Angel Eyes continued this week with episodes 15 an 16. Let's just say this drama is full of all kinds of guilt, pretty much all irrational guilt as well.

Soo Wan feels guilty about basically everything from her mother's death to wanting an eye transplant when she was younger. She feels so guilty that it even causes her to break up with Dong Joo because of it. On another note, Soo Wan's feelings change quite a bit during these two episodes. Episode 15 starts off with Soo Wan devastated and angry at her father wishing him all the punishment in the world for what he did to Miss Jung Hwa.

Soo Wan is livid and it's completely understandable. She has just found out that her father was responsible for the death of Miss Jung Hwa just so she could get her eye transplant. This also causes her to feel guilty and contemplate whether she is responsible too (which she obviously isn't). It's also like she said a few episodes back about her feeling guilty for wanting an eye transplant back then because it would mean someone had to die. It's understandable that she would feel sad about the death but it's not like she ever had any control over it herself. It seems the characters in this show are always feeling guilty for things they shouldn't especially Soo Wan. Later after she confronts her father about this, she starts off hoping it was all a lie but soon she finds out it wasn't. She then says that she can never forgive him.

At this point she is just really angry. Then after Soo Wan goes MIA for a while, her father has to get emergency surgery which of course had to be performed by Dong Joo. Dong Joo completes the surgery but still feels guilty thinking that he may not have done his best for obvious reasons. Our two leads are just so guilty about everything. Dong Joo knows that it takes time for a recovery after this type of surgery but he keeps doubting himself.

When Soo Wan finally hears about what happened to her father, she rushes to the hospital. She stays by his side and she blames herself yet again for what happened to him. I don't understand how she can possibly think that everything is her fault. She seemingly forgives him after this accident and does a complete 180 from where her feelings were in the beginning of episode 15.

The episode ends with Soo Wan ending things with Dong Joo because she feels guilty yet again. She thinks that Dong Joo will look at her and feel pain every time he sees her because of what happened. These two episodes were filled with a lot of tears and sadness. Stay tuned for part two of the Drama Club where we further discuss the events of these two episodes. We will talk about Ji Woon's big secret about the accident that has also finally been revealed. There were also a few cute moments which we will discuss during part two of the Drama Club! What are your thoughts so far?

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