DRAMA CLUB: Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Episode 4 Response to: Drama Club - Mischievous Kiss: Episode 4 ---- I need me some fluff in my life, and Mischievous Kiss is it!  Episode 4 had a lot of cute moments and Naoki is warming up to Aihara!!! Rosie & Cherry, Wow was I the only one that was sorta feeling this episode? O_O I admit, the whole omamori (good luck charm) plot was very contrived and felt like a waste of time. Somehow I feel like I’ve grown immune to these clichéd plot devices because they are definitely something straight out of an anime or manga. And what do you know, this IS out of a manga so….. >_>”” Anyways I find it kind of funny that they just HAD to find some sort of way for Naoki to end up in Aihara’s university, so they used the most ridiculous plot device possible. That being said, I actually enjoyed this episode because I just ignored all the corny scenes about Naoki’s bad luck and focused more on Naoki’s attitude towards Aihara. The good-luck charm getting stuck in the elevator? A way to show how much Naoki actually cares about Aihara, and how he understands that her feelings are worth a lot even though he may not accept them! AND the scene when Aihara faints and Naoki DASHES to her rescue and carries her PRINCESS-STYLE? *w* HE SO CARES ABOUT HER! Rosie, I laughed at your comment about how Aihara “expertly stalks” Naoki. I don’t want to get too much into the debate between the different versions (seriously everyone, we just need to chill and enjoy the show) but, I remember that the heroine in the Taiwanese It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK) was borderline-extreme-stalker. So I wonder if this Japanese version is toning down Aihara’s stalkiness or if it will escalate as the drama goes on. O_O In this particular episode, the Aihara-stalking-Naoki-to-the-university scene did not feel like she was stalking him. I felt more like she was respectfully keeping her distance from Naoki but still trying to walk with him to show her silent support. It was sweet! (But I if I were Naoki, I’d probably be really annoyed and I would’ve walked super quickly.) Cherry, I also think that the age difference between Furuyama Yuki (Naoki) and Honoka Miki (Aihara) is mind-boggling! HOW IN THE WORLD IS FURUYAMA YUKI 25? THIS GUY DOESN’T AGE!!!! (And does anyone see a resemblance between Furuyama Yuki and AYANO GO?) I feel kind of weird about Honoka Miki passing for a college student. She was perfect as a high school student but..I can’t quite picture her as a college student. O_O However I think that she is supposed to look kid-like and cutesy even in college, so hopefully Honoka Miki can pull this off! Overall, this episode was not quite satisfactory but I was glad to see that Naoki does care about Aihara. I am also happy that they fast-forwarded to college because that will freshen things up! Hopefully now they are in college, things are REALLY gonna get started! -Heisui P.S. I LOVE Naoki’s mom. SHE IS THE BEST, she represents the voice of all the Naoki x Aihara shippers out there! BWAHAHA.