Join the Clinic Drama Club "Dock Talk" as we give a shout out to the Department of Japanese Tourism and Recreation, Stephanie shares her theories on the "real deal" with Kota's Mom and Unnichan asks the hard questions.

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Unnichan: Ah, Mako and Kota what can I say? When are you two going to get it together?

Stephanie: My guess? The way they’re going now, not until the last final seconds of the last episode.

Unnichan: Heh. Well, given Jodorama track record romance is always uncertain, so as long as they get there should I care? I think my biggest issue is Kota's approach and misconception of romantic relationships.

Stephanie: At this point, with his, “anyone, anywhere”, I”m not sure he actually knows what love is. And where he’s STILL doing the same thing every episode, I don’t think he’s going to learn any time soon.

Unnichan: EXACTLY! I refuse to be convinced that he knows an iota about love but watching him this episode really frustrated me. Not with the Eriko thing cause that's a given but him stealing Mako's "pudding" just got to me. Why take when she will inevitably give? I understand the concept intuitively but realistically speaking it just rubs.

Stephanie: We get flashes of depth from him. As in this episode where he says that you don’t have to be together to know how you feel about each other. It’s like the two pieces of his personality don’t fit each other and it’s jarring. At this point in the game I want more for him and from him, and I wonder if we’re just not going to get it.

Unnichan: Again, I agree, if not for those moments, I'm not sure I could tolerate him. But perhaps Erika showing up may mesh the two. Or at least give us some type of momentum somewhere. Goodness knows I'm ready!!!

Stephanie: However, the way they tease that, I don’t think she’s going to actually show up until the last episode either. I liked seeing some time spent with the other characters of the boat. Like the section with the captain. I’d like to see more of that.

Unnichan: Truly those are my favorite parts. This drama seems to be theme and character driven, not to mention a little high handed tourist-y as well. Thanks Japan.*winks*

Stephanie: LAUGH! I noticed that too! We also got that in the last episode, where we get long shots of beautiful scenery. Yes, beautiful--but I’d prefer you’d take some of that time and put in a little plot.

Unnichan: Sometimes it's so audacious, you can't ignore it. But I love learning about the islands and I've seen it often with Jodorama, so I've come to enjoy it. Also what with Mom and these knowing glances to Mr. Beanie Man? And what is Mom's purpose, really? This week she was exposition, what next week? When will they actually utilize her?

Stephanie: I was totally going to bring this up! My friend Cherry Cordial and I have a theory about that. I don’t think the mother is sick at all! I think she’s getting remarried. It kind of fits. Mr. Beanie is always there, he’s telling her she needs to ‘tell him’ by the end of the year, and in this episode, we hear about how his dad died young and how 'she’s always been so lonely’. I think it’s just the cutesy about face that this show would throw at us.

Unnichan: WOW! That's a great theory and since I've never thought Mom was sick, that so works for me --- Dr. "Looking For Love" comes back to find Momma's found one. Love it!

Stephanie: It totally fits.

Unnichan: But what with the time clock? Is she pregnant too?

Stephanie: At this point, if that’s not it (marriage), I’m going to be cranky ;)

Unnichan: Won't we all.

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