Gina: This week was filled with all kinds of emotions. In part 1 of the Angel Eyes Drama Club we discussed mainly Soo Wan and Dong Joo and how they are dealing with everything, so now let’s discuss some of the other characters.

Ji Woon’s secret has just come out about the hit and run. Do you guys think that he will end up telling the truth about everything? It did seem like he was very guilty after finding out that his mother had lied to him about no one dying from the accident 12 years ago.

Wendilynn: Poor Ji Woon. This poor guy just cannot catch a break. I was really hoping that his Dad had been the driver. As soon as he explained how his Mom was obsessed with him, I knew he had been the driver. Then he finds out that his Mom lied to him about the reality of the hit and his world comes crashing down.

Tanya: I only feel kind of bad for him, although finding out your parents covered things up for you is a big deal. I have a feeling he’s going to go confess to it because he can’t handle the stress.

Wendilynn: He cares for Dong Joo and Soo Wan too much to let them go through this hell alone. At least, I hope so.

Gina: I’m hoping he will tell the truth too. It would at least give Dong Joo and Soo Wan a little bit of closure after all these years. He would probably get in trouble but I think he’d feel better about himself if he turned himself in.

Tanya: In earlier episodes, they did establish that the statute of limitations is almost up to prosecute the case which is why they have been rushing to find clues. There is a chance that it could get past that point and he may not be punished more than his own guilt.

Wendilynn: An argument could be made that he didn’t run. It seems to me he must have called Mom and told her what happened because they went to the hospital so he could make sure the person he thought he hit was okay. He’s lived all this time thinking she was alive and well. Finding out that it didn’t go well has to be rough.

Gina: That’s very true. He would probably be more punished by his conscience than anything.

Wendilynn: Mom’s murder to hide the truth, however, that’s going to linger.

Tanya: No one has discovered that Mom actually killed Jung Hwa yet though. I know it will happen, but I am hoping sooner rather than later. It all needs to come to an end quickly so our main couple can move forward.

Wendilynn: That may be the only way to get Soo Wan out of her “I’m responsible for killing everyone” funk. I swear, this girl needs massive therapy.

Gina: For real! But on a different note, the little love triangle with Teddy, Chief, and Hae Joo is super cute! I’m actually starting to “ship” Chief and Hae Joo even despite their age difference. But poor Teddy.

Tanya: That whole situation kind of irks me. I want to feel bad for Teddy, but at the same time he hasn’t even really tried so I don’t feel bad for him. If the Chief wants Hae Joo around, then by all means. She obviously makes Jin Mo happy.

Wendilynn: They deliberately made Teddy a wimp. I’m not sure why they did that unless their plan was to have Hae Joo go for Chief from the start. But, the chief has already had one wife die early, will he really want to risk his heart on someone who might relapse?

Gina: Hmm I don’t know but he already cares about Hae Joo a lot. He was so cute when he was telling Hae Joo how scared and worried he was when they were in the hospital.

Now we want to know what you think! Will Soo Wan be able to move forward? Will she and Dong Joo get back together? Who will Hae Joo end up with? Is Ji Woon going to admit his wrongdoings? Will his mother get caught? We need answers, so leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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