Some secrets are revealed, yet some are kept, and the pondering continues. Episode 5 of Say I Do Again kept our characters busy wondering just how bad they were at communicating with one another. Come join Pamela, Debo and I as we ponder the serious case of SLS we’re suffering from.

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Xin Kui mother has remarried but instead of throwing the bouquet to her guests, she gives it to her daughter. While we still get no explanation of why she left, she lets Xin Kui know that she was never far from her heart and that she wants her to have every happiness.

Pamela: This opening left me somewhat surprised, and even a little unfulfilled. The sore relationship Xin Kui has with her mother was sort of wrapped in a box and stored away for later, which leaves room for the drama to explore the tensions and to heal the wounds from Xin Kui’s childhood. At the same time, their parting was more peaceful than I expected, which is a good thing, because otherwise, the farewell scene would not have fit Xin Kui’s personality.

Wendilynn: I liked that while we really got no answers, we did get a Xin Kui who was willing to wait for them. She didn’t feel betrayed by her mother’s inability to answer her right yet, but left the door open so they can continue the discussion.

Debo: I agree with both Pamela and Wendilynn. I am glad that there was not a giant hullabaloo after the mother left; however, I really hope that there would have been more of a feeling of resolution after she left. I hope the mother plays a bigger role and comes back and visits because I feel like they have a good amount they could expand on this storyline.

Zhen Yang and Xin Kui have been observing each other being kind and nice to others and jealousy is starting to flare more often between them. Zhen Yang is secretly happy as they argue and get possessive.

Wendilynn: I find the growing jealousy sort of funny between these two. At no time has anything inappropriate happened between them and Chief Ji or Qian Qian, yet both of them are letting their fantasies get away from them. While this just bugs Xin Kui, Zhen is loving it when he sees evidence of her jealousy. He clearly never stopped really loving her and I think he’d take her back if she gave him a chance.

Debo: I love these jealousy scenes and this one was great and hilarious. I am just not sure why the tourists would not be able to hear them even though they were kneeling behind a desk.

Pamela: *whispers* The desk has magic sound-blocking abilities… It’s interesting to watch as Zhen Yang’s unstoppable attraction to Xin Kui begins to draw Xin Kui back to him. They’ve both seen the worst in each other, but they know there is more to each of them that has been revealed. Until the feelings intensify, bantering, regretting and longing stares are what we are given.

Xin Kui finds that her scores are higher than expected. Upon consulting with Chief Ji, he explains that her handling of Bei Bei as well as reuniting with her estranged mother showed that she put the feelings of others before her own private preferences - something that Chief Ji is trying to teach his trainees.

Pamela: Chief Ji’s cutely stern character is starting to make his way into my feels reserves. He is not condoning the mistakes Xin Kui’s made, but the man is taking note of how Xin Kui’s emotions fuel her work ethic. What is nice about Chief Ji is how he is not holding the first impression he had of Xin Kui against her - he gives each of the trainees room to grow and demonstrate their proficiencies.

Wendilynn: Agreed, Chief Ji is my favorite character so far. I am with him in every scene. I get teary when he gets teary. My heart just aches for him. I really love how he sternly yet gently instructs his people. He’s got a high standard, but he is not ignoring the human side of his people. He's really an excellent person to be leading this particular group in the hotel chain.

Debo: This is my reaction to Chief Ji:

But honestly, he’s such a great character and person. I’m just worried that with these gentle intensity he will be hurt and I will be very very distraught over it.

Wendilynn: Being single, I would date Chief Ji in a heartbeat. If Qian Qian doesn’t want him, I’ll take him.

Pamela: Chief Ji: raising my expectations of my future boyfriend’s cuteness, one breath at a time.

Qian Qian has fainted twice and ended up at the hospital. Chief Ji almost learns of her health issues. Zhen however, is brought in to support her and she confides in him as to the reason for her breakup with Chief Ji. We discover she only has ⅓ of her uterus left and felt that being childless would bring too much unhappiness so she broke up with him to “spare” him the burden.

Pamela: Qian Qian’s dilemma is a familiar one: secrets don’t make friends, but they can ruin friends. Ruining Chief Ji is what his former fiance is trying to prevent. There is no way for her to keep from hurting him whether she tells him the fate of her uterus or not. She kept him from shouldering the burden of her reproductive inabilities, but Qian Qian instead forced Chief Ji to take on years of questioning and tears of abandonment alone. I’m looking forward to when Chief Ji discovers this medical problem.

Wendilynn: Unfortunately, abandoning people and not letting them know why NEVER increases happiness. I don’t understand why people think that they are sparing people pain by disappearing without an explanation. All you do is make them feel worthless that you didn’t value them enough to give them an explanation. While I sympathize with Qian Qian condition, I do NOT agree with her methods at all. I do admit that my crush on Chief Ji is probably lending itself to my lack of compassion for her.

Debo: The fact that she never told him about her condition is what has been annoying me since the episode when we found out why they broke up in the first place. I agree with Wendilynn, that was just not a good idea. However, from the previews it appears that Chief Ji is understanding (of course he is perfect) but I feel like something bad might happen before though.

Both Qian Qian and Xin Kui inform Zhen Yang that because they love someone they don't want to "burden" their lover with the loss of supposed "happiness".  This makes Zhen really contemplate how important communication is in a relationship.

Pamela: Call me idealistic, but shouldn’t love involve trusting that the person you love will be able to handle your problems and help you through them? I know from non-romantic experience that at least attempting to be a support system for someone going through difficult times can make two people much closer, and sometimes just a tad less sad.

Wendilynn: That is how it’s supposed to work. We are meant to do for each other what we cannot always do for ourselves. By trying to shoulder all the burden alone, all you do is create distance that comes between people’s happiness. If our 2 couples had just confided in each other, so much unhappiness could have been avoided. I was actually quite hot under the collar after hearing both Qian Qian and Xin Rui say the same line about how they didn’t want to “burden” anyone. That is such “baloney”. (insert favorite swear word of your choice) This falls under that noble sacrifice idiocy that we see in Asian dramas so often. Who in the world came up with the idea that we were not supposed to share our burdens? I’m really glad that these dramas show how much emotional damage people cause when they pull this crap. Life isn’t going to be hunky dory all the time, but good grief, you shouldn’t go through it feeling that the person you love doesn’t trust you enough to confide in you and be close.

Xin Kui needs a roommate. Only she didn’t count on another controlling neat freak moving in.

Pamela: *growls in bass voice* The evils of the clean...ills...have…? Ahem…*returns to squeaky teenager voice* Fun times. We’ll see if Xin Kui can handle the pressures of cleanliness this time around. Since she needs the money, maybe she’ll have an incentive.

Debo: Ahh. Xin Kui will never be able to escape the clean freaks huh? As annoyed as she probably will be the order most likely would be good for her (all of those messes are honestly bothering me haha).

Wendilynn: Frankly, I hope this trains her so she can be ready for when she gets back together with Zhen. I had to laugh as she zoned out and “heard” Zhen as Qian Qian was talking.

The Grandma employee who had cared for Xin Kui when she was abandoned by her mother turns out to be well acquainted with Chief Ji and in charge of the Mars Hotel. She has found out about Xin Kui working for Mars and informs Chief about her circumstances and how she wants to keep an eye on her.

Pamela: I adore this woman already. That’s not just because she’s a sweet old lady… *nose grows* I can’t help it - she took care of Xin Kui when Xin Kui had no one taking care of her. Grandma did what Momo should have, especially when it came time to leave Xin Kui for each woman’s respective reasons. Grandma actually made sure Xin Kui would have another care provider. Not only that, but look at how fondly the woman reminisces about our female lead. I sense another character invading my feels.

Wendilynn: I happen to love this particular actress. I always enjoy when she shows up and she plays a lot of grandmothers lately even though she’s like 20 years younger than the character’s she plays.

Debo: IT’S THE GRANDMA FROM FATED TO LOVE YOU. I was so happy to see her again! She seems happy and sweet in this role also. I really want to see her and Xin Kui’s reunion!


That blue box Qian Qian had been tossing to the waves turns out not to be ex-boyfriend memories but baby memories. All the hope she had in having children of her own that she lost when she found out her damaged uterus would never support a pregnancy was kept inside.

Pamela: There is half of the puzzle remaining incomplete, similar to how Qian Qian and Chief Ji only had half of what they needed to form a child (Just to clarify, I’m referring to love.).

Debo: This part is so sad. It’s just really saddening to see Qian Qian hold onto this hope of her child even with her partial hysterectomy. Maybe she’ll have some drama miracle baby at the end?

Wendilynn: I found this scene very moving. I had originally thought that box contained items of her and Chief Ji, and I was surprised to find the baby stuff inside. I have never lost a child, but I’ve watched my sisters go through it and it's always heartbreaking. To not even have that much hope would be difficult.

Miss Liang’s appearance has rattled Xin Kui. Not only does she have a close acquaintance with Zhen Yang, but she knows things having been his roommate at college for 3 years that Xin Kui never learned in the 6 months they were married. This unsettles Xin Kui almost more than being jealous.

Pamela: Like the third wheel Xin Kui currently is, she seems as if she’s being literally rolled out of the conversation. This whole non-communication thing Xin Kui and Zhen Yang had going until last week is starting to demonstrate the consequences.

Debo: Now Xin Kui’s jealousy is truly roaring its ugly head. I felt really bad for her. She just randomly got dragged out to a shopping and meal trip with her ex-husband and a girl he seems to be very close to. I can definitely see Miss Liang becoming a love rival (she basically is one now) but Zhen Yang is just too dense to notice it right now.

Wendilynn: Zhen may not have meant anything by bringing Xin Kui along to help, but you can bet Miss Liang did. She is making it very clear she considers Xin Kui the “outsider”. I also agree that she is the love rival. I get the feeling though that Zhen never crossed the line in his friendship with her. I could be misreading things but, I’m thinking Miss Liang came to try and claim him. Turn about is also fair play, Zhen has been pondering how much he didn't know for two episodes, it's now Xin Kui's turn. 


Zhen seems to be holding all the cards after this episode.  The trick will be what will he do with them?  Previews for next week's episode gives us a tease as if people are going to finally figure out what's going on, but is it too much to hope for?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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