Ok, there's no mayhem (at least not yet), but its still early. From what this Drama Club has seen, this Mediship has a lot of hijinks and water to log, whether ashore or not, so nothing can be ruled out.

Tessieroo: This first episode was exactly what I needed - cute, funny, and charming with a bit of mystery at the end. I’m very curious to find out why Kota seems to be in such a hurry to get married and introduce someone to his Mom! I also can’t wait for him to turn his eyes to Mako, I want to see them fall in love. *heehee* We did learn her past boyfriend died but I’m sure there’s more to that story.

She seems very closed off so I’m almost impatient to see how Kota will open her heart. I think at this point, she finds Kota strange and annoying. (Although she did finally admit he’s a good doctor.) Compared to her quiet, calmness - he’s hyper and all over the place. I can’t wait to see him try to make a move in her direction but he’s going to have to be sincere.

Anyone besides me find Noboru adorable? I hope a strong bromance develops. I’m not really interested in the other characters beyond watching how they interact with Kota. (What was the point of that silly dance between Akira and his wife, Dr. Aoi?) I think we might end up following the format of one “medical crisis” per episode where Kota and the team will save someone’s life but that’s a guess. I also think we’ll see Dr. Kota with a few other women before he realizes there is a gem standing right beside him. Open your eyes, Doc.

Stephanie: Ah-dorable! As my second J-drama (and not really enjoying my first) I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first minutes had me worried with the frantic camera work, but it was the moment we met our heroine where I knew this show was not going to be what I expected. The directing choices in this scene made me forgive them those initial moments. The decision to hold the peek-a-boo game just a little too long made the joke funnier. When Mako bursts out of the curtain and we get the shot of her feet slipping from the shoes, an eye-roll was at the ready, as I expected her to stumble and fall as the usual hapless heroine. When the complete opposite happened? I knew fun things are coming.

While I like Mako, clearly the center of our drama is Kota, the doctor. We’re left with a few questions. Why did he take the post? Why does he become a completely different person around women? Why has he told his mother he’s already engaged? And I don’t know about you guys, but I want to know creepy guy at the end of the counter. He has to be somebody important, right?

This might be exactly what the doctor ordered to change my mind about J-dramas!

Unnichan: Boy am I glad I picked up this drama! I haven’t seen the past couple of Matsuda’s dramas but it seems I’m getting rewarded anyway, because he is outright hysterical in this show. His wackiness as Sezaki Kota Sensei, had me howling more out of surprise to see this side of Shota, than his character’s antics and that's saying a lot 'cause, believe me, there were plenty.

But somehow I see Kota Sensei fitting in perfectly with these seemingly normal personalities on our floating "Fix You Up," because overly "cheery" people always give me pause, 'cause in my experience, the usually have the most to hide and Kota Sensei is no different. And I’m positive, like Kota, everyone else aboard has an equally intriguing story, that has lead them to choose this vagabond Practice.

Weren't Aoi Sensei and Akira-san too cute? I know I'm not the only one that thinks he hired a new doctor so he and Aoi Sensei can practice their mamba moves, right? I kinda love that it's fairly obvious they fell in love due to proximity or mutual interest, maybe both! Would so love to see that rom-com.

It's only episode one, and we already have an unrequited crush, blossoming interest and attraction, as well as a mystery to the motivation of our main character. Mr. Beanie Man was quite pleased to hear that Kota Sensei will be bringing his girlfriend over to see Mom, too bad we know Kota's nowhere near signing them papers. But my question is, what does Erika Toda have to do with all of this?

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