Our Missions this week delve the into the Pick A Mission Club’s love lives — or lack thereof. Join Aunnie and Taleena as we discuss this week’s episodes of After School: Lucky or Not, season 2.

Watch episode 19:

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Ji Suk, Yoo Il, Myung, and Tae Hwan try to complete the mission to the Great Wall.

Aunnie: I like that Ji Suk is becoming closer to the boys even though he’s maintaining a distance from Tae Ho. He’s These new personalities are finally starting to grow on me.

Taleena: Ji Suk bonds with the boys on the Great Wall and truly becomes part of the Pick A Mission club. I really enjoyed how Ji Suk went from exasperatedly putting up with their antics to getting the better of Tae Hwan during the final Rochambeau, and running off yelling, “Rock N Roll!”


Joo Hee and Tae Ho stay home to take care of a sick Cutie, and Tae Ho is enraptured with the nurse.

Aunnie: Oh god . . . I’m glad they didn’t make her fall for him instantly. I like that she’s a harda$$. The way she took the big stick and went to down smacking him. Then again, maybe it’s because I want him to like someone other than Joo Hee.

Taleena: While we are not entirely in the clear of a complicated love triangle, Tae Ho /did/ put his jacket on Joo Hee, Tae Ho’s love struck fumbling around the school nurse was hilarious. That he then was put in his place by said nurse was awesome.


The boys remember the pain of their first loves.

Taleena: My favorite story had to be Myung and the ginormous nanny cam bear that scarred him for life. The girl sitting in shadows, like a spider, watching him had me laughing out loud. Side Note — the funniest bit was the opening scene of 19, when Joo Hee is imagining all sorts of deviant things as she eavesdrops outside the door. Good times.

Aunnie: I think all the stories were perfect for their teller. Being a romantic though, I like the simplicity of Ji Suk’s (it was what, a total of ten seconds long). Tae Hwan’s was especially funny however.


Joo Hee reflects on her current crush when Ji Suk is selected to complete the Mission.

Taleena: Ji Suk is going to confess to Joo Hee right? He didn’t because he didn’t want his confession to be in the context of the goofy mission, right? OK, because I am already invested in these two and will NOT be happy with anything else show. Do you hear me show? Nothing else is OK.

Aunnie: Dear Writers: Do not give me hope only to take it away from me! Calling someone “my” means they like them right? She’s not falling for Poopy Face McGee?

Will Joo Hee stay devoted to Ji Suk?  Will the charms of caring for Cutie grown on our band of boys? let us know what you think in the comments.

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