Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Episode 5 Rosie from Shine A Light Rose, Cherry from J Drama Reviews, and Heisui from My Drama Tea discuss Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo [caption id="attachment_160465" align="alignnone" width="527"]Naoki's first real smile! Naoki's first real smile![/caption] In-a-sentence: Kotoko vs Naoki, who will win this love battle? Rating: 10/10 Review: Episode 5 is the epic live adaptation of a manga I've been waiting for! I haven't actually read the actual manga itself, nor have I watched any other versions, thus I can't compare them. Which I guess has its good and bad points. That aside, this episode definitely makes up for last week's. The lovey-dovey ness is back, along with Kin-chan and his two minions. I love how the minions call Kin-chan 'Aniki' (meaning big brother) and refers to Kotoko as Kotoko-nee-san (big sister). LOL, so much respect for Kin-chan. The story revolves around the graduation. Miraculously, all Class F's students managed to pass high school and with everyone going their separate ways, things get a bit emotional. But not too emotional to forget about the classic high school legend: "Couples that kiss on graduation day will be together forever".   [caption id="attachment_160467" align="alignnone" width="532"]Kisuuuu~ キスーーー Kisuuuu~ キスーーー[/caption] Kotoko certainly got that mission on her mind. Unsurprisingly, so did Kin-chan. From there on, things start rolling. Kin-chan (with his ultimate plan to win Kotoko's kiss) took over the role to organize Class F's after-graduation party, only to find out that they're sharing a room with Class A. When Class A and Class F meet, disasters are bound to happen. Teachers of both classes stood up to make a speech, and then things escalated quickly. As expected from the top class, insults are given in a subtle and indirect way so if you ask 'who started the mess?' The answer would be Class F. Finally, it got to the point of Naoki personally insulting Kotoko. This is where I loooove Kotoko! She's not your sappy, weak, no-my-crush-just-made-fun-of-me-i'm-gonna-cry-and-storm-out-of-this-place kind of girl. Instead, she stands for herself and returns the attack. Take that, Naoki! I thought that the fight scene was gonna be my favourite scene-- but wait until you get to the end. It's the mischievous kiss we've all been waiting for! *awwww* Okay, I'll admit that I probably squealed a bit when they kissed. Just a tiny bit. Anyway, as for my soft spot for ikemen, I'm loving Naoki more each second. Especially with that sharp tounge of his. I also love the scenes where he sees Kotoko and Kin-chan together, stares at them for a few seconds, then looks away casually. This has happened twice! It made me wonder: Is he jealous? Or is he not? Come on Naoki, show us more of your feelings! One more thing I thought was superb are the comical expressions, mainly Kotoko's and Kin-chan's. Since Naoki doesn't seem to have any expressions at all. [caption id="attachment_160466" align="alignnone" width="500"]Way to keep your cool, Kotoko! LOL Way to keep your cool, Kotoko! LOL[/caption] So, what does everyone else think? Were you as excited as I was? Does it get any better than this?