It’s been a slow winding road but we've made it to the top of the mountain. And though we knew the view would be gorgeous, it’s always what we’ve learned along the way that makes the greatest impact.

Stephanie: Awww….we’re at the end. We got an episode filled with cuteness and light--and for me? Tears. The plot of the medical aspect of the episode was weak. Who didn’t see that fire coming? When the guy said “This candle isn’t straight, you should fix that.”

My mind said “Why don’t you just fix it? You’re standing RIGHT there.” But that’s okay. At this point the hows and the whys don’t really matter.

What did matter was all of our little ends were tied up in pretty little bows.

Mom’s going to live. Not only that--Mom’s gonna get married to creepy cap guy--and mom’s pregnant with Kota Part 2. Okay, that part was a little weird.

My favorite though is, of course, Kota and Mako. Mako, as we all probably expected she would have to do, took the lead and finally got her man.

I found this to be interesting. Do I think that Kota really loves her? No, not really. He really likes her, sure. Is there a possibility for more? Absolutely. But he doesn’t love her, even Mako knows that. But as she, and I say, it’s okay. He’s finally aware of her, aware of what feelings they do share, and now that they are on the boat, with all the other things out of the way, the two are going to have the time to grow their feelings.

It may not give us all the answers, but the ending gave us hope for the future, not only for our favorite couple, but for all of the crew members that we now love.

I started doing this project as an attempt to change my feelings towards the Japanese dramas. Was it successful? I’m not sure. There was a lot to love in A Clinic On the Sea, but with it’s meandering plotlines, it wasn’t a perfect drama. But overall, there was so much cuteness, and the ending left me with enough good will, I’ll be willing to try another drama some other time.

: I've always enjoyed the way Japan unabashed showcases its natural beauties but this drama has given me an even greater appreciation. For the journey with this drama was like taking a cruise vacation, hopping off at designated spots and taking long meandering walks for the last eleven weeks.
Sure, there was a medical emergency at every port but *shrugs* who cares, when there are sweet mandarin oranges and to die for (OOPS!) sunsets!

I actually had to chuckle when in classic Christmas style it's a child that gets Kota to vocalize his thoughts toward Mako. Their meeting in Hokkaido was gorgeous and her confession straight-forward and perfect. He never believed a girl like her, could like a guy like him, which is what makes love so spellbounding and wintery romances so magical.

And I applaud Kota for not squelching the chance to tell Mako how he feels, for he's spent weeks declaring love to colleagues and gathering courage to profess to strangers but he's never once spoken of something true and real from his heart to an objection of his affection.'Cause though, she said she didn't "need" him to say it, she was definitely waiting intently for the confirmation, which made their story all the more organic.

I loved Noburu's reaction to Kota being in the same village with them, pinning it "fate" with the Kashin-maru, 'cause I couldn't agree more. The crew pulled together and stood up for Kota and to me, this is the #1 thing I've wanted for him.

All the pieces fell into place---- that last piece of evidence that Dr. Kota isn't as senseless as he'd like us all to believe and is in fact truly a caring, thoughtful and kind man, Mom is perfectly healthy (as if there was ever any doubt) and he and Mako were finally open and honest and snuggling.

Oh and of course, thank the drama gods Sezaki Kota may be slow, but from person he's learned to take a hint.

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