Hey Clinic Lovers! There's only two more appointments on the docket and then it's "Sayonara," to Kota and the Kashin-maru. With this week's focus covering the last of the crew, perhaps we'll be getting closer to the mommy mystery and Kota's true feelings and future... But before all that, Stephanie and I share our doubts and concerns for Kota, Mako and romance and our desire for PG-rated violence.

Unnichan: Another episode where we’re left twisting in the wind, don’t you think? Though I liked the episode, I feel like we’re being kept at arms length from what the show’s been promising since it began.

Stephanie: I think you liked the episode a lot more than I did. I think I’m fighting a case of the “I don’t care's."It feels like with this episode, Kota has taken at least 3 giant steps backwards! And we’re two episodes away from being done!

Unnichan: Hmm. I can accept that, but I’m not sure that’s the case. He wasn’t blinded by beauty or taken up with the “feels.” This time was more of a case of being responsible and as someone who is very aware of the needs of others, he decided to do it. But I do think Mako felt similarly to you. I, on the other hand, saw that Kota just likes to meet needs and gets things much more tangled than he should. It’s a pattern and I suppose that’s the maddening part.

Stephanie: I don’t think it’s ever really been about the ladies themselves. He’s known them three seconds, so he doesn’t actually know them. With his falling in ‘love’ yes there was always the initial WOWZA!, but usually it wasn’t until he found out that the needed him that he made his declaration to leave the boat. Mako’s friend needed help with her business, the broadcaster needed someone to take care of her dad and the orange grove. This episode? He’s needed to be a daddy. We’ve lost the WOWZA, which is good--but the core of the problem is still there.

Unnichan: Exactly. It's that development of him I liked in this episode; clarifying Kota’s problem. ‘Cause it’s not really a problem, it’s a quirk. His occupation is a distinct part of who he is, therefore, that last moment with Mako was more important this episode, than any other. We’ve been made aware that he’s always valued Kashin-maru but he doesn’t know that he’s valued.

Stephanie: I just don’t see him having feelings about staying on the boat. He said he would stay a few episodes ago, but I’ve never really sensed from him any drive to do this. Or real connection to others. I love his cutesy-nature but it does have a tendency to hold him apart from others.

Unnichan: We’ve both been concerned about his disconnection and I truly am beginning to believe it originates with Kota. Not that he’s not committed to the boat but since it began as a means to an end his priorities are easily swayed. I definitely believe he cares about the other members…. But the reality is, there are other doctors that can take his place and be just as successful and I think that’s his issue.

Stephanie: I don’t think he doubts his doctoring talents. He’s reassured not only by the people on the boat, but others who come along who have heard tales of his amazing feats.

Unnichan: I don’t think Kota’s qualifications as a doctor are ever in question. It’s his desire to feel he’s important or special. And since he lacks that, he doesn’t feel the bond or express the need to stay.

Stephanie: On a different subject, I was a little disturbed by the scene with Akira-kun and the boyfriend. I really wanted him to kick his butt.

Unnichan: Ha! I know right. I was surprised we had two violent men back to back--- one perhaps out of desperation (last week's deadbeat boyfriend) and the other, a hapless jerk (beating baby daddy). Glad we saw some fire from Akira but he should've said and done a lot of things to that man that can only be shown on cable. Eventhough I realize his purpose was to reveal Tomoe capable of more than she and Aoi imagined.

Stephanie: That’s true. I was afraid we were going to have another bad woman after the cuties of our boat!

Unnichan: Ha! Tomoe wasn’t at all subtle hinting about Kota being good father material--- if she only knew right? What did you think of Mako this week?

Stephanie: I always love Mako--and was so happy to see the return of her shoe to Kota’s head. I loved that his week we got the first real tastes of her jealousy and sadness over Kota and his obliviousness.

Unnichan: Can’t say I always love her but it’s true we see some twinges of feelings for Kota that don’t look favorable for any of us. I’ve always joked that she’s pissed at herself for liking this kid but now, it’s getting real and I hate that for her. Because honestly, though I don’t think it’s a waste of time, I kind of wish it didn’t feel so tense and lonely on her part. Like him choosing to be a father was a personal rejection?

Stephanie: If only it were a personal rejection! I’ve realized, maybe the romance is what WE want for them, but Kota’s just not ready for it. Mako doesn’t seem the type to give up easy though.

Unnichan: I’m not overly invested in a romance but it felt drama was promising one. And I don’t know if Kota is "ready" or not because I genuinely believe with each episode we get a glimpse that there is more to Kota than his antics.

Stephanie: Hmm. I would certainly like to believe that.

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