Another medical week on the seas comes to a close, but we can't cruise to the next island without the Clinic Club asking a few questions, making even more observations, and getting stumped on a thing or two. What were your thoughts this week? How did you feel about Kota, the proposal, and Mako? Join in the discussion and give us a few things to think over until the next stop.

Unnichan: So Mako's growing acceptance of Kota is right on target. For I believe she is the narrative expression of the audience's impression. Where last week, I'd say she was definitely disappointed in his immediate interest in Ms. Island Teacher, this week she was softened by his determined kindness. But I don't think even she is aware of her growing attachment. Perhaps the appearance of a rival in Toda Erika will do the trick?

Stephanie: Nothing like a little rivalry to stir up those feelings. And if this starts to happen at episode 4 of a 13 episode drama, I don’t mind the pacing. And it will be a nice turn of the story for someone to actually want Kota for herself and him, despite his almost desperate need to be in a relationship to not see her there.

Unnichan: True. His antics always smack of desperation even when we are glimpses of sincerity. And don't you find it interesting that every episode Kota gives Mako something? He could gift Noburu or Sea Chef's boys, even Akira but instead he always seems to hand something over to Mako.

Stephanie: I noticed that too! And when she gave him her flan? According to what we learned last week, just what she’ll do to protect that flan, is also pretty telling. Of course him already eating the stolen flan? He’s not ready to see her. What I do love is whenever he gets out of line and she smacks up upside the head? Rather than being upset he thanks her every time.

Unnichan: Absolutely! His acceptance of the correction is very telling in my book, in that he doesn’t protest and is rather thankful. Not just because he knows he’s wrong but moreso that he enjoys it because he realizes it’s how their relationship works. Like he knows it’s her way of showing she cares about him and how he’s viewed or acts. So what did you think of this week's medical case?

Stephanie: Honestly, I didn’t care that much about the medical case. It was definitely a side note to the rest of the plot. With the exception of them sticking around until her mother got out of surgery, it could have been lifted from the episode.

Unnichan: I just couldn’t get out of my mind how devastating it would be to come home and find your mother suffering from dementia. Rika was an odd character eventhough I knew when she asked Kota to marry her, it was for her mother. I think this episode was going for a theme of sorts with the mention of the “Song of the Bride” at the beginning, then the origami and how it correlated with Rika’s past.

Stephanie: I wonder really what got her to go to the island? Did she really ask him to marry her because of her mother, or was the urge for the con too strong to pass up? I guess it depends on what she was muttering while sitting by herself.

Unnichan: She was definitely doing some calculations. However, I don’t think Kota was just a mark but someone who’s been scheming for that long isn’t going to pass up that a ripe opportunity. Overall, nothing much went on this episode, so what are your thoughts on the cartoon that usually ends every episode?

Stephanie: I sit there and watch it every single episode not only because it’s so freaking cute but I’m also trying to glean information about the characters. I can’t help but think there is hidden information in there. And I LOVE that song! Not only am I learning about Japanese dramas here, I also get a chance to listen to some Japanese music.

Unnichan: “Taiyou no Megami” is an adorable song and I definitely see some clues there,we kind of see what brings Kota, Mako and Noburu to this point… but in the end Kota and Mako always end up in the same place...I guess we'll just have to sit back and see how the two correlate.

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