What more is there to say about the best Clinic on the Sea episode to date? Plenty! For we both agree this drama has finally proven Mako and Kota are destined for moonlit meetings and tasty rubber shoe kisses for a long, long while, and though the predictions are over, our questions are endless.

Stephanie: I don’t want to be Debbie Downer as this was overall a good episode, but I’d like to express my disappointment on how Kota kept apologizing to not-so-stalker. Such a little thing, but I like to think that knee-jerk reaction was brought on by Mako alone. And now this other woman comes in, willy-nilly, and butts into our special routine? Hrm.

Unnichan: Ha! I didn’t really notice. He and Mako have there own little spectrum and no one can step into that. Even Hikaru noticed. Loved that she encouraged Mako as well. Kind of weird, given her own problems but nice.

Stephanie: Exactly. The relationship is working it’s way so slowly, we have to hold onto the little things. And for me one of the little things is--she hits him with shoe--he apologizes.

Unnichan: I hadn’t realized how much I missed the shoe until it came out twice this episode. I just love how he leans his head over for the correction. It’s adorable! But could his repeated apologies be due to Hikaru and her incessant deprecation? That could also explain his behavior. With Mako he wants to stay in her good graces, with Hikaru it’s just mimicry because he hears it so often.

Stephanie: Hrm. I guess you’re right. I also loved the re-emergence of the shoe. My favorite of the whole series happened this episode when he went in for the kiss and she went in with the shoe.

Unnichan: Oh that was perfect. For me, I loved that drama proved Mako and Kota are characters that are written as a match. And it was perfect casting to have Toda Erika because she and Shota has such a natural chemistry and though you could sense that, in character, all that mattered was there’s no one in the world for Kota but Mako. They work well together. She's learned to respect him as a doctor, she also keeps him in line. Where he’s flighty, she’s level headed.

Stephanie: It was nice, we could see how they (Kota and Hikaru) could have originally been a pair, and if she hadn’t “had been a man” they would have been a nice pair. But for Kota, he needs someone more level headed. I love how this is the first episode we’ve had that said THESE TWO ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER. Yes, it’s hinted before, but with the bit about the shells, we know we’re on our way!

Unnichan: The man thing was just outrageous! Who does that? And have you noticed those intense stares she gives him? How can this kid be so oblivious?

Stephanie: Because his name is Dr. Kota.

Unnichan: Ha! Is it really that simply? And I think she was little concerned about that was written in those shells. Think she was disappointed?

Stephanie: Aww… now that makes me sad.

Unnichan: Ha! Don’t you wonder what she does with all his “gifts?” I admit I hadn’t ever thought about it until this episode but when she turned to leave I thought “I wonder if we’ll ever get to see inside her room and get a peek at her collection?”

Stephanie: The show’s made such a point of him giving her things, I can’t help but think we’ll see them again. I have to say, one of my favorite points of this character growth is the fact that Kota finally told his mother the engagement was off. Growth. No longer throwing himself at every girl that boards the boat. Then him saying he’ll get a girlfriend? He still has hope for the future.

Unnichan: I figured once everything was cleared with Hikaru, he’d tell Mom the truth. ‘Cause the lie was predicated on fact and he didn’t want to disappoint his mother. I did like that now everything on that front is explained and he can stop running. My biggest problem with him wasn’t crushing on girls but leaving his profession, so confirming that he was actually hiding out, put everything into perspective.

Stephanie: I like that he’s now chosen to be on the boat because he likes and respects it rather than it being the furthest point in Japan to hide. Now if we could only get Mom to stop covering up the truth….

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