The princess throws a tantrum, our boys take their corners to get ready to duke it out, and Mommy Dearest plans an upset. Welcome Trot Lovers to Episode 6. It's fun when the title to a show can also work as a nickname for the viewers. In this episode, we have jealousy abounding as our characters get more intimate with each other. Join the Drama Club as we comment on another episode.

Is the room getting warm?

Suzy: I’m starting to think that Geun Woo is secretly Batman. He’s always there to save everyone, and he looks good while doing it.I’m onto you, GW.

Wendilynn: Suzy, I’m with you on this one. He’s kind, doesn’t hesitate to step in an help and he really thinks Choon Hee is cute. I really enjoy watching GW be charming. So different from MLFAS. This scene had Joon Hyun steaming in jealousy.

Rae: Geun Woo just has that effect. He’s a naturally charmer. I’m glad he’s not shy or hesitant in showing that he cares for Choon Hee. He’s doing everything he can to get those brownie points.

Why yes, she did. Do you really think she’s going to let anything or anyone risk her living vicariously through you?

Wendilynn: Its got to bite learning that you can’t really be your best or test yourself because Mommy Dearest is fixing the books.

Suzy: I feel bad for her. She’s a great singer and I’m sure she’d have just as much charm as Choon Hee if her mother would just let her be herself. And ya know, not fix contests in her “favor.”

Rae: I hope that this is Soo In’s turning point. Most people who don’t want to be like someone do the complete opposite. Winning isn’t everything Soo In, you have enough talent to make it on your own without the “help” of mom.

That does it…..medication is needed for the overdose of SLS that we’re suffering from!

Wendilynn: I like that Geun Woo is willing to help when his girls need to blow off steam, deal with frustration or embarrassment, or need a trip to the hospital. He’s making it really hard to not have a serious case of Second Lead Syndrome. As cute as this scene is, its not helping Soo In. She needs a knight on her side if we’re going to avoid her going totally evil. We already know which way GW heart is going.

Suzy: This impromptu date was THE cutest. Geun Woo’s smile on the bumper cars, AAAH. Too bad it seemed like he didn’t really realize it was a date. I can never tell when he’s clueless or just pretending to be.

Rae: I can’t either! Geun Woo is doing a pretty good job as CEO! He’s doing everything that’s necessary for his artists to relax and get in the limelight. I hope he realizes Soo In’s feelings for her soon. She’s just going to look pitiful when he doesn’t

When blaming the “crazy fan”,don’t leave your computer open and logged in.

Wendilynn: From the big sigh Geun Woo gives as he notices her computer, I’ve got a hunch he isn’t fooled. Our poor pampered princess is no longer the center of attention and she just can’t handle it. Any psycho fan worth their salt would have snatched that computer. lol!

Suzy: The computer still being there was my first thought. Obviously a sham. All of this trickery was pretty disappointing because I want to like Soo In. Geun Woo told you he liked your honesty, don’t start pulling desperate crap like this!

Rae: I really thought she wasn’t going to stoop this low. I really liked her during the theme park scene. She seemed so innocent. Then she changes and plays the victim card to get Geun Woo’s attention. Girl, be yourself, don’t pretend something you’re not.

Pretending you don’t like the girl only means that someone else can move in.

Wendilynn: I love that he asks Joon Hyun first. This guy doesn’t seem to miss much despite his flaky first impression. Joon Hyun has been stewing over Geun Woo showing a preference for Choon Hee. However, instead of admitting he’s got a crush on the girl, he pretends to be unaffected leaving the room wide open for a challenger.

Suzy: That line killed me because Geun Woo knew that Joon Hyun is into Choon Hee. But, hey, can’t blame him for swooping in if Joon Hyun’s going to waste his time in denial. I like both couplings, so no complaints here.

Rae: Geun Woo knows exactly what he wants and he’s not going to let Joon Hyun get in her way. Joon Hyun needs to wake up and admit that he likes Choon Hee because, as of now, he’s the third wheel. Geun Woo and Choon Hee have crushes on one another.

Nothing brightens a day or a song better than someone letting you know they love you.

Wendilynn: Choon Hee’s heart is in the right place. She cares about her family first and that warmth radiates to all those she touches. Its what makes her so wonderful to watch sing. Kudos to Dad for letting his girls know he loves them. It also helped get her album going.

Rae: I love Choon Hee! She’s very modest and her love for music is very pure. It’s not about getting on top of the charts or winning broadcasts, but it’s about sending your message across through the songs you sing.

Suzy: I’m glad that Dad reached out to show his love for his daughters. Luckily, Choon Hee was conveniently on a bus playing the radio station when the announcement was made.Timing in K-dramas is either always perfect, or horribly, horribly off. But anyway, hey, the Trot covers album ended up happening! Woohoo!

Nothing like discovering your rival’s daughter is the one stealing your vicarious limelight.

Wendilynn: Uh oh. Mommy Dearest is putting the pieces together. What she does with them will spell trouble for everyone.

Suzy: It took her a little too long to put the pieces together after seeing Choon Hee walk out of the house, but whatever. This means lots of evil, uncalled for scheming is coming our way.

Rae: Is she getting paid to scheme? As a director of shining star, she does a lot of that. And we know the extent to her scheming too. Getting rid of your rival… permanently.

There is no way Mommy Dearest is going to let an upstart take her fame.

Suzy: I have a feeling that Soo In might start taking after her mom’s jealous ways soon and truly become an antagonist. Sleep it off, girl. We know that’s what you want to do anyway.

Rae: I agree with Suzy. Soo In is already showing signs. Faking a burglary is already the first step and she’s constantly jealous every time Choon Hee is with Geun Woo. Hope she can stop herself before it’s too late.

Wendilynn: I have to agree also. I cross my fingers that she’ll come to her senses, but her mother is living vicariously through her and that just isn’t going to go well.I see Geun Woo as possibly being the only person who can stop Soo In from sinking.

Save Daddy or stay for the broadcast…..hmmmm, tough choice.

Wendilynn: Choon Hee is in a bad predicament. We know that they don’t know where her Dad is, but she doesn’t. Joon Hyun isn’t there to help her stay focused. Mommy Dearest has pulled an effective but low blow as revenge.

Suzy: Mommy Dearest (I’m a big fan of calling her that) was low enough for tinkering with scores on TV shows, but messing with Choon Hee’s personal, fragile family life? Messed up. As soon as she told her that she “wouldn’t want to be late” for the broadcast, I knew she had something up her sleeve.

Rae: This is a bad predicament. Mommy Dearest is just playing dirty. She’s willing to do anything to keep Choon Hee from the spotlight. I hope the decision Choon Hee makes doesn’t put a setback to her starting career.

We close this episode with Choon Hee in a tight spot. Does she stay and sing and not blow her reputation with the station or does she rescue her Dad? Will Soo In start going over to the dark side and will Joon Hyun get a clue before the President can move in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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