What do you get you when you add: one mysterious stranger, eighty elderly islanders, three noggin swipes, a proposal, and an arrest warrant? My mental math sums it up as just a typical island stop on the seas with our floating physicians. But, unsurprisingly Kota Sensei's solution rounds things a little closer to "a dream come true."

Stephanie: After the dun-dun-DUN! of last weeks ending, this episode seemed like filler. Towards the end of the episode, we got lots of long camera shots of the beautiful scenery, which, while beautiful, doesn’t really move the story along.

Dr. Kota got what he wished for, a girl to say ‘yes’, but instead of the happily ever after he expects, she’s a con artist. It’s an interesting turn as we still don’t know Kota’s own reasons for wanting to be married. What we do know of him, he doesn’t have bad intentions (unless this show is going to take a really unexpected dark turn) but there’s definitely some motivation beyond wanting love.

Maybe that was my issue with the episode. We’re now three episodes in and we haven’t learned anything new about the characters—except the unfortunate information that the husband and wife don’t share a room (poor guy)—and that Kota’s mom is really sick, which we’d already gleaned from other episodes.

What I’m thinking? Next week’s episode is going to be jammed packed with information with the arrival of the mystery stalker girl. Here’s hoping they are able to keep up the extreme level of cuteness once these angst-y plots start to move in.

Mako is definitely softening towards Kota as she sees through the fluffy layers he wraps around himself to the good guy beneath. I was afraid she was going to fall for him too soon, but after this episode of her being nice but still shrugging him off, I don’t think this is going to be the case. But the look on her face when she catches the girl proposing to Kota? The seeds are there! And I can’t wait for them to fall in love.

Unnichan: It seems a few of my favorite actresses will be making cameo appearances. First it was Toda Erika, now Kaho as Shiomi Rika, a young woman who comes home after five years absence to a mother suffering from dementia. What I usually enjoy about Japanese dramas is learning. And this drama gives us slivers of information through our characters traveling around to remote islands bringing awareness to not only the culture and beauty of those areas but also to what types of people live and thrive there.

This episode was slower but it gave us opportunity to take stock in who our characters are; for our resident sea chef loves nothing more than filling stomachs and throwing parties, while precious Noboru longs for guidance and friendship, and Aoi Sensei and Akira-san prove marriage isn't any different on land or water when opposites attract and compromise is a non-negotiable.

But somehow with all this, drama still managed to slip in a few facts about how medical supplies are transported from island to the clinic and back, with a tiny medical emergency and mother-daughter spat patch up to boot.

I'm not quite sure what Clinic on the Sea is going for; whether it's human drama, situational comedy or medical procedural and though I may never pin it down, I know for certain it isn't just a romance. However, what I appreciate about Kota Sensei's search for marriage, is that with each attempt and subsequent failure, we see another layer of the real Sezaki Kota. For this week, we are privy to a strong honorable nature, that even gets a readied compliment from Nurse Mako. And though this doesn't surprise me at all, it was nice to see him stand up and show tender kindness to someone that didn't necessarily warrant more than professional civility---- simply because he liked her.

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