Wendilynn: Hello again, Angel Eyes Drama Club fans. Its time for part two as Gina, Tanya and I discuss how we felt about this weeks story. I personally, would happily shoot the lot of them and be done with it. LOL

Gina: Seriously! What were the writers thinking? On top of it all, making Soo Wan go blind again? And because of her guilt? Give these characters a break for gosh sakes! I feel like the past few episodes have only shown Soo Wan feeling guilty and sorry for herself. I think it’s about time the writers change some things!

Tanya: I think they have played this multi-guilt trip out long enough, honestly. It’s so frustrating for everyone involved.

Wendilynn: Soo Wan has believed she’s ultimately responsible for everyones bad actions so I was expecting her to “reject” her eyes in some fashion. Psychological blindness is better than shoving hot pokers in her eyes.

Gina: That’s true. With this “psychological blindness” we were all expecting her to regain her sight at some point. I guess this is Angel Eyes’ “amnesia.” lol

Wendilynn: You’re cracking me up.This has gone on for so long now that I no longer feel sympathy with anyone except perhaps Teddy.

Tanya: I don’t even know if I can have sympathy for him. I really do like the Teddy character, but what happened to all the tenaciousness that he had in the beginning? They made him do a '180' and I really don’t like it.

Gina: I’m right there with you. I am losing empathy for most of the characters more each week. I feel bad for Teddy too, but I have to admit that Hae Joo and Chief are really cute! The scene when Hae Joo kissed him on the cheek and then told him to look her in the eye and deny his feelings was too adorable. It makes sense that he is hesitant though because of the loss of his wife and of course he knows that Teddy likes her too.

Wendilynn: I think it also shows how much Chief respects Teddy. He overhears his confession to the grandmother and was willing to step aside for him. Not that I think he was seriously considering the girl as a girlfriend, but any man’s heart is going to beat just a little faster if a cute girl gives you a gift and kisses your cheek.

Tanya: I honestly think that if Teddy couldn’t tell Ellie he liked her, he should at least be man enough to tell the Chief rather than him having to overhear it. That said, well done to the Chief. I think he’s just as confused as Teddy is when it comes to why Ellie likes him, but knowing Teddy has feelings for her, he steps aside. That’s friendship right there.

Gina: That’s a good point. Chief is just a good guy! But on another note, should we talk about Ji Woon and his confession?

Tanya: I feel bad for the burden that he has to carry with the knowledge of his parent’s doings, but I really don’t know if I can give him an “atta-boy” for trying to take all the blame. Still, he does at least step up and let the world know instead of hiding the truth, so I guess I can give him some respect for that one.

Wendilynn: Oh yes. Poor Ji Woon. He saw what was happening to his mom and he couldn’t take the guilt anymore so he steps up to the plate. I wondered though, who would believe he, as a teenager/college age kid would get or even know enough to inject someone to kill them.

Gina: Very true! I like that Ji Woon has proved himself to still be a good guy throughout the drama. I mean, he was very annoying in his persistence in pursuing Soo Wan, but you can tell that he’s a good guy mostly.

Wendilynn: Yes, he is a good guy and he truly did love Soo Wan. I can see now why Kim Ji Suk took this character. He always plays characters that are slightly twisted in some way, and so I had wondered what drew him to the happy and nice Ji Woon because its against type.

Tanya: Ji Woon is definitely true to the types of characters Kim Ji Suk likes to play… it just took us a long time to see it.

Gina: At least Ji Woon’s mom finally admitted that it was all her doing. You could see how desperately she cared about her son at the police station. It doesn’t excuse what she’s done at all, but at least you can see that she cares about Ji Woon.

Wendilynn: Caring about someone is different than being obsessed with them. Dong Joo does a good job of showing the difference in the memories one has of their mother’s affections.

Gina: That’s definitely true. Ji Woon’s mom is definitely messed up in her way of thinking. I’m just glad that Ji Woon won’t have to go down because of her.

Tanya: His mom is just plain twisted. I wish she would have gone down in a harsher way, but at least she will serve time for everything she’s done. I understand wanting to do things for your child, but murder is NOT on that list.

Wendilynn: I’m glad they were able to catch the Chief of Police as well. Sending a truck to run Kim Woo Chul over was really a stupid move. How did he even end up the chief?

Gina: Oh for sure! I don’t even know why he would have thought to do something so dumb. But at least they got him in the end!

Wendilynn: Now we’re just left with Soo Wan gaining her eyesight back and leaving…. AGAIN for whatever “noble sacrifice” reasons she has come up with. *facepalm*

Tanya: I can’t even handle the running away. Seriously… What just happened? I cannot rationally explain that one no matter how hard I try!

Gina: Oh my goodness, I have to say that, that whole situation with Soo Wan leaving is just so frustrating! And even before she got her sight back, she was basically catatonic and not responding to Dong Joo at all. Whatever her reasons are for leaving, I pretty much don’t even care. lol It’s about time our two leads got to be happy for once!

Well, the writers have two episodes left to fix this bog of unending misery. The actors have all done phenomenal jobs portraying these tortured characters. I’m not sure how they plan to wrap this up. What are your projections for next week? How do you want Angel Eyes to end? Let us know in the comments below!

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