Progress! Blessed progress! Not to mention this week Clinic totally brought back the über cute.

Stephanie: Though it’s at the pace of a snail on Valium, Kota is finally learning from his past romantic disasters. He made it until the halfway mark of the episode this time around before making a fool of himself in front of the girl of the week. Although I’m not sure if it’s because he’s learning or if the promise he made to Mako to not hit on her friend which really held him back. Either way—I’m completely fine with it. I like the idea that deep, deep underneath his foolish ways he cares enough of Mako to consider her feelings.

Of course, he does totally go back on his word—but he wouldn’t be Kota if he didn’t go gaga over a girl, right? I’m just still looking forward to the time where he finally turns to Mako.

This episode I thought was a real turning point to the series, as in we’re pretty much in the home stretch. We get focus on Mako and her backstory, the stalker girl has finally made contact with the boat and we learn that Kota’s mother is very ill. To which I say: DANG IT! I had completely convinced myself that the theory that she was engaged and not sick was the way the writers were going to go. However, we should have known better—I feel like we should warn anyone who Kota is close to. It would go something like this: RUN AWAY! You or someone you love will almost die if you come in contact with this man! I mean if it’s happened to every female he’s come in contact with, why should his mother be immune?

Unnichan: Kota meets his match and though that was priceless, this arc, more than any other, had me concerned over Kota’s willingness to forego his career for a pretty face. Thus far, we’ve run the gamut with trades from masonry to model, so honestly--- what does Kota really want in life?

We get a little glimpse into Mako’s previous life (via her friends) and I quite liked it. Mostly, because Mako’s humming excitement was adorable. But unlike Aoi Sensei, Akira and Noburo, I’m not interested in anything Mako doesn’t want or feel she needs to share and find their insistence on inquiry rather rude. Perhaps, it’s played for a laugh or even a plot point of mystery for foreshadowing importance but they’re missing the mark with me. For, someone’s past only has significance, if they allow it to color their present--- and Okazaki Izumi (Kitano Kii) is a prime example.

Therefore, I appreciated her story but didn’t care as much about her opening her own nursing home, as I was for someone to give Oba-chan’s son a hard slap and good cuss out. I mean was he a jerk or what? I’m still convinced Mako would’ve done a better job but I quibble.
Didn’t you just love how Kota promised Mako not to fall in love with her friend? Sure, he reneged but I take note that he did it readily, and not just because he’s forever in denial. And how about when he regrets the promise and wonders why he made it in the first place? Yea, I dig this development.

Kota wants to keep Mako as a friend and desires for her to like him, yet instead of cultivating that relationship (come what may) he chases strangers. This drama isn’t nearly long enough to deal with the underlying messages of his actions but hopefully at some point, Kota’s half-hearted attempts to settle his flimsy ticker will rest in the right place.

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