There are only three Clinic calls and two more mysteries left to diagnose, but before all that, it's finally time to clear up all this "stalker" business!

Stephanie: Finally, here comes Ms. Not-so-stalker and, in good ol’ Clinic fashion, there she goes again, never to be seen again. Some things never change. Of course she is a misunderstood past not-so love. Of course she has another, real love, waiting in the wings. And of course she has some sort of dramatic medical emergency. At least though, this time we were spared Kota’s “just add woman” love as 1) he’d already fallen for her once and 2) he thought she was a man. If she’d fessed up and confessed she was a woman would we be looking at a different story? I’d like to think Kota has grown enough to make that answer no.

However, I’m manly able to forgive the repetition as we had so much growth from our cute little doctor. Within 45 minutes we learn all of Kota’s backstory, the reason for his desperate need for a fiancee and how he landed on the boat if he’s such a good doctor. I most especially liked Kota finally admitting, while he joined the boat only to run away, and despite his declarations to leave the boat every episode, he wanted to stay. Of course this worries me for the future of his and Mako’s relationship, if there is no dating allowed on the boat. I’m pro-boat now, but if it gets in the way of my romance plot line, I’m all for sinking the tub.

And he’s finally fessed up to Mom about the lack of fiancee! Of course he glossed over the actual truth, but he wouldn’t be our Dr. Kota if he wasn’t lying about something.

*Side note. I cried when the members of the boat banded together to free Kota and the boyfriend from the debris. I loved seeing this makeshift family work together to save one of their own.

Unnichan: Everything about this vignette worked for me (and my favorite episode to date!), for it used its setup to its advantage, without feeling weighed down by its pattern or premise.

Plus, it helped me confirm a few key things: (1) I’m a drama predicting rock star ♪ toot, toot ♪ *wink,* (2) the chemistry between Shota and Toda will never fizzle, (3) a cameos' success depends more on the actor, than the writing and (4) Akira-Aoi Sensei have made it to my 2013 Adorable Couples list.

It's no secret I’ve been dying to see Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota share the same screen (and believe me, I loved every second), but it was Shinya's stint as the patient but persistent pursuer that stole my heart. For it takes a special man to follow the woman he loves as she tracks down another man and still believe one day, she'll trust his love enough to return. Then after the sky fell on him, he was still able to light it with his beam at her confession.

I've always believed Mako was unwittingly attracted to Kota, but when will she come clean to us and herself? On the other hand, our dear Dr. Kota may remain consciously clueless until the very end.

He views her as a confidant and even risked his health to keep her safe, however, we still have him musing to himself why he enjoys pranking and picking on her when clearly he finds her presence and company important. And though I love this broach to Kota's segue to a real relationship, this meandering leaves me doubtful a concrete realization is on the horizon.

The Clinic was fully booked with Mako performing her first solo surgery and Carlos and Noburu’s thwarted first loves, then Hikaru's heart condition being more emotional than physical, not to mention a building collapse----but unlike other episodes, we actually got some answers to our questions, which is a tell-tale sign, mobile treatment won’t be docking near us for much longer.

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