If we have learned anything from our After School bunch…Well, there is not much to learn, but have a lot of fun watching them be foolish! This week:

Watch episode 15:

**The superhero's trend of wearing their underwear outside makes waves...**

Aunnie: This kid is by far the most funny and its purely because of this blase responses to every ridiculous situation (and his innate need to protect his best friend? crush? Love of his Life? from anything that would remotely make her look bad).

**Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting…**

Taleena: I was laughing so hard at the training session. In between the laughs I was yelling, “Mortal Kombat!” and humming the theme song. The dojo dude kind of looked like he was wearing Christopher Lambert’s lame wig from the movie. Then it showed them in the actual dojo getting taken down by at 10 year old and I shifted to yelling, “Johnny! Sweep the leg!” And even though I know it is not the same martial discipline, i had a lot of fun doing it.

**We learn how the five hot guys get girls… But don’t try this at home...**

Ekun: I loved seeing their individual quirks help them get girls! While I am sure none of their approaches work in real life, I could not stop laughing at the hilarity of the thought that this might actually work on someone. Suspend reality for me show… Suspend it!

**And sometimes even with help, you still get a slap!**

Taleena: I’ve got nothing. Nothing but pity for the poor guy who got stuck in the war. Everytime they went “Woah!” as she applied makeup made me chuckle though. What they heck were those crazy platform shoes for?

Ekun: Them the breaks kid. Word of advice: "She's just not that into you" will always be a thing until you find the one that is.

Aunnie: A slap . . . . a beat down . . . . who’s splitting hairs?

**Thoughts, Comments, and Love!**

Aunnie: I’m struggling to make the seasonal jump meaning these characters are different than those I fell in love with in Season one and I haven’t quite made the jump yet. Not that I think these characters are bad, quite the opposite, I just know they’re different and I’m running to catch up. The situation they find themselves in equally as surprising and hilarious as the first season and I’m enjoying how they play off each other given the mission--if not the missions themselves.

Taleena: These guys are not so different from their season one personas that it is throwing me. Perhaps because there is not that manic edge to the silliness that eventually was fleshed into the nature of the missions. They still will go for the lowest common denominator joke that I find myself blushing to laugh at. Also she should never have signed that long contract without reading it - they were just too gleeful when she signed.

Ekun: While I was not all that impressed by episode 15 (even with the great cameo of Kim Sung Kyun), episode 16 really did it for me! Now that I know that I will not be seeing Seo Kang Joon, I really am enjoying the episodes overall. I am curious how this will end-- season one ended with such a phenomenal reason for having the club... Will we be let in on the reason for the club to exist in season two? So many questions that will only be answered in due time. 

What are your thoughts fellow High Schoolers? Don’t forget, if you have not seen season one click here to take a look. Peace!

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