go on a date with Dr. Oh. But that whole hotel scene was hilarious. I laughed so much.

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Amy: I laughed too. Poor Se Gi was just trying to make Dr. Oh like him more! Hee hee! He must have spent a considerable amount of time with her when she was a kid to know what she liked. 

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Cici: That monkey, though! Am I the only one who found it incredibly creepy? 

Wendilynn: I found it amazingly gentle of Se Gi to be appealing to the child he once knew instead of to her as the woman she is now. Don’t get me wrong, when Se Gi realizes that she will not do what he wants, it could get dangerous for her, but for now, the gentleness he showed in this episode was just all adorbs.

Cici: This is why I am still wondering about how Se Gi experiences time. It’s like he can’t process that the woman Oh Ri Gin is very different from the child who he knew. Which is confusing. He apparently remembers everything that Do Hyun does when he’s in control (like kissing “his” woman) but Do Hyun has no recollection of what Se Gi does when he’s in control.

Amy: I was wondering if Se Gi was trying to make Dr. Oh remember when they met. You might be right that he experiences time differently but I think he wants Dr. Oh to remember him so that she gets attached to him.

Cici: Ah, that makes sense. Obviously Dr Oh impressed him greatly as a child--she is the one he can’t let go. He must want her to remember him so that she feels the same way. He obviously wants her to choose him over Do Hyun, and does not believe that she can choose both.

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Wendilynn: It’s an interesting discussion to wonder about how Se Gi works. He even went into it a bit this episode. However, I think the reason Se Gi remembers and Do Hyun doesn't is because that’s Se Gi’s job. To protect and take the pain so Do Hyun doesn't remember. When he gets scared or overwhelmed, Do Hyun checks out. He doesn't really want to remember yet. Although, that’s starting to change if the flashbacks are anything to do with it. I also am thinking that the basement horror was not Do Hyun’s alone. I think he had playmates, what do you think?

Amy: I agree with you. I think that there was someone with him in the basement.


Cici: It seems like Dr Oh was there, but it may have also been her brother. Or both! Or even all three! That would explain their unreasoning fear of basements and fire, and also why Oh Ri On lies to her when she starts to remember things.

Wendilynn: I think this show wants us to believe there was a mystery child. They had the Uncle and Aunt talk about it. And that scene segued to the brother to hint that it could be them. When he opened his panel to show all the information he had been collecting that “WHO” is probably also asking who the child is. When I re-watched episode 1, the brother jokes about how he could be a lost millionaires child. I don’t think he was joking now.

Amy: That makes sense! Both of them could have been Do Hyun’s playmates. Se Gi remembers Dr. Oh so I’m wondering if he remembers her brother as well. If they were playmates he probably knows Dr. Oh’s brother.

Cici: So we know that Dr. Oh and Ri On are not actual blood-related siblings. But one of them may be a half-sibling of Do Hyun. I need a chart!! Actually, I just wish these rich businessmen would quit playing around and stay faithful to their wives. But that would ruin the plot of so many K-dramas, wouldn't it?

Wendilynn: Considering how their Mom reacted when that neighbor suggested that the kids didn't look like each other OR like their parents, they might not be twins or even biologically their parents’. Who knows at this point. But, I don’t think Se Gi remembers the brother because he didn't recognize him on the plane. And the brother met 3 personalities on that plane. LOL.. we know he already knew who he was, and only an idiot wouldn't have caught on after Perry partied with him on the plane.

Cici: I’m not so sure about that. Many people get anxious flying, and alcohol is always blamed for someone acting out of character. It would be interesting to know just how much brother has figured out, and where the holes are on that board. Oh, what I would give for a better look at it!



Wendilynn: Perry partied with him on the plane and then when Do Hyun woke up at the landing, he didn't recognize him at all. Sorry, the brother isn't THAT slow. And he is smart enough not to reveal his cards to anyone.

Amy: Yep. I think the brother knows pretty much everything but he is holding it in because he wants the full story. He even told his editor that he is going to work on a long story that he had previously dropped. I’m thinking the long story has something to do with Do Hyun and family.

Cici: So, is this going to be a take off on Discovery of Romance, where the writer in the story uses the real events to create a novel? With only the names changed to protect the not-so-innocent?

Wendilynn: It looks that way, by our guess. lol I had to crack up when Perry goes to their house. What a bad driver he seems to be. And then when Do Hyun wakes up, he takes a look at his clothes and mutters, “Damnit, Perry”. (paraphrased)  That made me laugh so much. He knows by his clothes who came out and it cracked me up.


Cici: I do love Perry. He is great for comic relief.

Amy: Poor Perry didn't get to play like he wanted to! Hee hee! He was so excited to get a drink and tried so hard to get to the house only to have to leave before he could make it.


Wendilynn: lol, I know, poor guy. I’m sure he was all excited by the prospect of spending time at a brewmaster’s house.

Cici: It’s just as well that Do Hyun was in charge when he finally met the family, though. By the way, is there ever a time when meeting a girl’s family isn't awkward? And the scene in the basement just made me laugh so hard! Poor Do Hyun.

Amy: Do Hyun just can not catch a break. I thought it was cute how Dr. Oh’s parents set them up though. They knew where Dr. Oh would want to talk to Do Hyun and took his cell phone so that they would be stuck together. I guess he left a good impression with them!


Wendilynn: The Dad may be crazy, but he’s not stupid. lol


Wendilynn: I found it interesting that Do Hyun was also marveling over that kiss he woke up to in the cinderella carriage. (Se G’s tear broke my heart) So when drunk Dr. Oh was confused which guy she was stuck in the cellar with, Do Hyun, just like Se Gi, felt the need to prove himself.

Cici: Yeah, there’s a bit of competition there, right? But I would be confused in her place, too. Do Hyun is no slouch when it comes to intense stares. I wonder what it will take for her to get over that confusion!

So, dear viewers, what was your reaction to this episode? Do you love the surprisingly gentle bad boy, Se Gi, or has Do Hyun or Perry captured your heart?


What do you think will happen when Oh Ri On finally figures out the missing pieces on his board? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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