Tanya: It’s a brand new drama club! Since we’re just getting started with Angel Eyes, should we take a minute to introduce ourselves?

I’m Tanya, owner of HallyuKnow. This will be my third drama club for DramaFever, the first two having been Marry Him If You Dare & My Love From Another Star.

Wendilynn: Hello everyone. I’m excited to be part of another Drama Club. I’m finishing up the Bride of the Century drama club soon and I was worried I would get lonesome. I have a new blog I started that I call As the Kimchi Turns.

Gina: Hi guys! I’m also excited to be writing about Angel Eyes! My last Drama Club was with Tanya for My Love From Another Star which was fantastic! I’m hoping this one is the same!

Tanya: Well, we’re certainly off to a great start, aren’t we? So much happened in two episodes, but it didn’t seem rushed, which I appreciated. Who ever thought a tragedy like a tunnel collapse could tie two people together? Although I don’t recall their younger selves ever figuring out that connection.

Wendilynn: No, they never seemed to make that connection, although I find it hard to believe that how they lost their parents didn’t come up in conversation at some point. But this is Kdrama land. They don’t talk about personal lives. Reasons for doing things. Long trips for surgery that will make you disappear after promising you won’t.

Gina: Very true. As close as Soo Wan and Dong Joo were, they never seemed to figure out that the terrible accident has tied them together for life. I wonder how long it will take into the show for this to be revealed.

Wendilynn: What? Get a major plot point out the way without using it for the most amount of guilt and heartbreak for the story? Come on…. lol.

Tanya: I’m actually quite happy with the pace they have set. I’m not sure it will keep up since they were pushing up through back story, but I’m optimistic. Was anyone else impressed with Dong Joo’s family as a whole? They seemed to be doing their best to recover despite all of these obstacles. They also pretty much adopt Soo Wan with a nod of the head from Dong Joo, no more questions asked.

Gina: Oh my gosh, Dong Joo’s family is completely adorable and their relationship with Soo Wan was so heartfelt and wonderful. Ugh. It’s making me so emotional right now.

Wendilynn: Dong Joo’s family was wonderful and makes sense. A selfish mom wouldn’t donate her eyes or have a husband who puts his life on the line. That both of them gave their lives to benefit Soo Wan really touched me. Its a real contrast from the mess that Soo Wan’s dad is.

Tanya: The little girl that played Hae Joo was so adorable, honestly. Did they ever say what exactly Hae Joo was ill with?

Wendilynn: No they don’t. All we know is that she needs to go to America for surgery. She also is always wearing hats, which gives the impression it may have been pretty serious.

Gina: It’s making me sad that we won’t get to see all of these young actors as much (if at all) after these first few episodes. They definitely all made us fall in love with them!

Wendilynn: I want to give a shout out to Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun. Ha Neul just proves that he’s got some serious acting chops. He had me in tears and I’ve loved him in everything since To The Beautiful You. And Ji Hyun was very convincing as a blind girl.

Gina: And they have so much chemistry with each other! They were so adorable; I was definitely squealing at my screen a few times because they were so cute.

Tanya: I think they also broke a record with three kisses. For young people, that’s pretty unheard of in a drama.

Wendilynn: No kidding, I’m watching Wild Chives and Soybean Soup and the teenager gets pregnant and you never see them actually do more than sort of touch lips… maybe. once.

Tanya: I enjoyed the relationship they developed. Soo Wan was so hesitant, but Dong Joo was persistent and it paid off. He was sweet and did everything he could to understand how her world was as well. Walking around blindfolded just to try and experience it was not perfect, but I appreciate that effort!

Gina: Same here. After that whole incident, Dong Joo crying on Soo Wan’s knee definitely gave me a good dose of the feels. Well actually, so many things in these past two episodes did too! I cried so hard when Dong Joo was sitting on the floor holding his mother’s worn out bra and sobbing. Flawless acting again on Kang Ha Neul’s part.

Wendilynn: I feel sorry for Lee Sang Yoon, Ha Neul has made his job tough. He has a lot to live up to because Ha Neul pulled us all in completely.

Tanya: Yes! We get to see the older Dong Joo, played by Lee San Yoon, ride his bike to Soo Wan’s home at the end of episode 2! It’s the beginning of the present day. I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

What do you think of Angel Eyes so far? Will we find out who is responsible for Yoo Jun Hwa’s murder? What do you think will happen when Dong Joo and Soo Wan meet again after all this time? Will they ever learn of their tragic connection from the past? Keep watching and join us next week to find out!

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