Unnichan: So... are we Jodorama prediction rockstars or what?! *high fives*

Stephanie: Indeed *high five*! It was like checking off a checklist!

Unnichan: Exactly! I just sat back and watched our plot points unfold. I did enjoy the episode though. For what it was, Clinic on the Sea was cute and endearing.

Stephanie: Yes, as much as there wasn’t so much as a sagging middle as there was a non-moving middle, with this episode of wrap-ups I came away feeling satisfied and happy.

Unnichan: I was actually more than satisfied because they gave us more than I expected. I wasn't looking for much more between Mako and Kota but we got declarations, moments of clarity, confessions and a kiss! That's quite a lot!

Stephanie: I have a question for you though. Do you really think that Kota ‘loves’ Mako yet? As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I don’t think he actually does, but I come away from the show being totally okay with that.

Unnichan: Though I think your interpretation is cool, I believe he does--- at least as much as Kota feels and understands 'love.' We see it differently because we personally want something different and in time, Kota will be that. I also think it's the word 'tsuki' that can be a hang-up. If he'd used 'aishiteru' I'd been worried but with the examination of the word earlier in the series, his usage worked well for me.

Stephanie: See, not knowing Japanese dramas and in turn, any Japanese at all, I have to go with what the subs tell me he’s saying. And I think now that he’s gotten the frantic need to be in a relationship out of the way, he does actually understand love. I like the character of Kota. His surface is light and fluffy, and he kind of uses it as a shield, but underneath that surface is someone who cares, loves, and surprisingly is incredibly competent. I wish we’d been able to see a bit more of that Kota.

Unnichan: I KNOW RIGHT! There was a minute there I had to take a step back and truly assess Kota (and myself), because I wanted to smack him. But, once I realized that there is tons to this Dr. Sezaki, I longed to know more. Like, him sit down and tell me about the pocket-watch around his neck, his life in Hokkaido, Mom, love. Those things kept niggling at me throughout the series and I so wish we'd had more time to honestly pick his brain---- well, see more of what he has holed up in there.

Stephanie: DUDE! I was thinking the same thing! The whole series, I kept looking at that clock he wore on the long chain around his neck and figured there had to be some sort of story to that. He always wore it--and a watch on a necklace isn’t really there for practical reasons. Is it a good thing they left us wanting more? Or is it a bummer that there was so much more there that we could have seen if they’d paced the story better?

Unnichan: Drama conundrum if I ever heard one.

Stephanie: I, for one, wish we’d had more of Mako’s story.

Unnichan: Like the necklace, Mako's story was toyed with but never examined. I think we're to just accept her for who she is today? I get that and I do, it just felt unbalanced. Especially being, we got a little of every large personality in the drama. I can't say I was as disappointed about her as the necklace but it did seem like they ran out of time to tell all they originally planned.

Stephanie: As much as I desperately wanted, and waited for, Kota to finally look at Mako, and say “This is the one,” it is fitting, and I do love, that Mako was the one who stepped up, admitted her feelings, and essentially changed their relationship.

Unnichan: I loved her delivery. 'Cause it wasn't really that matter of fact or easy for her to admit to herself, but once she "lost" him, it was cake. Which also reminds me, did I mention I loved that (a) Kota turned around to help in the fire even after hearing about Mom and (b) that he left the boat for a woman he truly loved?

Stephanie: Awww… that’s a nice idea--I hadn’t thought about the fact he left the boat for someone he actually loved. I was more focused on him not really seemingly overly concerned about his mother. He meandered to the boat after he gets the news, (and while yes it was good) he came back for the fire, helped with the emergency, said a long good bye to everyone he knew, and said “I should go home and take care of my mother.” Not because she’s collapsed, but because he’d caused her trouble and he should take care of her for a while. If your loved one had collapsed would you meander? Um. No.

Unnichan: Ha! I didn't think it was out of character for Kota at all though. 'Cause he was shocked and concerned once he got home and the lights were on and diner in full swing. I think he interpreted the "collapse" as Mom being overworked and getting older and now he needed to focus on her the way she spent her life on him. That's also why he said a long "Goodbye." He'd finally accepted Kashim-Maru as his place but had to leave. It was sad but I respected him for it. However, I did crack up when Mom springs the news, Beanie introduces himself and Kota says, "Oh... I'm going back to the boat."

Stephanie: LAUGH! And I laughed when, in their big reunion, Mako brought the guitar. Love a good call back joke. Even better was when they closed on the guitar and the shoe. Kota’s ridiculousness and Mako’s maturity--together at last!

Unnichan: Who knew a guitar and shoe could be such happy bed fellows?

Well...that closes out another Drama Club. Thanks for listening (or reading) us guys! We here on the Clinic Club had so much fun watching and chatting together.

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