The Pick-A-Mission club has transferred to a new school, and you are invited to join. Your Mission: Watch the beginning of season 2 of After School Lucky or Not, and try not to die laughing. Ready? Join Aunnie, Ekun and Taleena as we discuss our new story line in episodes 13 and 14.

Watch episode 13:

Meet Song Joon Hee:


She attends the new school and has a crush on its resident flower boy


who seems to be into her as well. This makes her blissfully immune (we think) to the charms of Pick A Mission Club


Joo Hee recognises them all from their mission the night before. Two of them having mistakenly entered a gay leather bar:


The other two getting plastered at the bar where Joo Hee was meeting her flowerboy friend:


A drunken Tae Poon and Joon Hee have a memorable meeting

and Tae Poon’s spreading of the false rumor that Joo Hee has pooped outside the club has snared her in the Pick a Mission Club to clear her name. Unbeknownst to her, he has an ulterior motive:


because the Pick A Mission Club has a little complication this season:


Myung’s (literally) stinking cute little sister.

Aunnie: Surprisingly, it was a bit rough for me in he beginning. I think I came into the show with too high of an expectation because the first season was amazingly funny. /That’s not to say I didn’t find it funny/, just that I have to get in touch with the new story in different situations. Some of my favorite parts were the most outrageous, the Gay Leather Bar was totally unforeseen, unexpected, but still had me in tears of laughter. Both poop scenes (the baby poop & the Flower Boy’s curbside drop off). However, her methods of cleaning off the baby poop need to be addressed . . . why was she dabbing at it? Why was there no soap and water involved? I mean, of course, after the “Instant Death” beating that ensued immediately afterwards.

Ekun: I agree Aunnie, I was a little disinterested in the first few minutes of the episode (could that have something to do with the lack of Seo Kang Joon? Noona loves you!). Thankfully by the end, it was the shenanigans and hijinks I want to see. I am looking forward to more cameos from the actors/actresses who are apart of the Fantagio entertainment company. My favorite parts were 1. The parents ditching their baby with Jae Hee like he does not have to go to school, live a life, etc. 2. The Gay Leather Bar turning the chubby interested kid away! 3. Han Ji Seok’s adorable smile! I am very much excited to see how this all goes down with the new club. I am also glad to see the boys of 5urprise broaden in their acting ability. The characters they were in the first season are not the same--I am thankful and disappointed by that. I hope the episodes will be progressively better and more hilarious than ever!

Taleena: Baby poop facial, Aunnie? That's the only reason I could see for her to pat it in. I am really liking Joon Hee. I like that she is not bowled over by their good looks.  I like that she kicked their butts.  I think that her poor Flower Boy will be stuck with that cute baby more often than not. 

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