Stephanie: So, Kota is officially off the boat. Makes me wonder what he ever did to the Vice-President. Part of me says something to do with his love history--but another part says maybe he’s TOO good at his job. He’s doing all sorts of surgeries they weren’t doing before he got on board. That’s got to be pretty expensive….

Unnichan: Yea, I think it’s rational to think it’s due to what we know of Kota and the ladies but I’m inclined to think it’s something more technical than that. It doesn’t have to be personal. However, with this drama, one never knows.

Stephanie: They have a life or death surgery pretty much every episode. A surgery only Kota has the nerve and skill to do. Makes me wonder what happened before? I’m thinking it’s the “boat of death!”

Unnichan: Ha! I wouldn’t got that far. I’m sure they just called a water ambulance and made the patient as comfortable as possible. If there were that many fatalities aboard, Kashin-maru wouldn’t exist. I definitely believe VP doesn’t like how they are able to attend to their own emergencies and that has to create some financial strains along with partnership issues. Plus, according to Aoi -sensei, she never “approved” of Kashin-maru.

Stephanie: I did actually enjoy this episode. Most of it. I'm so excited Kota manned up and made a move on Mako. At first I was like “No! Don’t say no, you want to go! Don’t make me hurt you Mako!” But I’m very relieved she wised up.

Unnichan: They definitely got a side-eye and a “you, two” head shake for that back and forth, but again, I’m glad he was firm. I think girls shoot themselves in the foot sometimes, which makes guys have to work harder. Kota needs to buck up a bit but since it’s so late, I wanted Mako to shut up and snatch that ticket.

Stephanie: I can’t believe we only have one episode left! I’m a little concerned we’re not going to have enough time to cover everything. We’ve got Mako finding Kota, putting the capper on their romance, and now his mothers collapse.

Unnichan: Um. I’m over Mom. I know it’s horrible but I really don’t care. All I want is for Kota to get back on the Kashin-maru. He and Mako are at a place where I’m satisfied, so we can have a Christmas feast and sail on to the next stop.

Stephanie: That’s true. I need for them to actually go on that trip though. And I wouldn’t feel terrible if Kota and Mako end up on one of these little islands. I thought about that after he was forced off on the island that just lost it’s doctor.

Unnichan: I’m sure it may happen one day but from what I gather, Mako quite enjoys what she does. I don’t see her making that choice anytime soon and Kota is going to be wherever she decides. He said it himself, he doesn’t really care where he is.

Stephanie: I guess so. A girl can dream though, can’t she?

Unnichan: Of course! Dreams are what keeps Kota believing in love and us hoping he’ll find it--- with Mako, that is.

Stephanie: awww………

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