From an instant replay of one of the best kisses in k-drama land, to guest appearances from not one, not two, but five of Cha Do Hyun’s personalities all in one day, this episode really kept us on our toes. Join Amy, Wendilynn, and me, Cici, as we discuss the amazing scenes from the ninth episode of Kill Me, Heal Me.

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Wendilynn: I really love the twins. Yo Na makes me laugh so much and I just want to hug Yo Sub. He’s such a sweetie.


Cici: That scene where Yo Sub calls Dr. Oh “noona”, and thanks her for keeping him from committing suicide just made me melt. It brought tears to my eyes. No wonder he is the one that made her want to help Do Hyun.

Amy: Me too! What a sweet boy. He is considerate of others despite what others think. Also, I need more Yo Na because she is awesome. “Peace.” She’s a crack up.


Cici: Stealing Ri Jin’s pink bunny pajamas just cracked me up. And then she had the nerve to diss Ri Jin’s wardrobe, or rather, lack of one.


Wendilynn: Her putting her spit on the picture of Ri On and asking for his number just slayed me. What a teen thing to do. Ji Sung is so good playing her. I don’t even see him anymore, he’s sold these characters so completely I buy each one. Perry made me laugh as he expressed his worry over Ri Jin’s safely. I wonder how old Perry is. You get the impression he may be in his mid to late 40’s the way he acts.

Cici: I hadn’t thought of that, but I’d have to agree. What Ri Jin had to go through to keep him from assembling more bombs was hilarious! Three hours of playing “Dancing With the Stars” with him? Omo.


Amy: I’m still disappointed that we didn’t get to see Nana. I really wanted to “meet” her. I would have gone crazy trying to distract Perry. Ha ha! Poor Ri Jin.

Wendilynn: I think we’ll have to say “Poor Ri On” if Yo Na ever gets her hands on him. *chuckles*

Cici: LOL. Yes, that is one determined young lady. It almost makes me shudder, knowing that Ji Sung has based her character on fan girls that he has experienced. Ah, well, such is the actor’s trade. There’s no such thing as a bad experience, just fuel for future characters.

Amy: I think that actors would be more healthy mentally if they all thought like that, Cici. Ri On is pretty awesome, though, so I can’t blame Yo Na for crushing on him. He completely changed his demeanor when he met with Cha Do Hyun. He looked and acted very cool.


Cici:Yep, he really did give Won Bin a run for his money. Secretary Ahn won’t be disappointed.


Wendilynn: I had to sit and stare when Do Hyun met Writer Omega. That was some makeup job Ri On was wearing. He looked very glam. lol That scene was very telling in many ways.

Cici: When Do Hyun asked about “The Basement Child” it was gut-wrenching to hear Ri On’s explanation. The boy was not actually afraid, but only pretended to be so in order to ease the fear of the girl. “It was love.” So it made me wonder...was the boy in the scene Ri On, or was he explaining what he understood about Do Hyun?


Amy: I was wondering the same thing and I still can’t decide. I keep going back and forth. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out. Ri Jin and Ri On’s parents keep hinting at something but they haven’t fully explained anything yet. I’m starting to get impatient. Ha ha!


Wendilynn: I’m convinced now that Ri Jin is the other kid in the basement. She is the daughter of First Wife. Ri On found out and in finding out about what happened to her has revealed that he is in love with his adopted sister. We got as much of a confession to such as we’re going to get, I think. Ri On’s regret he spoke of in the car really shows how he knows he may lose his sister as a woman. Which frankly, he shouldn’t have been looking at his sister as a woman, anyway. Adopted or not.


Cici: That happens so frequently in kdramas (Pinocchio, I’m looking at you), that it makes me wonder if this is not nearly as taboo in Korea as it would be in the States. But, yes, I think Ri On is realizing that he has unwittingly thrown away any chance he might have had of having a serious relationship with Ri Jin.

Amy: It doesn’t really bother me when people get crushes on adopted siblings in dramas. As long as they aren’t really related. Meh. I’m not worried about it. I get that they’ve grown up together but to me it is not an issue. That is just my view though. Eh. So if Ri Jin is the first wife’s daughter what is her relationship to Do Hyun? I’m getting everything mixed up. Ha ha!

Wendilynn: That is the million dollar question. We are all hoping that First Wife had an affair in America so that they aren’t actually related. Otherwise, she is either his half sister OR she’s his Aunt. Both very taboo relationship potential in any country. lol

Cici: So the lesson is, “Don’t mess up your family tree...Be faithful.” Duly noted. I approve.

Amy: As do I. Eek. I’m betting on the affair though. They wouldn’t mess up our OTP like that right? Hee hee! Kdramaland is weird.

Cici: Weird, yes, but not usually that perverted. I hope. On a lighter note, what did you think of Ri Jin and Do Hyun’s escapade through the bushes? She just needed some alone time, but he wasn’t having that. I almost died laughing. He was so cute when he finally caught her!


Wendilynn: That was adorable. You just smiled like a goof watching those two be so cute together. She gets so hysterical when she is nervous and freaks out way more than is needed. My heart melted as we listen to Do Hyun promise Se Gi the next lifetime if he could just have this time with Ri Jin.  

Wendilynn: And then the lust stuff while he’s trying to meditate. ROFL!!!

Cici: See? Kdramas teach us useful vocabulary! Where else would you get to learn the Hangul for lust?


Amy: Hee hee! I loved it when Do Hyun was watching Ri Jin eat and loving everything about her even when she burped really loud. It was adorable. Also, once lust has started it is way hard to fight especially if you’re living in the same house as the person you’re lusting after. I think Ri Jin will fight it as long as she can though.

Wendilynn: That was funny watching her be more uncomfortable than Do Hyun. I also laughed with the elevator scene. There is Cousin and Chae Yeon being all tough and then Do Hyun comes in and shocks the both of them with where he’s “hidden” his girlfriend. When they high five later, I was like, “oh yeah”. lol


Cici: So I kept waiting for Se Gi to show up, but what a time he picked to make his appearance! Speaking of having a hard time controlling lust when you live in the same house--poor Ri Jin! She’s going to have one heck of a time explaining being in Do Hyun’s bed with him, no matter how innocent it was. Se Gi angry is really pretty scary!


Amy: I know! I don’t think it will be easy to subdue Se Gi after witnessing that. He will not sit still.

Wendilynn: Oh yeah, he’s going to be PISSED! He’ll see it as Do Hyun violating their agreement. Count on it. 

So many questions! What do you think is the significance of so many of Do Hyun's personalities appearing to Ri Jin in the same day? What is your theory about the child in the basement and Do Hyun's and Ri Jin's complicated family relationships? Will Ri On be a help or a hindrance to Ri Jin and Do Hyun's relationship? And what will Se Gi do next? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to join us next time for another exciting episode of Kill Me, Heal Me.

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