Response to: Drama Club – Mischievous Kiss: Episode 5 ------- THIS IS MY FAVORITE EPISODE SO FAR!  It is utter perfection! Note:  I am going to switch to calling Aihara Kotoko by her first name, “Kotoko”. @ Cherry's Response I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING CHERRY SAID. Except I would give this episode a rating of 100/10. :P  Anyways…be warned…I feel like I am being way more spazzy than Cherry was in her very calm and collected review of this episode. O_O”” SO…up through episode 4, I was enjoying Itazura. It was cute, fluffy, and nostalgic of ISWAK, and it kept me entertained. But I didn’t LOVE it. I wasn’t OBSESSED with it. It was good but it didn’t make me feel like it was amazing. UNTIL THIS EPISODE. OMG!!!!!  I felt like suddenly all of the EPIC AWESOMENESS OF ITAZURA WAS UNLEASHED UPON ME, ALL IN ONE SWOOP. All of a sudden it’s like everything went a notch up! The acting, the humor, the character’s awesome relationships, the second lead’s influence, Naoki’s hotness, EVERYTHING!  Thankfully no one was with me when I was watching this episode because I was crazily giggling and gawking at every single thing that happened. \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/ First of all, Kotoko & Kin! I had no emotional investment in Kin whatsoever (aside from my fond memories from ISWAK) until I saw his more serious side when he is with Kotoko. (By the way, I kinda realized he is a stalker like Kotoko is O_O) Kotoko & Kin actually have chemistry together! It was so cute seeing the two of them sitting side by side, earnestly talking about their futures and their personal strengths. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic of my high school days. And I loved the high tension when Kotoko calms him down after he storms out of their graduation party! (I also like how Kin talks in his Osaka dialect.) :D I love Kotoko! I agree with Cherry, Kotoko is no weak heroine. She may be hopelessly in love with Naoki but she still has her pride! GIRL POWER! I can see now why Kin likes Kotoko so much, she is incredibly sweet and kindhearted, and she has this ability to bring people together and liven things up. I am wholeheartedly rooting for Kotoko now because I love her personality and the way she treasures her friends.
"Then try and forget about me."
Even though it felt like Naoki had a bit less screen-time in this episode, I am suddenly liking Naoki more and more! Like Cherry pointed out, I think he is a bit jealous of Kin’s close friendship with Kotoko, no?  And it is even better that Kotoko wasn’t trying to make Naoki jealous or anything, it just happened naturally that way.  Naoki may not seem visibly affected but I think we all know he is, why else did he give her a REVENGE KISS and lash out at her?  It was so hot when he was all “THEN TRY TO FORGET ABOUT ME” before he kissed her!! I COULDN'T HANDLE THAT SCENE, IT WAS SO PERFECT AND EPIC, OMG!!!!!!!!!! Is it just me though, or do I want Kotoko to wipe that smirk off of his face!?!?!? Prove him wrong, Kotoko! By the way, this episode has SO MUCH FAN SERVICE. This is EVIDENCE of how Naoki’s mom is totally awesome! She urges Kotoko to get Naoki’s button! She analyzes Naoki’s feelings towards Kotoko! She takes pictures of Kotoko & Naoki together! I thought it was funny how Naoki was pretty much fulfilling his mom’s shippy fantasies by putting his arm around Kotoko. It is like he knows what his mom wants, so he has to give her (and all of us) some fan service. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, NAOKI! Overall, I'm really excited for the next episode to see Kotoko & Naoki's new college life! I hope the love rival that is shown in the previews will not be too meddlesome! What are your expectations for episode 6? Do you think Naoki will get involved with this new love rival?