The Pick-A-Mission Club flirts with the supernatural, and flirtations lead to confrontations in episode 21 and 22 of After School: Lucky or Not season 2. Join Aunnie, Ekun and Taleena as we share our thoughts.

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The first mission is to find a ghost.

Taleena: I think the mission is find a ghost. Maybe it is to stay the night somewhere that is haunted? Mostly, it seems the mission is to scare themselves and screw around with fireworks. Mission Accomplished!

Aunnie: I think it was spend a night in an abandoned house actually but honestly who knows with this bunch. As long as they’re doing stupid stuff and having fun, that’s all I care about--and they do it flawlessly.

Ekun: We’re off to find some ghost… We’re off to find some ghost… Hi Ho the derry- o we’re off to find some ghost!


Yoo Il searches for a virgin ghost with trepidation

Ekun: Admittedly, my favorite part was Yoo Il pretty ghost hunting… What was he going to do if he caught her?

Aunnie: You’d think he’d have learned with Episode 8 of the original series not to mess with ghosts! I was actually kind of hoping a ghost would have really shown up just to scare them but oh well . . . once ghost per series, right?

Taleena: Can anyone tell me what Yoo Il was doing with a leek? I laughed as he told the woman fresco that she wasn’t his type. That, and was it Myung?, jumping out in a long wig and getting the snot beaten out of him. Too funny.


Ji Suk decides to take action so that Joo Hee will not fall for Tae Ho

Aunnie: Me during that scene: “Yes . . . Yes . . . . . *fireworks* . . . . . No . . . NO!!!” However, if only one good thing came out of that was that Tae Ho knows the situation. Plus the fact that he wanted to rectify it makes me happy rather than pondering the age old “Do I like her back?” question. That alone gives me hope . . .

Taleena: Ji Suk! Go dude! Of course you fall prey to the classic K Drama pitfall of the girl not being able to hear your confession. At least the other guy knows where you are coming from and we will not have a completely clueless Tae Ho cutting out the competition.

Ekun: Confessions, flirting, and ghost-- Oh my! Not only was the mission of staying is a haunted house accomplished, our dear Ji Suk was able to somewhat lay his cards on the table? Too bad Joo Hee did not hear it! You are killing me girl!


The Mission necessitates a little role reversal

Ekun: Because nothing is more magical than role reversals and playing a scene from Secret Garden! Though, I do need the tracksuit to have sparkles on it. Kekekeke

Taleena: Let me catch my breath from laughing long enough to say: Joo Hee makes a fabulous Hyun Bin. While her tracksuit may not be the awesome, sparkly fabulousness of Hyun Bin’s; she delivers the “cream on the lip” line perfectly. Side note - it is more than a little hilarious that no one at the school bats an eye at Ji Suk’s cross dressing. Side, side note - it extremely hilarious that Cutie ended up as Ji Suk in a mint green onesie with ear buds. Side cubed note - I just about died trying to inhale from laughing so hard when Ji Suk doesn’t bat an eye as he storms past the boys fighting over changing “Cutie’s” diaper.

Aunnie: Seeing at Secret Garden is (even after 55+ dramas) my favorite KDrama of all time, scenes like this (whether poking fun or honoring the drama) please me very much. Might I add that Ji Suk (with the exception of the permanent 5’o’clock shadow he sports on his upper lip) makes a very pretty boy. After all the kpop I’ve seen, I can say he pulls off the guy-liner very well.


Ji Suk uses his words to escape the fate of SLS

Aunnie: It’s been my experience that friends *glares over at Firnlambe* can see the “crush” signs before oneself can. Thats how he knew about your dirty little secret, honey. Doesn’t help that he’s been looking for them either. On another note, GO JI SUK! You’ve far surpassed your potential SLS counterparts by being vocal about your feelings.

Ekun: I mean, is she really crushing on Tae Oh? They all hang out and she just happens to find herself in situations with him… It is not like she is doing it on purpose-- I am not convinced she really likes anyone other than Ji Suk. Ji Suk might have said his peace, but the most important thing has yet to be said and acknowledged. Get on that STAT Ji Suh-ah!

Taleena: I really am happy with Ji Suk for spelling things out. I am really happy that Joo Hee doesn’t just dismiss everything but sits and thinks about her feelings inspiring not one but TWO Bittersweet K-drama Memory Montages.

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