Tanya: I’m a little surprised that Ji Woon is trying to use his sudden knowledge to gain the upper hand on Dong Joo this week in Angel Eyes. I really wasn’t expecting him to be the type.

Wendilynn: I expected it. He’s the proactive type. With this twisted idea that you should never be with anyone who has any heartache in your past that these dramas push, its totally in character.

Gina: I was really hoping he wouldn’t end up like this either. It’s so sad because he was so perfect the first few episodes! Now he just needs to get over Soo Wan and stop interfering with her because her feelings aren’t going to change.

Tanya: Maybe more so I was hoping his mother wouldn’t play him up like that. I was hoping she was a bigger person, but then she is a k-drama mom. And he’s a little bit of a mama’s boy.

Wendilynn: Mama just wants it all to go away so her son doesn’t find out his dad and mom are murderers. All sorts of things get twisted at that point. Consider how he’s going to feel about what he owes Soo Wan when he finds out? He’s already trying to push Dong Joo out of the way because of what her dad did to his mom.

Tanya: That’s true. Dong Joo is also turning here. He decided that it was better to stop pursuing the truth and just leave, which I found a bit disappointing.

Wendilynn: We know Mom is the culprit. They don’t. Would you pursue the truth if you learned your husband’s parent was responsible? Wouldn’t you want to keep your husband from that kind of pain?

Tanya: Any thoughts on Soo Wan’s search for her donor? We know she got ahold of the information from the transplant center and found out exactly who gave her the ability to see again, meaning Miss Jung Hwa.

Wendilynn: I’m really glad she remembered that Jung Hwa wanted to give her her eyes. I have to say that I don’t quite get the guilt factor. At least before she finds out her Dad’s culpapility. Under normal circumstances, one is not responsible for the death of the donor.

Gina: Yeah, I don’t think she should feel guilty at all! It’s not like she was he one who killed her just for her eyes. I don’t understand why they felt the need to hide it from Soo Wan for all of these years really.

Tanya: Her reaction was way better than I was expecting, even with the guilt. She didn’t blame anyone really. She didn’t close herself off completely considering everything. She went through shock, but it wasn’t as bad it could have been.

Wendilynn: True. It helped that everyone was letting her know how much they loved her and had no resentment towards her. I’m not sure how she’s going to react now though after hearing her dad and Dong Joo’s argument.

Tanya: We also get to find out that Father is ill, which I was somehow expecting. I knew there needed to be another curveball.

Wendilynn: I still wasn’t ready for the curveballs this week. For some reason, I just didn’t want Dong Joo and Dad to have bad words between them. I didn’t realize until I watched it how much I really love their relationship. I hate that it has to go through this.

Gina: It is horrible that Dong Joo has to lose the only parental figure he’s had in his life for the past 12 years. That’s really the only thing I’m sad about.

Tanya: I think the last thing we should talk about it poor Teddy! While slightly obnoxious, I felt really bad for him this week. He likes Hae Joo so much but her attention is shifting elsewhere. She’s starting to take care of Woon Chan more and more.

Wendilynn: Oh I know. They’ve played up his weakness physically, so he hasn’t been impressive. But I think she sees Woon Chan as a replacement for her own Dad. But watching Teddy’s crestfallen looks are sad.

Gina: I think Hae Joo is getting attached to Woon Chan more because she wants that type of father figure in her life as well. I wonder if Woon Chan will reciprocate these feelings at all, but I feel like he won’t.

Tanya: It’s heartbreaking to watch Teddy honestly. As annoying as the character is made to be, you can tell he has only the best intentions so it makes his struggle all the more difficult!

So what do you think of this week's Angel Eyes? Will Dong Joo and Soo Wan make it to the states? Will her father follow after them or is he just lying to get Soo Wan to leave? Is the truth that Dr. Oh is the real murderer ever going to be revealed? Will Ji Woon move on or continue his on his path to push Dong Joo out of the picture? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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