Welcome, everyone, to another week of the Angel Eyes Drama Club. The guilt fest continues as Soo Wan continues to blame herself. Ji Woon learns just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and Dong Joo does his best to hold it together and help Soo Wan understand that it's okay for him to love her. As for us viewers, we are left with mixed reactions between those who really empathize with these characters and the rest of us who have had enough and are ready to inflict damage to make it stop.

Dong Joo has come to say goodbye and throw in the towel. Soo Wan is lost in her own misery and her stubbornness has pushed Dong Joo away. Dad, however, knows that her heart still longs for him and he’s willing to risk everything to make sure Dong Joo knows this fact. All this is exactly what it takes to clue Dong Joo in, and Dad soon joins his wife and Miss Jung Hwa on the other side.

This acts as a catalyst in many ways. Dong Joo learns just how highly Dad thought of him, even going so far as to leave his position at the hospital to Dong Joo. Soo Wan feels even more guilt, if that’s even possible, and induces psychological blindness over it. I was expecting her to find a way to reject Jung Hwa’s precious gift and this beats physically ruining her eyes in some fashion. Dong Joo is not about to let her walk in darkness by herself, so he moves in with her to help her as she relearns to be a blind person.

As sad and irritating as our lead’s story has become, Ji Woon’s story is just as bad. His Mom finally comes clean about just how far she was willing to go to protect the son she was so obsessive about. I don’t blame him for the look of horror on his face. He’s known for a long time that Mom turned her disappointments with her marriage into an obsession to have her son do well and be accepted anywhere. Finding out the Chief of Police is involved couldn’t have helped matters. Ji Woon is facing an uphill battle on exactly how to handle his responsibility in this story.

Our adorable side story is also seeing progression this week. Hae Joo has knitted our Chief a sweater and confessed her feelings much to Teddy’s dismay. However, continuing the tradition of Teddy wimping out, they now make him a “well as long as she’s happy” second banana. Where is the neat, funny, straightforward character they introduced us to? The Chief overhears Teddy confessing his feelings to the grandmother he’s “adopted” and in a show of true friendship decides to step aside to his younger friend. Now, to convince Hae Joo that what she really suffers from is hero worship/daddy replacement syndrome might not be so easy, but no matter, Teddy will also be there with ice cream and a supportive push at the swings.

Soo Wan is not making it easy on Dong Joo. Even though Dong Joo makes it clear she can’t get rid of him, she puts all her stubbornness to use to try and make him feel unneeded. She gets out her cane and even goes training with a seeing-eye dog. Can you make the wall of rejection any more obvious? Dong Joo does he loving best to support her even when she hurts his feelings by ignoring him and acting catatonic while she wallows in her own guilt and misery. Now, I don’t want to minimize how heart breaking it is to lose one’s parent. When my own father died, I was not part of the land of the living for a few months. I get it. What I don’t have any empathy with is 4 episodes and counting of Soo Wan’s unending blaming of herself as the fountain of all evil. I can’t even begin to count how many times I had to stop watching so I could yell at the screen. I know I wasn’t alone… right? Anyone?

Thanks to that hospital stay, the detectives have a clue that the Mom and the Chief of Police are involved somehow. They have no way to prove it, so they find a way to make evidence. A really dangerous way of making evidence. Min Soo also finds Ji Woon’s 911 recording from the time of the accident, so I don’t think she was all that surprised when he finally turns himself in. What surprised everyone was him admitting to everything, including murdering Jung Hwa. Nobody believed it though and soon Mom is rushing in to save her son and admits to everything she did. Things are wrapping up nicely for our murder case.

While Dong Joo is able to find forgiveness in the truth for the adopted Father he loved for 12 years, Soo Wan has a much harder time. Dong Joo does his best to help her find forgiveness for her Dad and in doing so helps her overcome her psychological blindness.

Now….if only the darn girl didn’t run off…

What did you think about this weeks episodes? Do you empathize with Soo Wan or are you like me and you want to wring her beautiful neck and knock some sense into her? Also join us for part two where Tanya and Gina join me as we talk about how we felt about this week’s episodes.

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