Welcome to our lucky seventh week of Say I Do Again! Debo-jiejie can’t make it this week since school is a busy thing *Pamela dreads entering college next year* but Wendilynn-jiejie and Pamela are here to get our discussion on until she returns next week. Join us as we flail and attempt to rationally explore the craziness that is this week’s romance.


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After receiving Andrew and Qian Qian’s wedding portrait, Chief Ji has to endure watching the couple’s anniversary kiss. He drapes the chain holding the wedding ring he gave Qian Qian on the portrait. *holds out arms to give a comforting hug*

Wendilynn: WHY is he at the anniversary party?!! Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. I have to say I really did not like Qian Qian at all this episode. My heart wanted to break as he said his “goodbye” by placing the ring he’s been holding onto for 4 years on the picture.

Pamela: She’s gotten what she wanted - Chief Ji’s given her up...for now. I’m a bit disappointed that Qian Qian felt the need to rub a marriage in Chief Ji’s face in order to get him to start letting her go. Of course, that’s partially because he wasn’t willing to forget the relationship both still desire, but this is still a low blow on her part.

Wendilynn: She just pulls low blows the whole episode. She is so stuck on this idea that she can’t make him really happy that she won’t even look at any other possibilities.

Pamela: But you know what really can't make him happy? Qian Qian ignoring that he wants to be happy with her, and instead trying to force him to move on.



Zhen Yang decides to meet Xin Kui at the orphanage without telling her. After a few romantic hints to the children, the couple plays a question game, which ends in Zhen Yang enacting Operation: Proposal, Part II. Maybe eventually, he’ll stop bombing her with his love confessions.

Wendilynn: Yeah, she is so not ready to accept any type of confession from him, but I did find his confession sweet. He’s fallen back in love with her so easily. Like slipping on a glove. Makes me think he never stopped loving her all these years.

Pamela: For the sake of my feels, I don’t think he did. My intense table-punching and head-banging in school when I watched this scene depends on Zhen Yang’s devotion to Xin Kui. There’s one thing that upset me just a bit this week - she had no warning, and no say, in Zhen Yang’s publicizing of his love for her. Spontaneity is fine, I guess, in romance, and his surprise proposal is better than five or more episodes of teasing. *shrugs*

Wendilynn: That’s the problem though. He makes all these unilateral decisions regarding her and then acts on them, as if she should automatically agree and I think this is what she doesn’t want from him the most.

Pamela: Her main reason for divorcing him in the first place was because she felt like she was being controlled and suffocated with him. He’s not helping the longevity of their relationship by trying to hover over her every breath and secret.


Zhen Yang takes Xin Kui out for sushi...again...where he makes his proposal more official. This time, he has the ring and the romance to bring to the table...literally.

Wendilynn: Because a confession alone is not enough, we now get an argument for why they never had a chance the first time around. I did find his comments on being happiness and enjoying each other as they are to be persuasive. I’m sure he’s given Xin Kui lots of think about. But you can tell she is so skeptical of him. She doesn’t want to be controlled by him or anyone again.

Pamela: He’s being led by his passion for her. He can understand where she’s coming from a bit better now, but I can also see why Xin Kui’s wary of the whole ordeal. The relationship didn’t work the first time around because neither could accept the other’s way of living. The problem was that there was a lack of communication and learning about each other before living together. It’s the co-existing that I think will need to be taken care of the most if she’s to totally accept him.


The amazing and caring Granny calls the trainees together for a briefing of each other’s pasts. She goes on to motivate the six coworkers to treat their guests with the utmost familial respect. Xin Kui is also reminded that this woman is the same one who tended to her after the AbandonMoMoment.

Wendilynn: I love Granny. I was so excited to finally get to hear what everyone’s background was. We had hints on a couple but its finally out in the open. The looks on the threesomes faces were telling though.

Pamela: I’m just glad I know Omega’s full name now. That miniature love triangle has not been included in the past couple episodes, and I’m curious as to how much the focus will turn to it, considering Xin Kui’s moments with maternal figures and the love square. I don’t mind the latter two, though, especially since...yeah, Granny’s great.



Granny calls Xin Kui to her room, and the two get to continue their heartfelt reunion on Granny’s couch. It is explained that Xin Kui was sent to the orphanage so that the hotel would be able to expand with Granny as the leader. Tears flow from the younger’s eyes as the two women feel the happiness of meeting once more.

Wendilynn: I love that Granny is taking Xin Kui under her wing. I wonder what plans she has in store for her?

Pamela: That’s a good question, jiejie...What I like about this drama so far is that we’re not entirely sure where parts of the story are going to go in the following episode each week. Granny is sweet; she also is intelligent and values diligence. She’ll probably help Xin Kui foster her hotel and personal skills, but that’s all I can predict.

Wendilynn: Prediction of anything has been difficult in this one. I just have no clue where they want to go other than bringing our lead couple together again.


Chief Ji’s starting to feel a little off - and what else will make him feel better besides peeking in his desk drawer. He confirms that the top half of Qian Qian’s puzzle lies inside, and proceeds to intensify his stomachache throughout the day.

Wendilynn: I would love to know the history of this puzzle. Why does Chief Ji have the top half and Qian Qian has the bottom half?

Pamela: This should be an interesting revelation. Maybe, perchance, he was called to the hospital when Zhen Yang took her - after being contacted by the nurses - and he thought he would take that half of the puzzle to remember her by? Or maybe they shared the puzzle one night? I don’t know why I keep trying to publically predict storylines in this drama, because I’m usually wrong.


Screenshot 2014-10-07 18.56.41.png

Chief Ji has not been feeling well recently, and Qian Qian is worried. Due to her partially self-inflicted discomfort she now feels around Chief Ji, she begs Xin Kui to take medicine to their boss. Xin Kui agrees to, and tells Chief Ji to take care of himself. She even makes him and Zhen Yang breakfast.

Wendilynn: Can we just slap Qian Qian? If you are going to walk away, then walk away. This is really hypocritical of her to ask Xin Kui to take care of Chief Ji on her behalf. I can see how Xin Kui filling in Qian Qian request can cause all sorts of misunderstandings. I see a pending love triangle/square problem building here. This will blow up in peoples faces, I think.

Pamela: This entire love square issue is a problem in itself, and this is when it shows. Zhen Yang eats lunch with Xin Kui instead of Chief Ji, and Qian Qian requests for Xin Kui to take medicine to Chief Ji instead of herself. Both cases have different motivations, but taking each other’s places is what’s going to intensify the love conflict.


Granny notices the playfulness between Zhen Yang and Xin Kui. When she questions the two, Zhen Yang decides it would be a good idea to tell her about the romantic nature of his relationship with Xin Kui. Xin Kui, however, is bothered by this, and drags him away before he can finish speaking. She points out that he should have consulted her first, which he agrees with in the end.

Wendilynn: About time he clues in on this. Just because you think its a good idea does not mean you can forego asking the other party involved.

Pamela: Exactly! I’m looking forward to the character growth that Zhen Yang will have to go through if he wants the relationship to last this time. Both he and Xin Kui - a bit more so our helicopter of a male lead - need to learn to be considerate of each other’s discomforts.


An earthquake rocks the hotel, putting in danger not only the guests, but also the books meant to be displayed at the upcoming gathering. Xin Kui rushes to save the important items, and is followed by Zhen Yang and Chief Ji. Zhen Yang suffers a blow to the head protecting Xin Kui. Tablecloths also suffer blows as the three attempt to put out the fire that licks at the books.

Wendilynn: I guess they thought the romances need some shaking up…. so lets throw in an earthquake.

Pamela: I guess the situation’s heating up a little...Passions are blazing...and so are the books. Ahkay, we’re done making puns now. At least Zhen Yang, Xin Kui, and Chief Ji can cooperate together without worrying about the romantic implications in a crisis. I’m not sure if that will save the books, but I guess we’ll find out what’s in store next time.


Well, this has been a fun week, hasn’t it? Kisses—accidental and flashback—occurred, and reconciliations brought our Xin Kui happiness and anxiety. Take your pick as to which one Granny and Zhen Yang respectively evoked. There will be some of that anxiety for you book lovers out there until next week, when we shall see the aftermath of the earthquake! Please join us for some fun conversation next Wednesday!

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