Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Episode 4 Response To: Drama Club - Mischievous Kiss: Episode 4 Rosie from Shine A Light Rose, Cherry from J Drama Reviews, and Heisui from My Drama Tea discuss Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo InK8 Heisui – I also love and adore Naoki’s mom! She’s the cutest mom in the world, and I think you’re right in saying she represents the voice of all us vicarious ‘shippers’ (people who want nothing more in life than to see Naoki and Aihara fall in love and live happily ever after in their beautiful fictional world). She’s got to be a ridiculously embarrassing mom for Naoki and his little brother, but as a viewer I do not care. I want to give her a big mother-daughter hug, squeal like a girl, and jump up and down with her every time she gets that mischievous look in her eyes. It’s something I think more Dramaland mothers should be like. Instead of always scheming to ruin their children’s love lives, encourage it! Make it happen! Become a love guru. Come on, you know moms are just born for that job! Come to think of it, the whole Kotoko-Irie family is just precious. From Aihara’s dad to Naoki’s parents and brother, I love how they can always relate with one another, often turning heated issues like the marriage of their children into teasing jokes. Sure, most of it is played up for comedic value, but it’s a huge stress reliever to know that no matter what happens with our two love birds, the family won’t end up being an obstacle in the future. Even that hospital room scene when Aihara wakes up and Naoki reveals he didn’t take the test – I love the crazed atmosphere of Aihara’s dad begging forgiveness. Mom and dads are weeping or pleading hysterically as the kids whose lives this effects just stand there blankly. Come on guys, take a chill pill. Naoki’s totally fine and dandy. He’s probably terribly amused anyways. InK4 I will admit, this was a great episode as far as showing some of Naoki’s true inner feelings. Making a stand at the dinner table just to spite a jealous Kinnosuke is one thing. Starting to show privately all the little signs that he actually cares about Aihara is a whole other matter! And I still believe that he didn’t just happen to be out walking the night Aihara runs away. He follows her intentionally to bring her back! Nobody try to persuade me against that. I have the feels for that! I want to believe! Episode five just needs to build on this momentum. Cherry, you asked what I want to see more of: lovey-dovey-ness, university troubles, or trivial things like part-time jobs? I want to see it all! But I don’t even mind if the relationship moves slowly. One thing this drama does well are the trivial things. They’re the heart of the show. It’s probably why I didn’t like this episode as much as previous ones. Quietly studying together, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning – that is how people fall in love! All those little things that people do on a normal basis. I like sweeping, epic love stories, it’s true, but I also like my slice-of-life dramas, plus cuteness, plus some more cuteness; and a little extra cuteness on top! *anxiously waiting for episode 5*