There is much to get to in this week’s episode, from missed kisses to shocking wedding photographs. Without further ado, let Debo, Pamela, and Wendilynn take you on an exploration of the most important points of the latest  Say I Do Again episode!

Honestly, that kiss made me so frustrated. It felt like the missed kiss scene from Princess Jellyfish (Just not as dramatic):

Fun fact: relationships require understanding and knowing your significant other in order to last. Zhen Yang and Xin Kui have realized this, and so Zhen Yang is taking the first steps towards reconciliation with his ex-wife - because what better motivator is there than free dinner?

Pamela: Hormones are what ruined this relationship the first time around. These two thought that they were ready for marriage. It takes more than a functional endocrine system to make romances happy. I’m glad Zhen Yang is trying to become closer to Xin Kui and is caring for her, since help is what she needs to feel wanted, but helping is what he needs to feel purposeful.

Wendilynn: When she mentioned they had been dating only two months I knew exactly why they didn’t make it. I know too many people who marry in two months and then wonder why they are living with a stranger. I also like that Zhen Yang is working to get to know his estranged wife. That he really wants to get to know her, understand her and try to love her again gives me lots of warm fuzzies. That Xin Kui is willing to give him a chance to know her and know all of her, is a big step for her. I don’t think they would have had a chance of that happening if her mother hadn’t shown up.

Debo: I really loved this scene. It really showed just how much Zhen Yang cares about his relationship with Xin Kui and he truly wants to get to know each other better. You can tell that once they get back together, they will be a much stronger couple. 

Because we need to see even more of Chief Ji being sweet, he and Xin Kui run into each other at the orphanage Xin Kui grew up in. They work together to fix up the place for the children, and they then talk about how their Trees of Life have left complex wounds of abandonment.

Wendilynn: I really liked how they talked about how sometimes people leave for complex reasons they can’t talk about. It doesn’t mean you need to forgive them, but it does offer some understanding towards a difficult situation. You could see that it really gave Chief Ji a lot to think about. And then there is watching him be cute with Xin Kui. I have to admit, if she ended up with him, I’d be good with that. As much as I like the character of Zhen Yang, I am totally in love with Chief Ji.

Debo: This is what I love about Taiwanese dramas, everything ties in with all of the situations surrounding the characters. Though when Xin Kui was talking about her mother leaving her, the same principles could be tied to Chief Ji’s relationship as well as her own. I agree with Chief Ji, you can totally see his little brain box working in this scene and I also would not mind him being with Xin Kui. I will give them my blessing if it ever came down to that (which I doubt it ever will).

Pamela: What I’m enjoying in the friendship these two share is that both can rely on the other. Chief Ji can give Xin Kui a shove to snap back into her diligence, and Xin Kui is someone whom Chief Ji can work through his abandonment worries with. I would support them as a couple, but I support them even more as healing buddies.

Being that we have our little love square developing, Zhen Yang has no choice but to be displeased seeing Xin Kui and Chief Ji after their baby-date. He lets Xin Kui know that he wants to learn more about her, and that he wants her to tell him everything - minus the stash of food wrappers she likely has stuffed in her dresser. What else is stuffed in her dresser? Her fear of not being good enough for Zhen Yang’s mother.

Pamela: On the one hand, I give you a thumb up for wanting to be more involved. On the other hand, you get a fist in that nice face of yours (which is fortunately protected by the screen) for being a bit clingy. I get it. I’ve been the same way with friends. However, Zhen Yang, you’re trying to control her comfort level with you, and forcing her to confide in you is bordering on both the sweet-and-gentle and the obsessive.

Wendilynn: Yes, in a solid relationship you do want to know everything, but Zhen Yang’s controlling nature is trying to force it faster than Xin Kui is going to be ready for. This boy needs to learn to relax if he’s going to make it work with her. I wonder what the writers have planned for him to force him to learn that?

Debo: All of this mother talks really makes me anticipate meeting Zhen Yang’s dear mom. 

It’s the Circle of Life! Or rather...the Circle of the Secret Life. Qian Qian’s infertile condition is revealed to Chief Ji by Doctor Non-Stranger, and so now our betrayed little puppy is growling and out on the prowl for Qian Qian’s feelings.

Wendilynn: I can’t even imagine the shock that must have been going through his mind as all the little pieces started falling into place. As Qian Qian behavior started making sense. I see Chief Ji as the sort of guy who’d be perfectly happy adopting kids, too. Why Qian Qian has such blinders on I have no clue.

Debo: My heart totally broke for Chief Ji during this moment. I too am struggling with why Qian Qian is still so stubborn.

Pamela: Adoption’s the option, but the struggle of Qian Qian is no muy bien bien. Chief Ji wants to comfort Qian Qian, and certainly would have if she’d confided in him, but she didn’t. Her character, to me, seems like she is scared of both him loving her and her loving him. Our angry little mentor here, though, is the type of guy who can shove his way past those walls of hers. His pain is what drives him. But his pain is also what drives me to hug him through my computer screen.

Surprise! Qian Qian has a secret hubby! Wait, that’s not a secret’s also not true. Andrew comes at Qian Qian’s beckoning to try to convince Chief Ji to move on, but Ji can see past those shady shades to the truth.

Wendilynn: Yay, its Jack! I love this actor, I was excited to see him looking all scruffy-less and hot. I think Qian Qian needs a good knock upside the head though pulling this stunt, and I would love to know why he was willing to fly to Taiwan from Hong Kong to help bruise Chief Ji more. Actor/character fun fact. the actors playing Andrew and Miss Liang (Zhen’s former roommate) played love interests in the drama Love Family.

Debo: I am very interested in Andrew’s relationship with Qian Qian. We only hear her side of the story and I feel like there’s so much more there and I want to know why he did all that for her. Are they truly married??

Pamela: Perhaps their families are close, or perhaps Andrew is a longtime (or shorttime) friend of Qian Qian’s who has been there for her when she can’t find the strength to talk to Chief Ji. Orororororormaybe Andrew holds some secret grudge against Chief Ji! This plot twist might not make the most sense, but, hey, this is drama.

Chief Ji confronts Qian Qian about the feelings he is convinced (as are the rest of us) that she still has. Qian Qian continues to resist his emotional advances, so Chief Ji forces a tearful kiss on her, prompting her to insist that she no longer loves him. Pfft

Wendilynn: Let me just start by saying that its never okay to force a kiss on someone. Even for my wonderfully frustrated Chief Ji. However, Qian Qian should not have acted so surprised. She knew exactly what she’s done to him and probably has a really good guess as to his state of mind right now. All the scenes leading up to this one show that Chief Ji’s priority is Qian Qian not how many kids he can have. Where Qian Qian can’t see anything else but the kids she can’t have.

Debo: Agreed. I wanted Qian Qian and Chief Ji to embrace but definitely not in that manner. I understand how much Chief Ji still cares about Qian Qian and wants to let her understand him but that should never allow for such violent action to be taken against her. Instead of coming off romantic, it just felt more like a show of dominance to me.

Pamela:That’s exactly how I thought of his actions, Debo-jiejie. If he were to forcibly hug her, though, I still wouldn’t be entirely pleased - that would be even more a demonstration of dominance and restriction. Qian Qian’s afraid of the love Chief Ji has for her because of the medical burden she carries, and so she does deserve to be surprised. Chief Ji is trying to show also that he loves her regardless of that burden, but he’s heightened her urgency to end his love even more now.

During one of Zhen Yang’s visits to Xin Kui’s apartment, he goes outside to visit his slimy frog - I mean...precious son. His eye catches the wedding band he threw at Xin Kui four years ago in the plant. The care and love he harbors then start to come out, as he leans in for a kiss with Xin Kui. She’s not having any of his lips (although she almost did), so she rejects the kiss.

Debo: The ring has finally surfaced! I thought something bad was going to happen to Xiao Yang when he went outside to check on him, but instead he found the ring so that was much better than I had anticipated.

Wendilynn: I’m so glad he found the ring. I was like “yes!” lol But then we get that almost kiss and I was like...wait.. don’t stop! lol But its a good thing, Xin Kui should not be kissing anyone yet.

Pamela: I can understand that, Wendilynn-jiejie, I guess. It’s too early in this relationship’s second attempt for there to be kissing. A mutual kiss would undermine the emotional intimacy that’s just starting to develop. Xin Kui and Zhen Yang are not trying to repeat what happened four years ago, when the physical actions of intimacy came too early. Zhen Yang is reminded by the ring that he wants to make this love work with Xin Kui the second time around, but Xin Kui’s rejection also reminds him that he needs to give her and the relationship time to prepare and settle.

The hotel trainees are preparing Andrew’s anniversary present for his “wife,” and a package arrives for Chief Ji to sign off on. A wedding picture of the not-so-real couple (Andrew and Qian Qian) is pulled from the box.

Wendilynn: I was so confused when I saw that picture. No way that could have been made so last minute. What the hell is going on? I would like to know what Andrew’s story is, please.

Debo: Agreed. I was so sure this was a hoax by Qian Qian but all of a sudden a random wedding picture materializes?? What? Also, why was he having their giant wedding photograph sent to a hotel his wife is working in? A little too convenient? Also, Zhen Yang watching Chief Ji and Xin Kui’s interactions jealously is pretty interesting especially given that they almost shared a kiss the night before.

Pamela: This would probably support the possibility that Andrew is out to get Chief Ji in some way, whether the picture was edited or not. I don’t know how quickly photoshops can be done, or if this was staged at some point in the past. The new relationship that’s been introduced is arguably one of the most intriguing developments so far in this drama, because it’s difficult to tell where it will lead.

With a surprising turn of events (both marital as well as missed kissing opportunities), there is much to look forward to in next week’s episode. Tell us below in the comments what shocked (or didn’t shock you) and what are you looking forward to next week!

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