Welcome back to the After School Club! This week we had an eating and writing contest, friendships are being made, and people are staking claims . . . or are we reading too much into the situation? Join Ekun, Taleena and me as we lay out the facts and you can tell us what you see . . . 

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With Thanksgiving just barely behind us, I bet a lot of us can relate to this mission but none so spectacularly as our fantabulous Pick-A-Mission Club members who not only prefer to do missions in style but with the added benefit of having someone out to get them.

Ekun: Thanksgiving is a distant memory, but I was quite amused at the fact that Tae Poong was not phased by the disgusting taste of the Kimbab made by Joo Hee. What was even more funny was Myung’s expression when the food entered his mouth. 

Aunnie: I think it's funny that her plan backfired so dramatically on her however, watching Jae Hee have a quiet meltdown by himself in the the background had me laughing loudly. 

Taleena: I completely agree Aunnie! I was only mildly amused until he started flopping around like a fish, and then was crawling up the glass.  By the time Myung said, "I just met my dead Grandmother." I was giggling madly.

If we didn’t already know that Ji Suk  liked Joo Hee, we surely do now after his rather forceful request that she not feed "just any" man. Even if was for the purpose of exacting some much deserved revenge!

Ekun: I mean, do the boys deserve revenge? Joo Hee seems like she is holding a grudge just because she can. Aren’t you all friends yet? Kekekeke

Aunnie: Don't forget that Tae Poong spread the rumor at their school that she pooped in the middle of the street and that's not even the worst part. They're making her take part in the Pick-A-Mission club so she can be a babysitter even though she's doing it to clear her name and the only person who can do that is Tae Poong (who is holding it over her head) so yes . . .revenge--friends or not--is deserved. Lies and Manipulation are not synonymous with Friendship.

Taleena: I was like Oh HO! wrist grab! and I think Joo Hee likes holding a grudge. I think she has gotten in over her little head with it and only Ji Suk can get her out.

What is still uncertain is whether Joo Hee feels the same way! But if her fictional story is anything to go by, she does. We hope? Are we hoping she feels the same way or are we looking at a Love Triangle?

Ekun: I don’t know, I think Joo Hee was looking a little too lovingly at Tae Poong during a few scenes… I think her eyes are starting to wander.

Aunnie: Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. BLAST IT ANYWAY! I'm hoping she'll stick to Ji Suk because watching her fall for an arrogant knothead like Tae Poong will just be frustrating especially when Ji Suk is already in her corner. Her slapping Tae Poong for his mockery made me a little happy however. 

Taleena: While it is possible that they will do a love triangle born of antagonism, I think it has been very clear that both Joo Hee and Ji Suk are into each other.  At the very least, Ji Suk will not go down without a fight.

Well, After School Clubbers, that's all we have for you this week. Which was your favorite Mission? What was your favorite part? And do you foresee a love triangle between our characters? Let us know in the comments and we'll see you next week with another two episodes of After School Lucky or Not Season 2!

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