I thought it was impossible, but Angel Eyes managed to throw move curveballs at us this week, including the truth being revealed to most of our major players. They do say that the truth will set you free, though, so let’s dive in and see what happened!

Soo Wan spent a lot of time this week seeking answers, but she found what she was looking for. The truth behind her eye donor was revealed after a box was left for Dong Joo and she decided to look through it. It peaked her interest and eventually she decided to call in assistance from a friend and got her donor information from the donor center. Her suspicions were confirmed… Miss Jung Hwa was her donor.

Although her heart was breaking, Soo Wan informed Dong Joo that she knew about her donor and Dong Joo was there to support her every step of the way. Although he tried to keep the information from her, now that she knows, all he can do is support her, remind her that she’s loved and that it was what Jung Hwa wanted.

It was also dropped on us that Jae Beom, Soo Wan’s father, is ill. This slightly complicates matters because Dong Joo has been trying to convince Soo Wan to leave for the States like her father suggested. No one is going to want to leave a sick family member behind! Even if he insists, Soo Wan is a good daughter and would think of his well-being first.

We should also talk about Ji Woon. At first I liked him, then I felt bad for him, and then he annoyed me. I think I am leaning towards not liking him at all this week since he’s trying to make himself out to be the bad guy. He is still refusing to see the truth about his relationship with Soo Wan even after knowing that she is supposed to be moving and getting married. Upon learning of the circumstances dealing with Soo Wan’s donor, he tries to use that a leverage against Dong Joo, although I don’t understand how that works. Yes, Dong Joo was hiding it, but mostly because he’s trying to prevent Soo Wan from finding out about her father’s misdeeds…

Which didn’t work at all because Jae Beom’s potential murder of Jung Hwa was also revealed to Soo Wan via her overhearing an argument between Dong Joo and her father. While I understand the frustration between the two, I really wish they hadn’t decided to fight in a public setting so Soo Wan wouldn’t have overheard since she’s already dealing with enough!

So what do you think of this week’s developments? How do you think Soo Wan is going to handle the discovery that her father may have murdered Jung Hwa? Will she stay with Dong Joo and go to the states or will she run away? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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