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Unnichan: This drama starts out pretty rocking with delusions, delinquents and dances. But Stephanie, Tessieroo and I agree that this is hands down Matsuda Shota's show, 'cause there's not a scene his Kota Sensei doesn't try and succeed to steal.

Tessieroo: So ...how hot is Matsuda Shota? *hehehe*

Stephanie: He falls into the ‘very cute’ category for me. But I’m sure that will go up as the story goes along!

Unnichan: Matsuda has become a very hot guy. I've practically watched him grow up and he's definitely gotten more and more attractive as time has passed... But Kota Sensei?

Tessieroo: I do think I prefer him as a mysterious, dark characters but I’ll get used to the adorable, dorky Dr. Kota.

Unnichan: Exactly! Give me some Akiyama-kun (Liar Game) and I'm a goner! Kota's just too silly for me to get caught up in his portrayer's sex appeal. Though when he's in pensive doctor mode he is very attractive.

Stephanie: See, as my second J-Drama, I have a lot of catching up to do knowing these actors.

I’m like a blank slate here…

Unnichan: Oooooh! FRESH MEAT! Come here, sit next me. I'll make you a list.

Tessieroo: My biggest question regards the phone call to his Mom. Why does it seem he’s in a hurry to introduce a girl to her? Is she ill? Is she dying? Thoughts?

Stephanie: And the fact that he seems to have already told her he’s engaged?

I think it has to have something to do with creepy guy at the end of the bar.

Tessieroo: Excellent catch. I almost forgot about creepy bar guy.

Unnichan: Right. At first I thought everything had to do with Mom, but once when saw Mr. Beanie Man, I was certain whatever the deal is originates with him. I'm thinking he's the one that's ill --- (hence the beanie).

Tessieroo: Ohhh! That’s an interesting thought too!

Stephanie: Because nothing says “I’m dying” like the requisite beanie.

Unnichan: I like the idea of being on the open seas and what has lead everyone here. Kota needs to get married so he took the job ‘cause he’d get the chance to travel and meet women. I loved the opening, where he seems all cool and suave with those high school girls, like he was placating but bragging for some ego stroking, but then when we find out he needs a wife, the droop in his face makes complete sense 'cause he's bummed they all have boyfriends.

Tessieroo: I loved how charismatic and comfortable he seems around women. (As opposed to so shy, he can’t even look them in the eye) I hate those types. And I loved the “I feel so old” comment. Ahahaha!

Stephanie: I like that he’s different from the usual male leads. We’ve had lady-hunters before, but Kota is different. He’s not out there to seduce all the ladies. He really wants, or desperately needs, to be in a relationship. The question is though, is he just looking for the relationship, or is he looking for love?

Unnichan: To be honest, I kind of hate that ultimately there must be some sort of love line in this drama. It would be so nice if everyone just got along well as colleagues. But don’t mind me, I get delusional over platonic relationships. Carry on.

Tessieroo: LOL! No, I want romance - I want kisses! I’m hoping Kota isn’t shy about that stuff either.

Stephanie: Me too! I can’t wait for Kota to get ahold of himself and notice the girl standing right in front of him.

Unnichan: And I don't mean to be crass but I kind of loved that Mako did that high kick in her towel. It gave us immediate introduction to her character without her saying more than a few words. It's also interesting that Kota saw a lot more than anyone would want a stranger to. Not in the reality sense but narratively turning the "you saw me naked" bit on its head in a sense. And since he's a doctor he saw the "technical" part which could take all the fun out of it too.

Stephanie: I thought about that too as she was flying through the air-- “I hope she’s wearing underpants.”

Tessieroo: I found it hilarious that Norobu drilled him about what he saw. *kekeke* I think, so far - this is a cute drama you can watch without having to do any heavy thinking. Just relax and enjoy the silly.

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