It's that time again, Clubbers. We must say goodbye to a cast that has left us in tears (of laughter) and bid them adieu. BUT this one is extra special because everyone ended with everything they wanted out of the Pick-A-Mission Club. What could make us more happy? Join Ekun, Taleena, and me as we give you the last two episodes of After School: Lucky or Not season 2. 

Watch episode 23:

We already know our boys will do anything for their missions. How well did they do?

Taleena: At the naked kiss — a million fan girls fell to their fainting couches. I must admit this show makes me triple check my kids haven’t walked into the room behind me. Naughty naughty.

Ekun: Oh gosh! Joker and BL makeouts are definitely tear worthy material! But we should have know Joo Hee makeup tips were a bust. Remember what happened to Kim Kim Tan? Of course we do…

Aunnie: I think she has to be the worst make-up applier I've ever seen — pretty sure my 9 year old niece does a better job but I digress — and what made this scene even more priceless was watching the bloopers and knowing they actually kissed. Gotta give it to them, though, for being champs. The Chicken vs. Pork fight had me laughing and it kind o reminded me of Family Guy's Chicken Fights. 

Despite being wrongfully revenged upon, Tae Ho still proved to be the good guy and helped our two love birds their true feelings.

Taleena: Wrongfully revenged? He should have known to have let Joo Hee know he cleared up the misunderstanding right away. Also I laughed and laughed at the boys bowing and scraping and “joe nah” -ing. Really Tae Ho ought to be wearing uggs for “The King Game”.

Ekun: Tae Ho is kind of bomb. How else can you describe a person who works aimlessly to accomplish a goal that he gets no credit or benefit? Well, besides gaining 2 new friends that is. Oh-- is there going to be a bromance now?!

Aunnie: If Tae Ho had revealed that he cleared her name in the beginning we wouldn't have After School: Lucky or Not 2 so I'm glad he did it but announced it after the fact. And what an excellent use of the King's Game— it makes me look at him better because he used it for unselfish reasons when his character would normally use it selfishly. 

And get together they did! Finally, a character who isn’t friendzoned. Are you happy?

Taleena: This really had Aunnie worried. I had a tiny twinge of fear when she did the Tae Ho Memory Montage at the end of episode 22, but really Ji Suk did everything required to maintain his numero uno status - using real words and all.

Ekun: I am very pleased. Though, I knew this was the real outcome from the beginning of the story. I am happy they are both in a place to really start something if that is what they want to do.

 Aunnie: I have been too tainted by the history of SLS' to assume anything any more. (I.e. Dream High, you never know until you know). I'm just glad everyone ended up happy, to be honest. So many times in dramas at least one person walks out a little empty handed so I'm glad that was not the case here.

And what’s better is that Ji Suk and Joo Hee weren’t the only people to end up together! Did this surprise you?

Taleena: Considering that we barely see anyone other than the principals it was a pleasant surprise to have some closure with these B line characters.

Ekun: Why do birds suddenly appear… every time.. you are near! That would have been the perfect song for this moment! I am happy even Kim Kim Tan got his happy ending.

Aunnie:  Poor kid was picked on the entire show so I'm glad he even got is small slice of pie. Even better that is was with . . . I don't even know her name. Haha, oh well. I love that they brought the nurse back in at the end.

What can we take away from After School: Lucky or Not Season 2? Friends can come in unlikely places and to not be quick to judge others.

Taleena: Any show that does a decent Secret Garden and/or Kung Fu parody is OK with me. Also this show will go anywhere for a joke. ANYWHERE.

Ekun: Bromance! That is all I ever wanted! *throws confetti and release doves*

Aunnie: I was just ecstatic that Ji Suk finally opened himself up to the idea of new friends finally! I mean, I'm glad he had all eyes for Joo Hee but other friends is also a good thing.

What did you guys think of season 2 of After School: Lucky or Not?

Taleena: I thought it was great! I wish that the missions had a little more purpose, and I also wish that all the boys had stayed true to their archetypes more, but I loved Alice as Joo Hee.  Her slightly bolder dynamic melded really nicely with those crazy guys. Really though I am nitpicking, because frankly it's nothing more than slightly naughty mind cotton candy. To seriously critique it would melt away it away.

Ekun: While I like the first season a lot better because of the overall story of the creation of the After School Club, I did not hate season 2. Once I wrapped my mind around what was going down, it really is an easy watch. Some episodes are funnier than others, but it was overall a cool watch. I anticipate seeing more from the boys of 5urprise because they really are talented!

Aunnie: I agree Ekun. I liked the first season more but this one wasn't horrible. The first two episodes were a little shaky as I got used to the new characters but in the end it turned out pretty decent. I'd recommend it . . . after ensuring the person has seen Season 1, of course. 

Well that's all we've got Clubbers. What did you think? Was the second season as funny as the first? What was your favorite episode? Would you recommend it? Leave us comments below and tell us your thoughts! See you next time!

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