Stephanie: Did either of you keep watching through the end of the cartoon? To see that little snippet of the the girl seeing a pictures of Kota and creepily saying “ There you are?” Gives me a big case of the wonders trying to figure out what all that’s about. Is she a stalker? Is she his actual fiancee? The one he originally told his mother about? I MUST KNOW!

Unnichan: Ha! Oh I definitely think she’s a stalker/fiancee. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in a relationship of some sort but Kota bailed (for whatever reason). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she was “jilted” but there’s definitely a reason she’s desperately trying to find him. And I just love that it’s Toda Erika, for she’s his best romantic pairing to date, so it’ll be great see how Takei Emi’s Mako stands up to my bias for a Toda-Matsuda pairing.

Tessieroo: Yes, I like Erika too! It’s totally going to mess with my Mako/Kota ship. I got a creepy vibe from her but I have no idea why she tracked him down. I’m excited for next week.

Stephanie: I don’t know…my brain has totally made up the story that she dumped him , or something happened and they lost touch causing him to search for a replacement. I don’t see him as bailing. I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Unnichan: And was it just me but isn’t the running Kota “couple maker” joke kind of hilarious? It’s that Alanis Morissette “Ironic” concept that the one person who wants a pairing, seems to pair everyone else but himself. I definitely think his lack of love has more to do with his urgency and perhaps unfinished business with mystery stalker girl.

Stephanie: Definitely. The whole--a watched pot doesn’t boil theory.

Tessieroo: We also saw Kota’s Mom is sick, she was coughing and creepy bar guy said he hoped Kota comes back while she’s well. And yes, Mom does seem to believe he’s already engaged. I’m really curious how that all came about but I suspect it’s because she doesn’t have much time. How sad would that be? UGH.

Unnichan: I do think that would be sad but I'm not completely convinced yet. Not that I think this show is about to fake an illness, I'm just not certain I believe it's not simple.

Stephanie: If she is sick it does take some of the importance away from from the creepy bar guy. I hope he’s not just a red herring.

Tessieroo: I think my favorite part has become the frequency with which Mako smacks Kota over the head with a shoe. *kekeke* I love it. I’m suddenly telling people around me to “Act properly.”

Unnichan: Oh yea, it's a gag I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of and he needs it. But I think what's interesting is his compliance. It's too cute. Their buddy-dom is rife for bundles of adorkable fun.

Stephanie: I’m also loving the little jump cut reaction shots and zippy little sound effects. I usually find these things to be annoying, but man, it really just adds to the fun here. Makes me realize these editors/producers really know what they are doing and gives me hope that this fun pacing is going to stick through the rest of the drama.

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