Stephanie: I love how this episode gave both of us a case of cranky-pants.

Unnichan: Look, there’s nothing we can do when they pull crap like they did this week. I mean this episode should’ve been last week, then we could be celebrating right now!

Stephanie: Exactly! As a stand alone episode--there was nothing wrong with it--but after so much growth the last few weeks and considering how many episodes we have left, it needed to be more!

Unnichan: And what was all this Melon business? I love Akira-san, I do but if he and Aoi-sensei aren’t dancing or he trying to play devil’s advocate between Mako and Kato… I don’t wanna hear it.

Stephanie: Not to mention, that was a very baby cat. They couldn't have seen it before. And why would the boss take this tiny kitten to stay on the boat? You can’t tell me that there wasn’t anyone around to watch her on the mainland. I think the only purpose was to make Kota look cuter.

Unnichan: Akira is a sycophant to his core, so that’s why it had to be him, but yep, it was just to give us Kota cute minus Mako, which again, I don’t want to see. Lol.

Stephanie: I was waiting, excited, all week thinking this was it. Sickness, him taking care of her, there had to be something by way of movement in his feelings and yet...nothing. KOTA!!!

Unnichan: I usually have my romance levels turned really low in Jodorama, but even I was hoping for more this episode. Then they pull this silly with Noboru and “the worst first love of all time?!” I was beyond livid.

Stephanie: LAUGH! I have to say, I don’t feel bad for her at all! It’s probably because I am a huge Noboru fan and, even if he can’t have Mako, want the best for him--but still. That guy that she “loved” was a total butthead. He took the money like a jerk and physically pushed her sister around. She could have just as easily fallen onto the rocks as he did. Nope. Don’t care for either of them.

Unnichan: I would have to rethink Drama Clubbing if you did feel bad for her. She was horrible. There was no excuse for what she did, how she did it, or why. And it was premeditated? Oh and that boyfriend? BOOOO!

Stephanie: I hate the fact that she ended up with the money in the end. The only upside is she'll use that money and will always be reminded of what a HORRIBLE person she was.

Unnichan: It goes back to what Kota said, why couldn’t she just be honest? Noburu would’ve helped her regardless. That’s what sickens me. I’m just glad Noburu and Kota got to have some heart to hearts… Well sort of. He and the shoe was priceless.

Stephanie: I laughed So Hard! Kota’s reaction to that perfect.

Unnchan: Yep, but I loved Aoi-sensei’s face. She like the both of us were thinking, “He so deserved that.”

Stephanie: I’m kind of bummed they preempted the cartoon at the end for the scene with Mako and Noburu. You know how much I enjoy that cartoon. But really I’m just sad the episode didn’t end on a warm Kota and Mako moment--like we have every single other episode.

Unnichan: I know right! I think that they needed the extra seconds of narrative space but I still missed it. This episode felt out of place and anti-climactic.

Stephanie: If it weren’t for the scene with the closed shop at the end, I would have thought maybe they were just played out of order.

Unnichan: True. I was surprised not to see Mom at all but that leaves us with at least one more mystery or unanswered question, cause Kota awakening to his feelings just isn’t something I’m leaving too much real hope for.

Stephanie: I think the real question is…are you going to run out for some plums to tape to your face the next time you have a headache?

Unnichan: That smile was pretty wide. Perhaps, he’ll realize he wants them as much as we know he needs them.

Stephanie: Although this is Kota….so probably not.

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