We're docking again and this time there's no ailing elderly, only the promise and arrival of new life! One constant in Clinic on the Sea is it’s exploration of family. No, it doesn’t redefine it or anything, but it gives a peek into the issues that all families face, whether it be secrets and loyalty or insecurity and inferiority.

Stephanie: While watching this episode I was reminded of what my partner in crime, Unnichan said on our last chat. She was okay with the married couple when they were dancing, but anything else made her cranky--and here we are a week later having a whole episode based on the two. Hrm. It makes me wonder, is every character going to have their own episode going forward?

A few weeks ago it was Mako and her friends (although not enough of her own actual story to suit me), last week it was Noburu and his past love, now we have Aoi’s sister? I know I whined that we spent a lot of time on Kota, ignoring the rest of the characters, but this is getting silly.

Mostly, I'm upset with Kota this week. I'm no longer looking for him to have a relationship with Mako, as apparently, he just doesn't have the feelings she does. We can't blame the man for that. What I can take him to task for is for agreeing to marry the woman of the week. I thought we'd moved past that! Hasn't he grown at all?

I know he agreed to do it more for the baby than the girl, but he still agreed to it. Part of me feels like I should give him character points because he may have made the decision due to his own history, growing up without a father, but it’s like he took the bit of growth he'd achieved and stomped on it. So no points for him!

Bravo for Mako calling him on his crap though! She is so much more mature than Kota is. I'm hoping we'll revisit her past in one of the upcoming episodes--although there are only two left.

Unnichan: Aoi-sensei and Akira-kun as a couple are beyond adorable to me, for the sheer fact that they are such an odd couple. But if this episode proves nothing else, it shows how well their marriage works. For they truly respect and love one another.

Sure, there have been times during the series where I’ve wondered if dancing is the only thing that keeps them together and here we have an episode to show us there is so much more to this couple. They are supportive and understanding and sincerely believe the other is as important to life as Mako views her flan.

‘Cause who knew that Aoi believes Akira is a Casanova who can worm his way into the heart of any woman or that Akira had that much gumption and backbone to not only stand up to the Beating Baby Daddy but outright refuse Aoi?

Kota is an interesting bird, therefore, I have no idea how to feel about him agreeing to marry Aoi Tomoe. I’m not nearly as disappointed or disillusioned as Mako, but I wasn't glad or touched either. What remains clear is Kota has a huge heart---- he just doesn’t know how to steer it properly. I believe it comes back to his ability as a doctor to pinpoint the problem in others' lives, yet determines to have little insight (we think) into his own.

Noburu continues to be an intuitive and caring friend, proving he knows Mako so well, that it makes me even sadder she's awakened to her feelings but has none for him.

And I loved that Mako confronted Kota, not for what she said (though her questions her spot on) but how he reacted. That “Would you miss me?,” felt pointed and genuine and possibly more telling of his feelings than anything he’s ever said or done before.

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