Welcome to the Angel Eyes Drama Club. Tanya, Gina and I are together again to hash out what we liked and what we hated about episodes 11 and 12. The writers are proving their worth and giving us slam packed episodes with lots going on.

Gina: So let’s start with a happy thing that happened. We got the cutest and most heartfelt proposal ever!

Wendilynn: Oh yeah. That would have won me over.

Tanya: Dong Joo did so well. It wasn’t overly cheesy or overly sappy. It was good.

Gina: It’s good that Soo Wan is Dong Joo’s “home” now because after what he found out in this week’s episodes, he more or less lost a father figure in his life.

Wendilynn: I’m waiting to see if that’s actually true. There is a dichotomy because someone is saying she was killed, and the paperwork looks like something killed her, but then dad worked so hard to save her, he is not really evil either. He also lovingly took care of Dong Joo and his sister over the years.

Gina: I’m really hoping it’s not true. Dong Joo is in so much pain because of how much Dad means to him. Finding something like this out about the person that you’ve trusted all of these years definitely would have sent me over the edge too.

Tanya: I’m not sure either Soo Wan or Dong Joo could handle that news, honestly. They both love Jung Hwa a lot, for obvious reasons.

Wendilynn: I really wonder what Evil Mom was trying to accomplish. We’ve all seen characters that learn this kind of thing and they think they have to be vengeful on the dead’s behalf and they deny themselves any happiness as if being happy is a bad thing.

Tanya: Is she protecting her son? Her husband? Herself? I really need to know what’s happening here honestly.

Gina: I’m not sure either. I’m just hoping she doesn’t have any more horrible plans in the works (which she probably does).

Wendilynn: She has the Chief of police on her side. What won’t she do in protecting Ji Woon’s reputation and all the social climbing plans she has for him?

Gina: I get that she loves her son, but she seriously has gone crazy in her attempt to “protect” Ji Woon’s reputation!

Wendilynn: Is the husband still alive? For some reason I did not pick up until this week’s episodes that he was a prosecutor, which explained her connection to the Police Chief.

Tanya: It seemed like he was one of those husband’s that’s only around when it’s convenient for them, whether for career or personality reasons, but he took care of her and Ji Woon, so that’s all that mattered.

Gina: I honestly didn’t even think about her husband at all until this week either. I’m not sure if that’s something that’s going to come up later. I think you are right about the connection between the Ji Woon’s Mom and the Police chief though!

Wendilynn: The Blackmailer sure was dumbfounded when Dong Joo wanted him to keep his mouth shut. But now we have Ji Woon knowing and that brings a whole new can of worms to the story.

Gina: Very true. And when Ji Woon found out about Dong Joo and Soo Wan getting married, his heartbreak was so visible. I think his mom is rather brutal towards him though about his feelings. For someone that loves him so much, she sure is mean to him. I guess that’s just how a lot of K-Drama moms are though! lol But on another note, Teddy was super adorable with Chief’s son again this week!

Wendilynn: Hae Joo and Teddy setting up that field trip to Daddy’s work was so cute. They needed that time together.

Tanya: I was so happy they worked it out to help heal the bond between the chief and Jin Mo… it just needed to happen. They are an adorable family.

Gina: It was super adorable! I’m so happy that we have characters like Hae Joo and Teddy to provide us with a lot of cuteness and laughter! Otherwise melodramas like this can get a little too heavy for me.

Wendilynn: Yes, I need those lighter moments. Although I will say that Soo Wan and Dong Joo do seem to get longer moments of happiness before the next ax falls then most other melodramas give their tragic leads.

Gina: Good point! They really are perfect for each other.

Tanya: I’m totally okay with that honestly. I like the pace set in this drama and, because it is actually fairly quick, they definitely need to have that balance of lighter with the tragedy otherwise people would be so depressed they would stop watching. There’s only so much a person can take!

We've got the ball rolling, now you tell us what you're expecting in the coming week's episodes. What will Ji Woon do with his new information? Can Dad and Dong Joo save their relationship? Can Woo Chul and Min Soo catch Evil Mom before she can destroy everyone? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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