Annyeonghaseyo! Welcome to the first official post for the Angel Eyes Drama Club. I’m Tanya and I will be joining you, along with Gina and Wendilynn, for the next ten weeks as this series airs. I must say that these first two episodes were pretty intense. They covered the entire back story of our two main characters, so let’s get to it!

Within minutes of Episode 1’s start, we turn from the scene of two happy families to the ultimate tragedy when a tunnel starts to collapse and firefighters enter the tunnel to rescue all of the people that they can. One firefighter stays behind to rescue a woman trapped in a car, however they are both lost when the tunnel finally gives way. This means one family lost their father, while the other lost their mother. It turns out that that tunnel is the fate that will tie our main characters together as this series progresses, but Dong Joo and Soo Wan are not aware of that themselves.

Dong Joo has stepped up to help his mother take care of the family. He has two part-time jobs in addition to schooling so they can make ends meet. It is during his porridge delivery that he sees Soo Wan up on her balcony and starts to fall for her. They have several run-ins during a school field trip to the observatory where Soo Wan is working, one of which is hilarious as he freaks out because his fly is open when she walks into the boys room and he doesn’t know that Soo Wan is blind yet.

Throughout their struggle to understand one another, Dong Joo saves Soo Wan from being hit by a truck and declares that since he is her savior he is going to start meddling in her life. Soo Wan finds a lot of the connection she has been missing as Dong Joo’s family pretty much takes her in. Her father has been unable to deal with the death of his wife and rarely returns home because everything there reminds him of her. He prefers to stay within the safety of his office at the hospital and work to distraction.

I love the family dynamic that Soo Wan gets to feel in the interactions between Dong Joo and his family. Sadly though, this is a melodrama and that too must come to an end. Dong Joo’s mother is involved in a hit-and-run while covering the porridge delivery one day and rushed to hospital. She needs surgery to save her life, but asks Dong Joo beforehand to promise to take care of his sister and, if she doesn’t wake up, to give Soo Wan her eyes so that Soo Wan can have her surgery and see again. Although the doctors, including Soo Wan’s father, manage to save her life a mysterious man appears and injects something into the IV that causes Dong Joo’s mother to go into cardiac arrest. She also passes away.

While Dong Joo and his sister struggle with the sudden loss of their mother, there is a lot of conflicting emotions. Dong Joo must still take his sister Hae Joo to the US for her surgery to save her life but the passing of his mother also means Soo Wan will have her surgery and may have the chance to see again.

I’m impressed with the caliber and intensity of this story so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here! What are your thoughts on our characters? Are you hooked on the storyline? Will Dong Joo be able to reconnect with Soo Wan when he returns from the United States? Join us for our group discussion in Part 2!

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