This boat of lurv continues to sail bringing medicine and magical fixes to all the people they meet along the way. Again every one gets a partner except poor Dr. Kota. That's what happens when you blather on about every girl you meet...except your heroine!

Stephanie: So we’ve got another episode of Kota arriving on island, finding a woman in distress, falling in ‘love’, giving notice to the boat, aiding and abetting said distress-ee, losing her to another man, all before ending up sad in a corner making excuses to his mother. Is this how all the plots are going to go? Don’t get me wrong—it’s not a complaint—I’m loving the heck out of this show! Call me silly, but if I have interesting characters and I laugh a lot? I don’t need a lot of plot. It’s a nice little break from angst and makjang.

I continue to love Mako, how she always has a shoe on hand, unafraid to use it upside Kota’s head whenever necessary. And the fact she wasn’t afraid to stand up to the village boss when he was acting like an idiot? The one thing I hope is that she doesn’t fall in love with him too fast.

Kota himself is giving me some fits. I thought his goofiness was a cover—but his scene alone in the bedroom preparing for the date? Same goofy guy he shows to the rest of the world. Is he just fooling himself? Or is the sadness I perceive being wedged in there by the writer? I guess only time (and episodes) will tell.

Unnichan: Taking someone's food can seem like a very small thing but those of us who’ve had their favorite sweets or last packet of ramen lifted, know how devastating it can be. And this week on the seas, we see how important it is to be considerate of the people you live with, especially due to your close proximity and I'm glad they went there.

However, it wasn't that Kota never learned to ask before he eats (or rather don’t touch what isn’t his) or found himself caught up in another love triangle, but moreso Mako’s reactions to his antics got my attention. When her food was stolen, she's more concerned about Kota’s lack of apology and clonks him on the head with ginger correction. And when he’s “in love” again, she’s disappointed and a little jealous (though not in a green-eyed way).

It’s no secret that Kota and Mako are the romantic pairing but it wasn’t until she tapped his head, that I was a believer. For it displayed a closeness and a type of “couple in the making,” that renders a “no nonsense” Mako, exactly what our flighty Kota Sensei needs.

Tessieroo: I’m not sure yet if Mako feels jealousy or if it’s pity - Kota does seem pretty pathetic when it comes to relationships. How can he keep missing clues that the women he meets are interested in someone else, especially when the other man is in close proximity? Plus does he really believe he can start a relationship and marry within hours? Silly boy. I adore Mako - I think she’s beginning to suspect loneliness within Kota that he hides with humor. And I adore her smacking him over the head.

The “medical crisis” of the week didn’t seem as serious this time, we instead had more of a human drama with conflict between the teacher and Ryo’s Grandfather. I also loved Kota saying he didn’t need to be in love to work and throwing his heart into the ocean. (Along with sound effects) This continues to be cute, quirky and relaxing to watch.

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