The intimacy level just went up a notch. Dr. Oh has moved undercover to take the role of Do Hyun’s personal doctor. Now she will see if she is as strong as she thinks she is or if just maybe, she’s gotten herself into something she may not be able to get out of. We also get to meet a new personality who just might be the most dangerous one of all. Join Cici and I Wendilynn as we puzzle out another episode of Kill Me Heal Me.

Cici: I had to laugh at Dr. Oh showing up like a white knight, only to change her tune when she realized that she hadn’t actually read the contract and would be more like slave labor. Clearly she hadn’t bargained for being in charge of seven personalities 24/7.


Wendilynn: No she did not. I had to laugh because she was squeezing Do Hyun’s hand really hard and when he lost his temper, they all jumped back thinking Se Gi had appeared. I guess Do Hyun has really been holding himself back a lot if a simple point of exasperation makes them all jump. lol

Cici: I really think everyone has been underestimating Do Hyun’s capability. Between his taking the initiative in saving Dr Oh from the warehouse fire, and now expressing annoyance, he is much more closely related to Se Gi than anyone gives him credit for. He is not a wimp, but he sure has to keep reassuring everyone that he’s Do Hyun every time he does anything un-wimpy.

Wendilynn: When Dr. Oh was trying to escape I laughed so much. He’d pull her back and she’s think it was Se Gi and he’d have to say he was still himself. You could tell in this scene that Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum’s long friendship is at play as they portray these characters. Was I the only one who noticed that they had a hard time not laughing at each other? It seemed like they were just barely keeping those smiles under control. I wonder how many NG scenes they had trying to get through these first scenes.


Cici: it was funny, but it was also touching the way Do Hyun dealt with his ex showing up. Ri Jin is all in eavesdropping mode, and he obviously knows she’s got her ear pressed up against the door when he calls to her to come out. At first I thought he was just squelching any potential feelings his ex might still have for him in order to protect her from Se Gi, but the more I see that scene, the more i catch a glimpse of his real feelings for Ri Jin. This is what really good acting does...the nuances are amazing, and they totally set us up for what comes next.

Wendilynn: Yeah, there is a lot going on in these scenes. None of them are superficial. I feel a little sorry that Chae Yeon feels so conflicted, but she’s not innocent either. As Do Hyun explained, she likes to play the boys against each other to her advantage. I think she is honestly confused on who she likes, but I see her actions as trying to not lose the toy she has had since childhood, as well.


Cici: Absolutely. And after seeing how Cousin really is an arrogant jerk, I’d understand how she might be confused. But she and Ki Joon totally deserve each other.

Wendilynn: Pretty much. When Do Hyun was teaching Dr. Oh about his personalities, I found it interesting they showed Yo Sub’s graffiti art of each personality. They mentioned Yo Na and Na Na. I don’t think Na Na is all that new. She might be new to Do Hyun, but the others are CLEARLY aware of her.

Cici: Yes, especially Do Hyun’s mom. She really freaked out when she found the bear and note NaNa left behind. I am curious why she is so adamant that Do Hyun must not remember that child.


Wendilynn: Would you want your child to remember a year of abuse?

Cici: Of course not, but I’m not convinced that Mama Dearest is concerned for her child’s well-being rather than because of the impact remembering the family secret would have on her own future. Which makes me wonder if Do Hyun was actually the one being abused, or if he was just a witness. That basement scene is never very clear.

Wendilynn: Of course its not clear, because Do Hyun can’t handle what we’ve already seen so far. And no, Do Hyun was the abused child because he’s the one split into 7 personalities. that doesn’t happen because you watch something bad. You have to feel something bad. VERY BAD. No, Do Hyun was the tortured one. Which of course leads us into the incident at the reading.

Cici: Meeting Ri On without knowing that he was Omega was actually very funny. I wonder if searches on Woo Bin have increased as a result of this drama, lol. But yes, the reference to the novel, “The Basement Child,” really set off Do Hyun, didn’t it? Every time something happens that might trigger his memories, he retreats to another personality. So I guess you must be right--he must have been the abused one.

KMHMe8 discovery.jpg

Wendilynn: Which led to Ri On seeing that his sister had not left for America. *chuckles* While I’m sad Do Hyun was suffering. The appearance of Yo Na was so freaking funny. I love her. The look of stunned disbelief on Dr. Oh’s face just slayed me.

KMHMe8 disbelief.jpg

Cici: Frankly, I find most instances of cross-dressing just annoying. Very few actors can pull that off. But this one was so spot-on in its caricature of the rabid fan-girl that I had to laugh.

Wendilynn: I read that Ji Sung came up with the outfit himself and that he based her on the stalker fangirls he has seen. I had no trouble at all believing he was a 17 yr old teen stalker. lol When he started running and yelling, “Oppa”. My sides hurt from laughing so hard.

Cici: YES. I will never use the word Oppa again. Or even think it.

Wendilynn: LOL!! It did take on a creepy vibe didn’t it? I just want to give a shout out to LU:KUS for their cameo as the idol group Rocking.

Cici: Wasn’t it considerate of the writer to give them a name that would never be used in real life? I love these little touches.


Wendilynn: The song that “Rocking” was promoting is actually LU:KUS newest single “Break Ya” so it was a nice push for that. Yo Na trying to rush on stage and then get into that hair pulling fight with Dr. Oh... So Funny! All the spectators were going, “Look he’s fighting a girl” not realizing that at that moment the “guy” is not one.

Cici: And that’s why Yo Na is one of the most dangerous personalities, lol. Not only is she completely rabid and determined, but no one can see her for who she is. Imagine the repercussions if photos of that scene were to hit the Internet. Poor Dr Oh really may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Wendilynn: Well, as long as there are convenient poles for Yo Na to run into, she’ll be okay. *chuckles* When Do Hyun finally woke up in the subway, he seemed shocked but relieved that Dr. Oh was able to control the situation.

Cici: I was pretty surprised when she suggested going drinking together, given the problems alcohol seem to create.

Wendilynn: Well he seems to be a good drinker. All things considered. When they were drinking, Dr. Oh got to see that there isn’t as much difference between Se Gi and Do Hyun. They BOTH gave her a “remember” moment for a start time. They are closer than they even know.

KMHMe8 realization.jpg

Cici: Yes, they are. I found that whole scene, where she explains why she is staying by his side, so touching. Who knew it would be Yo Sub who would clinch the deal?

KMHMe7  KMHM.jpg

Wendilynn: I was very touched. I always like it when a show can tie itself to its title, especially when the title can be sort of controversial. We get to see here that the cry of “Kill Me” is really a cry for “Heal Me”. Its just that the personalities are so drowning in pain they can’t express themselves well. That she sees a path to help them really makes her heart so attractive. Which Do Hyun can’t resist, either. Boy, will Se Gi be pissed if he finds out.

Cici: That kiss! Ahhhh….it almost stopped my heart.


Wendilynn: That kiss was amazing. What a thing to do to us poor females and then make us wait a week for the next episode. Torture!

Cici: K Dramas...making masochists of us all.

Do Hyun has ignored Se Ki warning and kissed the girl who is moving his heart.  Dr. Oh sees the person within and isn't afraid.  Will they be able to make this all work now that they are a team?  What will Se Gi do once he finds out and what will Ri On do once he gets a hold of his sister?  Let us know in the comments what you think about this series so far? 

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