More plot reveals just means more theories for your team of Clubbers to chew on! This week Unnichan brings the big A-ha! moment. One thing we can both agree on is Kota is cute and this episode was great!

Stephanie: I can’t believe how much I loved this episode. It has all of the points we’ve been missing from the last few and was full of so many cute moments. The open store/closed store scene at the end? Squee!

Unnichan: There was a lot more cute this episode. I suppose what I enjoyed most was Kota, though not changing, he’s engaging more and developing relationships that we really haven’t seen much of ‘til now.

Stephanie: This episode showed that we could have a plot involving the side characters and yet it’s still all about Kota and his growth. A nice, well balanced mix like we had in the set up of the drama. I think that’s what made the episode work so well.

Unnichan: Definitely. I think that’s what we need. Kota to GROW. Even if he’s constantly head over heels at first sight, he can learn something from every failed attempt. Also I liked it wasn’t really a thwarted embarrassment this time but more, getting his signals crossed. His hopes weren’t too deflated.

Stephanie: What was really interesting was the female counterpart to Kota, Moe. When she arrived on the boat and did the “I”m single.” Just like Kota, it made me laugh and yet made me think of what Kota can get away with because he’s so freaking cute.

Unnichan: True. True. When she was introduced I knew it was coming so it was pretty hilarious that there is someone else in the world as clueless as he. But I was also a little disheartened that Kota really isn’t interested in anything else from a person. It’s shallow and I hope this experience taught him that, even if by a miniscule speck.

Stephanie: LAUGH! As that’s how Kota learns things--verry--verrrry slowly. However, I would have hoped he’d let the girl down easier, as he’s been in the same exact position for at least as long as he’s been on the boat. And while she was laughable--I thought that girl was so cute. The actress was great with her facial expressions.

Unnichan: Yes! And the perm! I quite liked her personality as well. But that gets me thinking, Erika showed up this week… Couldn't miss that expression when the boat pulled away, right? Think she’s the first love from the cartoon?

Stephanie: OOOH! I hadn’t even thought that! What a great idea. Awesome--he’s looking for love then--wham! First love back in the picture. I do have to say though--I don’t get why she went to the island only to watch them float away. It seems like a waste to just follow them from island to island.

Unnichan: I thought that as well, but perhaps she’s trying to get up the courage to meet him. Or maybe she just missed the boat. Either way, she’s been looking for him and now she’s found him so hopefully we’ll have some confrontations next episode!

Stephanie: Umm….except this is A Clinic On The Sea--it probably won’t happen for about 3 more episodes the speed they like to move. Going back to the end cartoon--did you notice they added the tangoing married couple into it? I don’t know why I love watching that thing every episode.

Unnichan: Ha! A girl can dream if Kota can fawn. And yes, I noticed and I loved it! Aoi Sensei and Akira are just absolutely adorable to me. I am always intrigued by “odd” couples. But I was caught off guard by it and now hope they continue to do so. I wonder if it means anything…?

Stephanie: Otherwise why make the effort now? Unless they are going to continue to add bits of other characters as the story goes along. I’d love to see the rugby lovin’ captain and his hapless crew featured in there!

Unnichan: Seems like the cartoon is getting just as much love, like it’s its own entity. Perhaps, they’ll add Mom too, cause man I need her story wrapped up. Will she and Kota only communicate over the phone or will Kashin-maru end up in her town as well? Do you remember where Mom is?

Stephanie: I don’t think we were ever told where she is actually. It’s interesting that they are both lying to each other--putting their best face forward. His lie that he’s happily engaged and she that apparently she’s not dying.

Unnichan: I do think it’s interesting that they are both keeping secrets, though I’m not sure she’s “dying,” he definitely has no fiancee, however I wonder if it’s just wishful thinking or at one time he really did and now he’s trying replace that loss? Don’t know but it’s hard to imagine. All I know is I’m ready to clear all that up.

Stephanie: And I’m no longer wishing to speculate on this drama considering my epic failure last week with my mother hypothesis.

Unnichan: Well with so little clues, all we can do is wait, watch and wonder.

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