Welcome back to the seventh episode of Kill Me, Heal Me. Second thoughts plague Do Hyun as he realizes that anyone he allows close to him is in danger. Fortunately our spunky heroine is not deterred. Join Wendilynn and me, Cici, as we discuss the developments in this episode.

Wendilynn: I have to say that Ji Sung is nailing it as these various characters. Yo Sub is so calm and you can see that dead, hopeless look in his eyes that is characteristic of a suicidal personality. That whole first scene was just …….wow.

Cici: The way Ri Jin literally talked him down from the ledge was gut wrenching. She just wouldn’t let him go. No one else has ever cared about him with such intensity. It was an amazing scene.


Wendilynn: She refused to quit on him. She was heading to America because that’s where everyone was telling her to go. But once she pulled Yo Sub from the ledge, I don’t think there was any going back for her.

Cici: Later, when Dr Suk said, “ A psychiatrist is not a savior. You can’t save everyone,” I couldn’t help but think, But you can save some. I’m sure that her commitment to reintegrating Do Hyun with all of his personalities is unwavering now.


Wendilynn: Up to this point, Do Hyun has been fighting this battle alone. Every time he gets scared, he’s alone. I think that’s why Yo Sub showed up when he did. Do Hyun figured she’d be saying no and between his grandmother and cousin, his spot is precarious at best. He probably felt like he was on a ledge already. Yo Sub just showed up to express that fear and exhaustion at the continuous battle he’s undergoing.

Cici: After witnessing his Grandmother’s blatant lack of care over his “issues” it’s no wonder that the thought of Dr Oh leaving would be the last straw.


Wendilynn: Speaking of his Grandmother. How much does she know? She pulled Secretary Ahn away and then when you think its to weasel out Do Hyun’s secrets, She confirms that she doesn’t want to know and that its Sec. Ahn job to make sure nobody knows. That hints STRONGLY to me that she is aware of a few things already. Cause she doesn’t strike me as the sort to just let her grandson languish in America for 11 years “just because”, even if she did hate him.

Cici: Her attitude seems to go way beyond indifference. The only reason she cares about Do Hyun at all is to protect her son, Joon Pyo, and his position as head of the company. She is so cold I practically get frostbite every time i see her. It makes me really curious about the relationship Do Hyun had with his father. Although she claims his father saved him, i wonder if that was really the case.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I’m with you on that one. Daddy isn’t looking good, however, I’m pretty sure he is the one who pulled Do Hyun out of the fire, and his coma may have something to do with smoke inhalation and various other things, depending on what happened. That still doesn’t change that he was being locked away in a basement for some reason.


Cici: Did you notice that we got a hint at the beginning of this episode regarding the gender of “That child”? We hear Se Gi saying, “Because I found her first.” So I’m going to go out on a limb and postulate that Dr Oh was the child of First wife, and that she was actually the one being hidden away in the basement. Maybe Do Hyun found her and befriended her. That would explain why his father or someone else might have punished him, and why he was there when the fire broke out.

Wendilynn: I don’t know. We know she is connected somehow. Being the child of first wife is the best explanation but that doesn’t quite explain Ri On’s behavior, sort of. That gives us the potential for Do Hyun and RI Jin being related, but gah, I hope not.


Cici: Actually, if Ri Jin was the result of First wife’s affair in America, then she and Do Hyun would not be related by blood. That’s what I’m pulling for. Also, when I re-watched the scene where Ri On is explaining the plot of his novel, he made it sound like he was the one who was already part of the family, and she was the newcomer. That would support my theory. Although something makes me think that he may have switched the genders of the actual characters for his novel. Oh, pooey, I am still confused.

Wendilynn: Telling the book story to the editor. Its hard to know what’s up and down, isn’t it? Which is why this is such a great story. It could go ANYWHERE!

Cici: I am loving the contrasts in the family dynamics. On the one hand we have Do Hyun’s completely dysfunctional family, and on the other, we have Dr. Oh’s warm supportive family. i absolutely loved the airport scene where the family is dancing, singing, and trying to take a group selfie with that selfie stick. I know they’re already popular in Korea, but wanna bet that sales of those things skyrocket in the States?


Wendilynn: Hey, if Yo Na can sell out lipgloss, then why not? lol Her family is so stinking cute and loveable in the airport. Her Dad gives her that paper, and the brother thinks its a loving letter, and its really the stuff he wants her to buy in New York. Cracked me up. lol

Cici: You know, with a family like that, I would totally fake going away just for the send off. I know she felt bad about it, but it was so worth it.

Wendilynn: Ri On’s shoes he gave her so she could “fly” back to him. *melt* Oh my gosh, I really love the chemistry between these characters.

Cici: The shoes, and the moral support--”The best decision is your decision” Talk about unconditional love. That is what gives her the strength to venture into Do Hyun’s “castle” and save the monster he feels he has become.


Wendilynn: When Do Hyun is talking to Dr. Suk, You could see that the heartbreak that he deals with being alone was getting to Dr. Suk as well. Both of them were all teary. He needs the unconditional love that Dr. Oh can bring him. Even if Doc’s aren't supposed to do that, strictly speaking. He needs a safe harbor.

Cici: Agreed. And although he knows that having her there 24/7 will require him holding in his emotions and keeping her at a distance in order to protect her professional integrity, I really don’t think he’ll be able to do that with the one person who accepts him in his entirety.

Wendilynn: I agree with you, and its a good thing too, because his Cousin was just a step behind getting a hold of Dr. Oh. He could have kicked himself when he realized the woman whose box of stuff he knocked over was the very person he wanted. Between the Cousin freaking out over rumors and trying to assign Do Hyun impossible tasks, its interesting at work.


Cici: I’ve rewatched this episode several times, but I still am confused as to why they are looking for Omega. Is that an assignment from the cousin, or just something Do Hyun has taken on because of the similarities between the basement story in the novel and his own?

Wendilynn: Omega has the hottest book right now. ID Entertainment wants the movie rights. I think Cousin thinks that nobody can get it so it sets up Do Hyun for failure.

Cici: That makes sense, I love that he keeps doing things to thwart Do Hyun that actually end up helping him. But that scene where Secretary Ahn mentions that Omega is rumored to be as handsome as Woo Bin just cracked me up. Ri On certainly doesn’t suffer from an inferiority complex, does he?


Wendilynn: LOL ! I think it was hilarious since nobody knows what he looks like. Why not play it up?

Cici: Now that I think of it, this episode was just full of near misses. Timing really is everything, isn’t it? But the best part was that Dr. Oh was actually right where she needed to be, when she needed to be there.

Dr Oh has made her decision to help Do Hyun in secret. Will Do Hyun be able to accept the real offer on the table or will he try to hold himself back?  Can he hold himself back?  Let us know what you think so far in the comments below. 

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