Almost kisses, gambles, and one pissed off Se Gi start us off on this episode of Kill Me, Heal Me. Do Hyun has been pushed into a corner, and now he must fight for survival. One question…will he be able to so before someone decides to take unilateral action nobody will walk away from? Please excuse Amy, who can't join us this week, but join Cici and me, Wendilynn, as we discuss episode 6.

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Cici: Well, I may not be a strong advocate for alcohol use...ever...but it certainly helped Dr Oh get over her inhibitions down in the basement, didn’t it? I almost died from “kissticipation”, but when he broke that kiss off at the very last second, her reaction was…. heheheheh


Wendilynn: Hilarious is what is was. I laughed so much after all that built up angst. lol He deserved to get beaten up and it looked like she would do it, too. I love where this show puts its humor. Its all serious and moving and then bam…something little happens that makes you laugh.

Cici: Agreed. And while I wasn’t really familiar with the phrase “having a bug crawling around inside my head,” it actually describe perfectly the feeling you get when something

Wendilynn: Its a perfect description of her state of mind, too. Both Se Gi and Do Hyun are compelling in their own way. I wouldn’t want to choose who I’m falling for either. Especially as I love both of them so much.

Cici: I was trying to hold my inner fangirl in check as far as Se Gi was concerned, but his sweetness in the last episode pretty well demolished that. I do love Do Hyun just a teensy bit more, but that’s just because Se Gi Still scares me. As he should. That video threat was intense.

KMHMe6 Pissed off.jpg

Wendilynn: Amen. And I agree with you, Se Gi still scares me too. When Do Hyun woke up to Se Gi’s tantrum. Seeing “Kill You” in bright red paint would alarm me. Then to see the destruction he made of the house… oh boy. That message was something else. If anyone was in any doubt about who Se Gi loved, these last two episodes would totally fix that.


Cici: I found it interesting that he chose to threaten Former Flame, when she is not now, nor ever actually has been, Do Hyun’s “woman.” That kind of calls into question just exactly how in touch Se Gi is with the current state of Do Hyun’s mind.

Wendilynn: Do Hyun has been mooning over here for a long time. Keeping her picture. Even if she was playing Do Hyun like he claimed when they met up, he still cared about her. We saw that care when he came to give her that warning. His being a jerk to her is to keep her at a distance.

Cici: Very true. But it seems that Se Gi has difficulty distinguishing between taking care of someone, protecting them, because that’s the decent thing to do, and doing all that in order to make them love you. Yeah, that goes right along with his teenage mentality.

Wendilynn: I’m starting to agree with you that Se Gi may really be a teenager even though he’s technically the same age as Do Hyun. What did you think of Do Hyun testing Dr. Oh about if she would come to him or not by using Se Gi’s name?


Cici: Well, I think it was something he needed to know. But he doesn’t understand her reasons for acting the way she does any more than Se Gi understands his. So far none of the personalities have accepted the idea that reintegration is even possible.

Wendilynn: Not when they view it as dying. I didn’t think it was very fair to use the hospital to force her to come and then jump all over her as if she came voluntarily because she had feelings for Se Gi.

Cici: I think it’s hysterical the way he keeps denying that the racing heartbeat he experiences when he thinks of her means he’s falling for her. But then he’s all convinced that she’s fallen for Se Gi. He really does lack confidence at that level, doesn’t he?

Wendilynn: Unfortunately having been abused and then at the mercy of other personalities is not conducive to building confidence. Dr. Phil was right when he talked about how he lives in anxiety every day. His existence is a nightmare right now.

Cici: That’s one of the things that particularly endears him to Dr. Oh--the fact that he is enduring all this alone. To quote Christopher Robin, “ You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Do Hyun needs to give himself credit for just being able to survive.


Wendilynn: I think that’s why we like him so much. I had to laugh at Dr. Oh this episode though. She has to choose to help Do Hyun as his personal physician or flee to Johns Hopkins like Dr. Suk wants her to do to stay safe. And her walking around like a virgin ghost and scaring her brother was so funny.

Cici: He really needs to take a break from writing that kind of novel if that was enough to scare him, lol.


Wendilynn: Well, Koreans have a different view of ghosts then we do over on this side of the ocean. lol I found it interesting his writing was matching the moment. I worried for a moment that we’re getting another “told after the fact” story like we did in Discovery of Romance.

Cici: I was worse. I worried that Oh Ri On was actually controlling the actions of the other characters through his story, and that they are nothing more than fictional characters from his book. Please tell me it ain’t so.

Wendilynn: I think it was just coincidence--I hope--since they then decided to scare him. lol I found it cute her family was all, ‘We support your decision, honey” and then they all went to her individually to give their advice. lol

Cici: This was the first episode where I started to question Oh Ri On’s strictly “brotherly” interest in her. It’s starting to become apparent that he may have real non-brotherly feelings for her.

Wendilynn: Yeah, he’s not feeling just brotherly. I would agree. If he’s the missing child like this show is hinting at, I wonder if he gets jealous of Do Hyun’s interest in his sister and it makes him cause problems for him later? However…. that dream of seeing Dr. Oh in the basement was a trip. I was like, “What the…?”


Cici: I took that as confirmation that Dr. Oh was really in the basement with him, but it might have just been one of those weird dreams that make no sense. Guess we’ll just have to keep waiting for more light to be shed on that topic. I do think it was part of a re-surfacing memory, though.

Wendilynn: Agreed. The door to his lost memories is clearly opening. Maybe that’s why he freaked out a little when his cousin gave that  underhanded little threat by mentioning his old doctor. You’d think he’d be an old hat at deflecting such things, but I guess not.


Cici: He is still trying so hard to keep his personalities a secret from his family, it’s understandable that he would be freaked out. Apparently patient confidentiality only extends so far when wealthy families are concerned, and powerful people have been known to be able to make even the most scrupulous of doctors give information that should be kept confidential.

Wendilynn: It shows up in so many dramas, makes you wonder if its a good plot device or a reality over there. That level of corruption is stomach turning.

Cici: I would like to remain naive enough to believe that it only happens in dramas, but I really know better.

Wendilynn: Well, the cousin’s parents seem resolved to now go look for the missing rumored child as a way of stopping Do Hyun from potentially taking over the company. That will be interesting if all this comes out. According to what we’ve been told so far, that child could either be a half sibling or an aunt/uncle.


Cici: That’s possible (ew), but they may be completely unrelated to Do Hyun if first wife had an affair in the states with someone totally unrelated to the family. That’s what I’m hoping for. That would put “that child” on an equal footing with Do Hyun as far as inheritance goes, which would explain why dear aunt and uncle want to find them and garner their favor.

Wendilynn: As if this story couldn’t get any snaggier. (is that even a word?)

Cici: Hey, if I can make up words for kdramas, you can, too!

Wendilynn: Well, this episode left me totally afraid. We’ve got YoSub’s appearance now. Did you notice his flash of light is green? He’s the personality that terrifies me most and he’s on top of a building.


Cici: Another...cliffhanger?

Wendilynn: *groan* lol Dr. Oh only has an hour …. this show is going to be the death of me. Waiting to find out what Yosub is going to choose to do is torture.

Cici: Don’t worry, Wendilynn. It’s Dr Oh to the rescue. This is only episode six, so it’s way too early to kill off the male lead, right? RIGHT?

The clock is ticking for Dr. Oh. Can she find Yo Sub in time to stop him?  And why did Grandma pull Secretary Ahn away just when he was needed most?  Leave your comments below.

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